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Jul 24 2021
Ivo Dimchev Queer-Serenades Bulgaria + COVID-Deniers Are COVID Die-ers + Kavanaugh's Dirty Deeds + Happy Birthday Lynda Carter + Happy Death Day Jackie Mason + MORE! Comments (0)

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Jun 03 2017

Wonder-Woman(Image via Donald Sanders)

As you rush out to see the critically acclaimed Gal Gadot-fronted version Lynda-Carter of Wonder Woman this weekend, don't forget the original — the lovely Lynda Carter.

In tribute to the now 65-year-old (somehow!) beauty, photographer Donald Sanders has published The Wonder Woman Lynda Carter Photo Book, packed with never-before-seen images of Carter he shot in the '70s.

Via press release:

The book pages showcase over 100 color and B/W photos by Sanders in which he captures Carter’s youth, newness, innocence and immense beauty. Between the images Sanders candidly shares anecdotes, from their first meeting, first photo session and first impressions. Not only does Sanders reveal fantastic unpublished photos he took so long ago, he includes a backstage and behind the scenes narrative as well.  

Check it out here. It's paradise! And you're not cheating on Gal if you like the book, or cheating on Lynda if you like the new movie: