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Jul 24 2021
Celebrated Figures We Have Lost In 2021 — So Far Comments (0)


Following is a comprehensive list of the celebrated figures we've lost in 2021 ... so far.

Each name is followed by the deceased figure's age at the time of death, birth and death dates, a description and a link to the original obit.

Who did I miss?

Read 'em and weep ...

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Jul 15 2021
MADAME X Paramount+ Trailer Debuts Comments (0)

Madonna-madame-x-boyculture(Image via Paramount+)

I had such a memorable experience (twice) at Madame X, and it would appear Madonna has ensured that the video record of that tour will be pristine. The new Paramount+ trailer shows it captured the tour's color palette and mood. I am hopeful it won't be over-edited, but since it was shot in 2019 and coming out nearly two years later (and includes reshoots!), we'll see.

I'm all signed up and ready ...

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Jul 09 2021
LEGALLY Bi? + Biden's Latest Pro-LGBTQ Pick + Sharon Stone Refuted + Troye Sivan Single, Maybe Not Yet Ready To Mingle + Madonna: #FreeBritney + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Boyculture-jason-momoa-jimmy-kimmelWhen they go high, we go Momoa. (Images via Jimmy Kimmel Live!)

ABOVE: Just a reminder from Jason Momoa to keep it sexy.

BELOW: Keep reading for a whole new meaning behind bend and snap, homophobic soccer fans, Troye Sivan's breakup song, Biden's latest pro-LGBTQ pick and more ...

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Jun 30 2021
Drag Queens' Drop-The-Miiiike Moment + Cosby Freed + 45 Is No. 41 + New Passport Rules On Gender + RIP Stuart Damon + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Focus due.

BELOW: Cosby sprung, Bradys dragged, Lil Nas X and Madonna were just playing and more ...

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Jun 25 2021
Madonna & Her Tits Raise $100K For Queer-Youth Charities Comments (0)

Adi has the only video you really need of Madonna's surprise-ish performance at the Standard Thursday night to kick off Pride — looking fantastic, moving well (dancing on a bar, vogueing with patrons, tits visible in a see-through get-up), it was a reinforcement of the Madonna brand and undeniably queer/punk-rock.

The frivolity raised over $100K for three queer-youth charities, with more to come via that auction I reported on yesterday.

I was sick and couldn't go. NO, wait, typo — I was sick I couldn't go.

Jun 24 2021
Gay Chorus Granddaddy Remembered + Madonna's Pride $ecret Is Out + Bipartisan Senate Breakthrough + Jimmie Herrod Slays AGT + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Come follow me on Instagram — you'll like it.

BELOW: Keep reading for a gay trailblazer in the music world, Madonna's secret revealed, a bipartisan breakthrough in the Senate and more ...

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Jun 22 2021
Miley Stands By You Comments (0)

Miley-Cyrus-Peacock-LGBTQ-boycultureShe thinks she's Mae West now! (Image via video still)

Miley Cyrus has a Pride special — Stand by You — streaming on Peacock from June 25 that will include many queertastic performances, including covers of ABBA (“Dancing Queen”), Cher (“Believe”), Cyndi Lauper (“True Colors”), Pat Benatar (“We Belong”) and Madonna (“Express Yourself”/“Music”/“Like a Prayer”).

Watch her saucy teaser:

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Penetrating Viewing + Trumpian Pride-Flag Crimes + '70s Gay Photography & Books + Madonna Plans A Big Surprise + Twerking From Home + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: NYC in the '70s. What a trip.

BELOW: Keep reading for male-on-male movies, Texas governor's anti-dog outrage, Madonna's plan to make every queen crazy between now and Thursday and more ...

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