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Jan 18 2019
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Jan 17 2019
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Jan 14 2019
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S-l1600(Image via Gamma Productions)

Today would've been gay actor and novelist Tom Tryon's 93rd birthday. He was not only a solid thesp, but he had a long affair with Casey Donovan — top that!

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Jan 13 2019
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CgiCuKiUkAIVn-a(Image via movie still)

Patrick Dempsey turns 53 today.

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Jan 11 2019
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Bb_weights(Image via movie still)

All about Rod Taylor, after the jump ...

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Jan 10 2019
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James-and-sal-gif(GIF via GIPHY)

Queer icon Sal Mineo would've turned 80 today had he not been murdered in 1976.

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Wondering what his voice would be like in this climate of greater acceptance and ongoing struggle ...

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Jan 09 2019
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71LrCPXcXUL._SL1000_He looked mahvelous! (Image via movie still)

Fernando Lamas had some pretty hot legs! More vintage celebs HERE. Post after the jump ...

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Jan 08 2019
Fleshback: Kerwin Mathews Comments (0)

Remembering lovely gay actor Kerwin Mathews (above). Incredibly hot pics of him here! Also ...

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