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May 06 2014
Need To Know: Coming Back For More, Killer Look, Perfect Pitch + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureThe Comeback really and truly is coming back.

*widget boy cultureClubkid/murderer Michael Alig is out of prison.

*widget boy cultureKirk Cameron's a pitchman for “the most anti-gay legal outfit” in the U.S.

*widget boy cultureBill Murray, work of art.

*widget boy cultureYou better best love Beyoncé.

*widget boy cultureLara Logan's 60 Minutes Benghazi report was too full of shit for LexisNexis.

*widget boy cultureTom Brady tries out metrohomosexual look.

*widget boy cultureA real he-man.

*widget boy culturePitch Perfect 2 is well on its way.


Apr 05 2014
Need To Know: Mo Money Mo Brablems, Malebasics Bitch, Ping Went The Strings Of My Heart, Chupacabra's Dirt Nap, COMEBACK Little Lisa + MORE! Comments (0)


*widget boy cultureMadonna's bra is hot. Charlie Hides rapes the MDNA Skin ad.

*widget boy cultureVictor Velasquez for Malebasics is...yeah, WOOF.

*widget boy cultureKurt Cobain, 20 years later.

*widget boy culture"Ping" detected from missing Malaysian jet.

*widget boy culturePhony chupacabra is euthanized, discarded without testing.

*widget boy cultureEvery Chris Evans nude scene. Powerful movie-making.

*widget boy cultureYet another reason Andrew Sullivan is a conservadouche.

*widget boy cultureJames Franco "used bad judgment" in trying to pick up 17-year-old:

*widget boy cultureWhy Brendan Eich had to resign from "activist" Mozilla.

*widget boy cultureDays of Our Lives tosses TV's first gay male wedding.

*widget boy cultureTogether at last: Damiana vs. Johnny Scruff!

*widget boy cultureDavid Letterman replacements: Neil Patrick Harris? Ellen?

*widget boy cultureHillary Clinton poses with Pussy Riot.

*widget boy cultureCarole King shocks audience at Beautiful by showing up, asking for cash.

*widget boy cultureKenneth exclusively reveals The Comeback's comeback.