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Sep 15 2020
Madonna's Biopic Is Fast-Tracked At Universal Comments (0)

Tumblr_mgc7msM36I1rk96voo1_500(GIF via GIPHY)

Madonna has begun work on quite a number of movies over the years, many of them which have — like most — never seen the light of day.

But though her live-leaking of her scripting of her own biopic with Diablo Cody may have seemed premature, it wasn't — the movie is set up at Universal, Amy Pascal is producing and it sounds like all they need to do is finish the script and get it into a final form before the project can commence.

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Sep 14 2020
Madonna Plays Fragment Of Very Early Demo Comments (0)

Madonna-demo-boycultureAn unrelated vintage demo (Image via Gotta Have Rock and Roll)

Madonna's biopic is coming, and she's not kidding around — she has been reading her many, many journals (who knew she kept them?) and is now digging through a mountain of ancient demos, playing a tantalizing fragment called “Love Is the Reason” ...

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Sep 11 2020
Madonna & Diablo Cody Open Their Screenwriting Process To The Fans Comments (0)


Madonna appeared with Diablo Cody, with whom she is writing a screenplay of her life story, on Instagram Live last night. I am against her promoting an unfinished screenplay — the tease will get old — but I thought it was a fun, funny, giggly, weird and informative hour-plus. Yes, Diablo will have to bury her shoes in the yard, but I LOLed when Madonna — who did this from L.A. — suggested she was going to werk this canyon! and when she answered an idiot asking how many kids she has, I haven't decided yet.

Among the juiciest things we learned:

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Sep 06 2020
Coming Out Bi + Masks During Sex? + Hottest Black Gay Scenes + DeJoy's Pro-GOP Corruption + Buttigieg Joins Biden Transition + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Weekend pose.

BELOW: Keep reading for a bisexual coming-out, Trump's war on Black people and history, sexiest Black gay scenes and more ...

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Aug 27 2020
BILLBOARD Chooses Greatest Music-Video Artists Of All Time Comments (0)

F4e2920e88495f374e0971491823a3bbShe all but invented the medium. (GIFs via GIPHY)

Billboard has chosen the 100 (!) greatest music-video artists of all time — and I think it's a sterling list. Though I'm not familiar with Nirvana as a major music-video entity, I was especially pleased that Duran Duran wasn't forgotten.

VMiVJbThis video gave me tingles.

Full list.

1456773b66d9f7c9486680abae92ad1fStill a thrill!

Madonna's Once-Gorgeous Ex, Model Tony Ward, Goes Full QAnon Comments (0)

Madonna-Tony-Ward-Herb-Ritts-Moda-QAnon-Scan-by-MLVC-60-book-boycultureI have a promo poster of this. Now what the fuck do I do with it?! (Image by Herb Ritts for Moda)

This has been developing for some time, but Madonna's ex, the model and sometimes actor Tony Ward, is now fully devoted to the QAnon conspiracy theory, posting about imaginary child-sex cults, decrying COVID-19 as a hoax and more.

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Aug 22 2020
Status-Symbol Children? + Quiet Riot Drummer Dies + Drag Doc + Meghan Markle Urges U.S. Citizens To Vote + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Gone too soon.

BELOW: Keep reading for a hot daddy, a Quiet Riot death, why Meghan Markle is better than all the other royals combined and more ...

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Aug 21 2020
THE BOYS IN THE BAND Is Here + Loughlin Sentenced + Biden Rally In Florida + Leftist Primary Winner Told Girl To Kill Herself + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Nothing wrong with that.

BELOW: Keep reading for the grossest Democrat in the '20 cycle, Trump's white-supremacist stronghold crumbling, Tyra Sanchez arrested and more ...

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