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Mar 17 2019
Fleshback: Cavalcade Of Mantiques Comments (0)

B023296a4e21b7e66207aa756a0356b7Goldie boy (Image via movie still)

Whether Kurt Russell, Rob Lowe or Patrick Duffy is your jam, check out Gr8erDays on IG — all born on this day.

The-man-from-atlantis2That show was all a dream ... (Image via NBC)

Mar 14 2019
Fleshback: Russell Todd Comments (0)

071710MSMO120Hot Toddy! (Image via pinup)

Eighties heartthrob Russell Todd is 61 today. Keep reading to see how hot he still looks shirtless, and follow Gr8erDays on IG here ...

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Mar 12 2019
Fleshback: Dennis Alexio Comments (0)

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Mar 10 2019
Fleshback: Mitch Gaylord Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 9.55.52 PM(Images via headshot)

Mitch Gaylor, the sexy Olympian, is 58 today. Keep reading for more ...

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Mar 08 2019
Fleshback: Robert Brian Wilson Comments (0)

His career was brief, but as a sexy serial killer, Robert Brian Wilson was a most welcome stocking stuffer. More blasts from the past — FOLLOW HERE!

Mar 06 2019
Fleshback: Ben Murphy Comments (0)

Operationdanger5Is that a gun in your — oh, wait, it actually is. (Image via ABC)

Happy birthday to sexy Ben Murphy ...

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Mar 05 2019
Fleshback: Andy Gibb Comments (0)

060611MSMO172(Image via Tattle)

Check out more of blast from the past Andy Gibb, who should've be 61 today but died at 30 — and follow here for more Mantiques ...

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Mar 02 2019
Fleshback: Laird Hamilton Comments (0)

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