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Jan 13 2021
Kellyanne Conway's Humiliation Is Thorough Comments (0)

Claudia-conway-kellyanne-conway-boyculture“Am I in this?” (Image via video still)

Kellyanne Conway's beloved Administration is in ruins — her prez is about to get re-impeached (and, quite possibly, convicted) — and she's as desirable an applicant anywhere as lead paint.

But on the bright side, her husband, George Conway, has apparently left her, and her teenage daughter Claudia is a raging beauty who delights in mocking her defeat as publicly as possible!

Latest humiliation for Kellyanne:

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Nov 15 2020
Trump Concedes — And Takes It Back + Biden-Hating Dean + Proud Boys Riot + Sarah Paulson's Trippy New Role + Joan Armatrading Q&A + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: You must be this tall to ride this ride.

BELOW: Keep reading for Trump's accidental concession, guessing games about his next moves, a dean who hates you if you voted for Biden, Sarah Paulson as Linda Tripp and much, much more ...

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Oct 05 2020
Claudia Conway Infected By Mom Kellyanne + SCOTUS Justices Urge Overturning Obergefell + Trump's Sickness Taking Its Toll + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Also, he has a gigantic ... personality (Work Unfriendly). No, really! (Work Unfriendly) If you like that sort of thing.

BELOW: Keep reading for ...

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Oct 03 2020
Trump COVID-Palooza: Trump's Sketchy Condition, Top Republicans Continue Testing Positive Comments (0)

Trump-twitter-boycultureA slightly schizophrenic Twitter feed (Image via Twitter)

It's best to begin at the beginning — which is what contact tracers in D.C. (where Amy Coney Barrett's introductory Rose Garden event seems to have spawned a COVID-19 outbreak of potentially historical proportions) and New Jersey (where Trump attended a fundraiser in spite of knowing he was potentially COVID-19 positive).

√ First, Trump's inept Trump-conley-covid-19-coronavirusNavy Commander Dr. Sean Conley briefed the press Saturday and made a huge blunder, saying Trump had been diagnosed 72 hours earlier and taken an experimental drug from Regeneron Pharmaceuticals 48 hours earlier, which completely screwed up the timeline, convincing listeners that Trump had potentially traveled to campaign events after he knew he had tested positive. Conley later issued a statement that he had misspoken. Which is scarier — that Trump might've been running around knowing he was positive and is now lying about it, or the fact that the man charged with briefing the world on the POTUS's health can't talk good?

√ Trump received supplemental oxygen at the White House, in spite of assurances by his team that his symptoms were mild. A report suggested Trump had panicked overnight from Thursday to Friday as his condition worsened.

√ Trump's White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows confirmed Saturday that Trump had, in fact, gone through a “very concerning” period and that the next 48 hours will be critical in terms of his care. Meadows has allowed that it is not even yet presumed the President will have a complete recovery.

√ Trump supposedly has had no fever for 24+ hours.

√ Trump isn't taking hydroxychloroquine — which pissed off you-know whooo — but is on remdesivir (used on moderately to severely ill patients) along with the Regeneron Pharmaceuticals drug.

√ Nobody will admit when Trump was actually last tested prior to his Thursday positive test. Seems very much like he was not tested prior to the debate, which means Joe Biden should be tested daily, probably twice daily, until a week from this Tuesday.

Stella-immanuel-boycultureStupidness is as stupidness does. (Image via Twitter)

√ Dr. (?) Stella Immanuel, that strip-mall quack who believes in hydroxychloroquine is furious that Trump wasn't given her drug, referring to his current course as “stupidness.”

√ At least seven people at the Barrett event — #RoseGardenMassacre — have tested positive for COVID-19: Trump, Melania, Kellyanne Conway (who was outed by her daughter), Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah, he hugged and kissed guests in the Rose Garden), Sen. Thom Tillis (R-North Carolina), Rev. John Jenkins of Notre Dame, ex-New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (who — get this — helped Trump prep for Tuesday's debate, and who later noted that nobody wore masks in the White House).

√ Sen. Ron  Johnson (R-Wisconsin, the state Trump was visiting when Hope Hicks became ill) also tested positive, but was not in the Rose Garden.

√ The Kushners have tested negative, even though Jared was photographed with no distanced between himself and Hicks the very day she fell ill.

√ Others in Trumpworld who are now positive: Trump's current campaign manager Bill Stepien (his ex-campaign manager was tackle-arrested by the cops this week), Hope Hicks (who has probably unfairly been seen as the Typhoid Mary of COVID-19 since her positive result was publicized first) and Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the RNC (who actually had COVID-19 since last week but didn't tell anyone until the shit hit the fan; she's been home in Michigan for one week).

National Security Advisor Robert O'Brien had COVID-19 in July, campaign advisor and amateur Evita Kimberly Guilfoyle had it in early July, White House economist Tomas Philipson had it in June, Stephen Miller's wife Katie had it in May (Miller didn't get it, but got her pregnant).


Aug 24 2020
Kellyanne Conway Out: Ship Abandons Sinking Rat Comments (0)

CookedRashAmethystsunbird-size_restrictedShe certainly did her job well. Ugh. (GIF via GIPHY)

Kellyanne Conway, one of Trump's longest-serving advisors, is leaving her White House post by the end of August, she has announced.

Referencing her children — her 15-year-old anti-Trump daughter Claudia had just announced she is seeking emancipation from her parents — Conway cited a need for “less drama, more mama,” and insisted her resignation is “my choice and my voice.”

Kellyanne-conway-george-claudia-15-twitter(Image via Twitter)

Seems as if Claudia is not impressed that her parents are quitting their jobs, however.

Regardless of the fact that Kellyanne has a demonstrable need to spend more time with her family, which is usually a lie told by people resigning in disgrace, I still think it's pretty obvious Conway wouldn't be leaving the Trump Administration 70 days out from re-election if she felt re-election were likely.

Noteworthy: Her conservative, anti-Trump hubby George Conway is also taking a leave, in his case from the wildly influential Project Lincoln, which has been dogging Trump in order to help depose him, all based on Republican, not Trumpublican, values.

Full statement:

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Jul 01 2020
Hot Workout + Atlanta Gay Club's COVID-19 Bash + Kellyanne Conway's Leftist Daughter + Beyoncé's Mom Trashes Kentucky's Black AG + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: My new favorite Jory, second only to this one.

BELOW: Keep reading for Gregg Sulkin's workout, an Atlanta gay club's COVID-19 craziness, Kellyanne Conway's leftist daughter and more ...

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Apr 04 2020
Fox News Needs To Be Sued Out Of Existence Over COVID-19 Propaganda Comments (0)

Every one of the people in this clip deserves to be unemployed for life. Fox News should be sued for spreading this propaganda. People can be wrong, in good faith, but these people were dead wrong and were deliberately bad actors, spreading propaganda based on nothing, on no science.

Don't ever let them live this down.

Feb 15 2020
Addicted To Underwear + Cosplay Cutie + Coming Out: A History + Trolling Rush Limbaugh + Queers Against Pete (!!!) + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Fight me!

BELOW: Keep reading to vote on your favorite underwear brands/boys, Queers Against Pete (and, apparently, Queers Cool with Letting Trump Win), a coming-out history and more ...

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