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Nov 17 2018
Fleshback: Rock Hudson & Dean Paul Martin Comments (0)

Today, two very different Fleshback choices, including the gay actor Rock Hudson — the first superstar to die of AIIDS — and Dean Paul Martin:

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Nov 16 2018
Fleshback: Guy Stockwell Comments (0)

He was well-stocked.

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Nov 15 2018
Fleshback: John Kerr Comments (0)

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Nov 14 2018
Fleshback: Patrick Warburton Comments (0)

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Nov 13 2018
Fleshback: Dack Rambo Comments (0)

Who can forget this beauty, gone too soon?

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Nov 11 2018
Fleshback Comments (0)

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Speaking of hotness from the past ...

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Nov 09 2018
Fleshback: Alain Delon Comments (0)

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Nov 02 2018
Tom's Jocks + My Blue Arizona + Gay Men & Prostate Cancer + Hottie From The Past + BAD BOY & Gilmore Girl + Aaron Hernandez's Brother Speaks + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Me-owwww!

BELOW: Tom of Finland jocks, Arizona is listing blue thanks to a little green help, prostate cancer and gay men, and Bad Boy club ...

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