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Dec 02 2023
Moms For Liberty: Racists & Bisexual Queer-Haters Comments (0)

Moms 4 liberty hate drive white boycutlure(Image via Telegram)

Moms for Liberty is a racist, homophobic hate group. We know that. But, like, they're broadcasting it lately. For example, their Telegram channel plugged a WHITES-ONLY toy drive.

Because, y'know, white people are very likely to be discriminated against:

Meanwhile, Florida GOP chair Christian Ziegler is married to a Moms for Liberty harpy named Bridget Ziegler and is currently accused of sexual battery as part of a secret threesome of which he and his wife have been a part.

Yeah, his wife likes women, and is a Mom for Liberty.

The couple is also accused of secretly filming sexual encounters with the woman who is now pressing charges.

Every. Accusation. Is. A. Confession. With. The. GOP.

Madonna Gives Gut-Wrenching Speech On World AIDS Day Comments (0)

Madonna-aids-speech-boycultureShe said not to feel sorry for her losses, but to instead be grateful to be alive. This, from a woman who almost died this year. (Image via video still)

At her Netherlands Celebration Tour stop, Madonna gave a five-minute speech about how AIDS revealed itself to NYC in the early '80s, remembering holding her best friend's (Martin Burgoyne) hand and encouraging him to let go when it was time, and talking about the hundreds of people she lost.

I like the tone of this speech. It is angry. Madonna is still angry about this. And she's even angrier that many people have no idea this happened so recently, or are β€œforgetting” it.

She's a true AIDS warrior and queer ally β€” or just plain queer, depending on if you count being an undeclared bisexual who has absolutely had  passionate sex with some women. What other big gay icon speaks up like this about AIDS anymore?

NYT Piece on Madonna's AIDS-Driven β€œLive to Tell” Performance

MadonnaAnd yet, some young gay fan on Twitter thought it would be funny, so he snipped the part where she was describing the prevailing mentality at the time β€” β€œthey're faggots, they deserve to die” β€” and posted that, and it's gotten almost a million views from people who are gleeful that EVEN MADONNA now believes this, and/or from people whining that it's wrong for her to use the word β€œfaggots.” Give me a fucking break. The F-word is ugly, but it's not the N-word, and Madonna has every right to use it β€” and uses it here effectively, to shake the fuzz out of people's eyes.

Really terrible behavior, but it kinda fits with Madonna talking about a generation of the best and brightest gay men being wiped out. I guess that's what's left, young gay men who call themselves boujeeasshoe, stick a Palestinian flag (or whatever else is the latest trend) on their profiles and make a joke about an AIDS speech ...

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Dec 01 2023
For Your Thighs Only + Santos Locked Out Of Office + Margulies Apologizes + RENAISSANCE Sings @ B.O. + MORE! β€” 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Treat Williams should be turning 72.

GAS2Ur_W0AAJGLKBonus photo β€” he's here. (Image via Twitter)

BELOW: George Santos LOCKED out, Margulies apologizes, Renaissance sizzles and more ...

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Nov 30 2023
DNA Cover Model Really IS Just Happy To See You + Queer Smears: Santos Slams Fellow GOPer As A WIFEBEATER On His Way Out + Dave Chappelle Chummy With Boebert + MORE! β€” 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Never forget Mandy Patinkin's greatest asset.

BELOW: Keep reading for one of DNA's hottest covers, George Santos digging his own grave and more ...

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Les Hommes, NYC's Premier & Oldest Gay Adult Store On The Upper West Side, To Shutter Comments (0)

Les-hommes-gay-boyculture(Image via Facebook)

I am hearing word that Les Hommes (217-B W. 80th St., 2nd Fl., NYC), the last gay adult store on the UWS of NYC β€” one which has been operating since 1979 β€” will soon close.

The building has been sold, and the business is expected to shutter by early January.

If you've never been, it's an experience. And it used to be even more so, before laws were enacted necessitating that most of the merch be non-adult in nature. That led to a gay sex shop turning into your one-stop-shopping for old VHS and DVD copies of movies that perhaps haven't hit streaming yet.

Gay male spaces continue to dwindle β€” for lack of demand? Because of the changing ways in which gay men seek and have sex? Regardless, Les Hommes is about to go the way of the Unicorn. (Literally β€” the Unicorn, its brother store, closed in Chelsea several years back.)

Derek Magyar Chats BOY CULTURE & BOY CULTURE: GENERATION X Comments (0)

Derek-magyar-boy-culture-generation-x-gayThis proves Derek not only has hair, but lots of it. (Image via video still)

Derek Magyar, star of Boy Culture: Generation X, speaks to Scott Fullerton of The Left of Str8 Show. He talks about the new project (my biggest relief in 2023 was its release!) and also all about his career ...

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Nov 29 2023
Darryl Stephens In GED + 1st Gay Marriage In Nepal + House GOP Set To Expel George Santos + Cher Has Another No. 1 Hit + MORE! β€” 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I'm a day late, but never a dollar short when it comes to Ed Harris.

BELOW: Darryl Stephens covers GED, first gay married couple in Nepal and more ...

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Nov 28 2023
Gerry Geddes Releases Memoir DIDN'T I EVER TELL YOU THIS? Comments (0)

Gerry-geddes-book-boyculture-gay(Image via GerryGeddes.com)

I had the pleasure, last year, of seeing Gerry Geddes in action, reading from his then-unpublished memoir about his life as a gay man in NYC from the '60s on.

Gerry Geddes by Matthew REttenmund IMG_7976Gerry at Pangea in NYC (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

I sought him out because he wrote for Torso for years, and I was in the process of compiling my extensive oral history of that and the other Mavety magazines (coming in 2024, finally).

He is so witty and perceptive, and knows so much about LGBTQ+ life in NYC, his book Didn't I Ever Tell You This? is sure to be juicy reading. Here is how it's described:

Arriving at Columbia University in New York City in 1967, Gerry Geddes found himself in the throes of a political, cultural, social, and sexual revolution beyond his wildest imaginings. Against a backdrop of the anti-Vietnam War movement at its most intense, the cultural upheaval of the fight for racial, gender and sexual equality, the sexual revolution exploding all around him,the vibrant theatrical and musical scene of the late 20thCentury, and the tragedy and horror of the AIDS epidemic, a love story unfolds. a love story of a romantic, 20-year partnership cut short by a deadly disease, of a gay man thriving in the worlds of performance and entertainment that opened up for him in his adopted home, and of the lasting affection he feels for the city itself – the city that formed and changed his life in unexpected and lasting ways. It is a tale bursting with humor and pain and passion and history told in a voice that is funny and touching and powerful, and uniquely his own.

It's out now here.