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Aug 05 2020
Full-Frontal Follies + Cooper Interviews Gay COVID-19 Widower + Staples Attacker Caught + Wachowksi On How Trans THE MATRIX Is + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

GiphyYou'll see more of him below. (GIF via GIPHY)

ABOVE: Bad news — he can't wink.

BELOW: Keep reading for what COVID-19 is not just what it is, the secret behind Keanu's biggest hit, shameless show-offs and more ...

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Aug 04 2020
GAME OF BONES + Black Family Cuffed + Trump Dithers On COVID-19 Stats + Unreleased Tom Moulton Mixes + MORE! —12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: You can still watch Broadway Bares, but you'll need to take a rain check on “Rotation.”

BELOW: Keep reading for a Fire island gay old time, Kit Harington's adjustment, Trump's most doddering interview yet and more ...

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Aug 03 2020
THIS IS WHAT LOSING LOOKS LIKE: LGBTrump Founder Struggles To Erase BLM With White Paint Comments (0)

Mark-david-hutt-blm-boycultureThe look: “I'm a white supremacist, but I take it up the ass, too!” (Image via Facebook)

The BLACK LIVES MATTER mural Mark-david-hutt-blm-protest-boyculture
in front of Trump Tower was again vandalized, this time by Mark-David Hutt (wow, his parents hadn't read the news about Lennon, I guess), a Rochester, New York, resident who is the self-proclaimed founder of LGBTrump — a queer group in favor of the fascist-in-chief.

Hutt, 31, was seen on video pathetically squirming around trying to erase the importance of Black lives with white paint. The symbolism was not lost on us, queen.

Hutt is the latest vandal (spoiler alert: he's ever-so-opposed to vandalism in general, pinning it on BLM protesters) to try to besmirch the legend.

I found it curious watching (staged) video of Hutt vandalizing the words that the cops — it took four of them to restrain the teensy twink — were so lackadaisical and respectful of him. Would they behave this way if they saw a Black guy, same age, height, build, spray-painting BLM on, say, the side of Macy's?

I agree with the following message:

We should've learned it when Michael Lucas was born: NOT ALL GAY PEOPLE ARE SMART, COOL, RIGHT OR GOOD.

Aug 02 2020
Showing Off + White Supremacist Captured + Staples Leg-Breaker On The Loose + Pelosi vs. Birx + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Cutting an art.

BELOW: Keep reading for a sizzling selfie, outrageous conduct, a gay basher, Pelosi giving Birx the tiny clap of death and more ...

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Aug 01 2020
Trump Will Ban TikTok ... USPS Next? + Gay Man Bashed In Canada + P-Town Attendance Is Cool For The Summer + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: If only it would work.

BELOW: Keep reading for a Canadian gay bashing, Trump's decision to ban TikTok, how the Trump Administration squandered our national reserve of ventilators and more ...

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Jul 31 2020
Coming Out To Mom & Dad + Shea Coulée Is Anti-Mask + Biden Considers Bass + Racists Gone Wild + Hot, Hot Don Murray + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: He was in Teen Beach Movie.

BELOW: Keep reading for how to come out to Mom and Dad, the new Epstein doc drop, Ivanka & Jared's financial disclosures, a Greek-American racist gone wild and more   ...

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rIVerse Commands You To STAND UP Comments (0)

Riverse-music-boyculture(Image via rIVerse)

Check out the new-ish video for the rIVerse track “Stand Up” — I love that this socially conscious group came together during a community theater production of High School Musical 2, BTW ...

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Jul 29 2020
Scotty Bowers Biopic Set; Big Names Attached Comments (0)

Scotty-bowers-matthew-rettenmund-boycultureAt the peak of his Bowers (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

Who will play Scotty Bowers in the new movie based on his life — and why is it being written by Seth Rogen and not somebody gay?

These are the big questions now that it's been announced that Luca Guadagnino will direct the adaptation of Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood from a script by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg.

Casting is not available, but I see someone like Taron Egerton, IMO. NO need for it to be a gay actor; Scotty, who died in October, knew his way around a penis but certainly was not gay.

I liked the book, I loved Matt Tyrnauer's far more interesting doc, and I am very hopeful that this movie will be everything that Ryan Murphy's Hollywood was not.

Or maybe even just be ANYTHING that it was not.

Great Scotty footage here, not too long before his death.

More Scotty 'n' you can handle:

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