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Jan 22 2019
Oscar Nominations — And Snubs Comments (0)

1-8(GIF via GIPHY)

The Oscar nominations are here ...

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Jan 20 2019
Lady Gaga Slams Trump, Pence From ENIGMA Stage Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2019-01-20 at 10.34.59 PM(Image via video still)

Lady Gaga paused briefly during her Enigma show in Las Vegas Saturday night to call out Trump for the shutdown and Pence for his wife's anti-LGBTQ workplace ...

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Jan 17 2019
Ukrainian Soldier Comes Out + New Madonna Movie + Matthew Camp Wrecks Chris Crocker + Ross Mathews Has A Hot Piece + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Because The Wizard of Oz is 80 this year.

BELOW: Gay Ukrainian soldier, new Madonna movie, Ross Mathews has an expensive-looking hot piece, Cardi B is fed up with Trump and more ...

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Jan 10 2019
Lady Gaga Apologizes For R. Kelly Collab, Removes DO WHAT U WANT From Streaming Comments (0)

Lady-gaga-r-kelly-do-what-you-want-with-my-body-video-2014-billboard-650(Image via leaked Interscope video/Billboard)

Overnight, Lady Gaga did the right thing, explicitly apologizing for her extremely ill-advised collaboration with R. Kelly several years ago. Though even then his penchant for underage girls was known by absolutely everyone, her team steered her wrong, and she is now taking responsibility in a thorough and very public way ...

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Jan 08 2019
2018/2019 GALECA Award Winners Are Here! Comments (0)

Pose_s01e02_stillPose rose. (Image via FX)

GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics have named our 10th Dorian Award winners in TV and film, and The Favourite was among our favorites, taking film, actress and screenplay of the year.

Schitts-creek-e1489159510732No Schitt?! (Image via POP)

Full winner list below ...

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Jan 07 2019
Golden Globes Shocker: A STAR IS BORN Denied In Most Categories Comments (0)

49711490_10161213628030501_1674679891276070912_nHilarious even if you wanted Gaga to win! (Image via Twitter)

The bad news, if you're a Lady Gaga fan, is that A Star Is Born was denied in most of its categories at Sunday's Golden Globes.

The good news is that the one award it took went to her (in part), for writing Shallow.

The dire news is that in order for her to win an Oscar for acting, the working actors of Hollywood are going to have to look at Glenn Close (and Olivia Colman) and Gaga and think that Gaga was robbed tonight, that it is unfair for her performance to be awarded over Close's, a woman with many nominations and no wins, a woman who's been acting for decades and is widely admired as an actor's actor. 49534000_10156000310412039_6481678009890766848_n

But the still positive news, Gaga fans, is that major award moments have a way of sometimes creating reactions. So perhaps this will create sympathy for Gaga, enough to win a SAG. If she were to win that, her Oscar chances would be alive. All presuming she is nominated (which seems a lock).

Genuinely sorry to Gaga fans — she did well in this movie and was Lauren Bacalled in that everyone thought she had it in the bag. Also, the Globes usually LOVE to reward personal-best moments (Cooper would've been that guy had Malek not been even more that guy), but it may be a case where it's inevitably Close's time. I'll tell you what, I'd have lost money on Gaga had I bet it.

But let's cut Glenn some slack — she's lost acting awards to Cher and Madonna already!

Full list of winners (yes, others were up for Globes, too) after the jump ...

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Jan 04 2019
Froy Toy + Trump's Unimpeachable Argument + Dredging Up Gaga's R. Kelly Past + A Series Of Unfortunate Crushes + Gay Daddies + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: In brief, he's hot.

BELOW: Dripping wet hottie, Gucci goo, Ellen thrashed, gay dads and more ...

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GALECA Announces Nominees For Best In Film, On TV Comments (0)


GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics has announced its nominees for the 10th Annual Dorian Awards in film and TV categories.

Winners will be announced Tuesday, January 8, and toasted at a special gathering in L.A. on Saturday, January 12.

The nominees are ...

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