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Jul 04 2020
Fleshback: Stephen Boyd, Gone Too Soon Comments (0)

Boyds will be Boyds (Images via video still)

Today is Stephen Boyd's birthday. Follow Gr8erDays for more, and keep reading for more pics of this hot man, tragically cut down at the age of 45 ...

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Jul 01 2020
Fleshback: Beautiful Granger Comments (0)

That face! (GIF via GIPHY)

Today would've been Hitchcock star Farley Granger's 95th. Missed out on meeting him, but he was a fine actor and also a fine actor.

Follow HERE and keep reading to admire his beauty ...

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Jun 30 2020
Fleshback: Brian In Bloom Comments (0)

Lusty in the Dusty (GIF via GIPHY)

Follow Gr8erDays for more, and keep reading to ogle b'day boy Brian Bloom ...

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Jun 29 2020
Fleshback: Jim Kelly, Body-Beautiful Black Belt Comments (0)

Don't hate the tennis player ... (Image via pinup)

Please give me a follow at Gr8erDays for more like this — the late, great Jim Kelly ...

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Jun 27 2020
Russian Offered Bounties On American Soldiers + Snowboarder Comes Out + Washington's Reckoning + PizzaGate Thrives + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Mr. Krull himself, Ken Marshall. More here.

BELOW: Keep reading for more ...

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Jun 25 2020
Fleshback: Ron Ely, The Loin King Comments (0)

This has to be the hottest Tarzan GIF ever ... (GIF via GIPHY)

Ron Ely may have been the most beautiful of the Tarzans, and yes, I remember Johnny Weissmuller existed!

More here if you follow Gr8erDays, and full gallery below ...

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Jun 24 2020
Fleshback: Joe Penny For Your Thoughts Comments (0)

Grrr! (Images via video still)

Joe Penny is today's Mantique — please follow Gr8erDays HERE for more — and keep reading to check him out ...

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Jun 21 2020
Fleshback: Lovely Leigh McCloskey Comments (0)

Leigh-mccloskey-playgirl-boycultureDallas dude (Image via Playgirl)

Leigh McCloskey — 65 today — was an undervalued actor, as his empathetic Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn performance suggests. Now, he's an artist. But regardless, we'll always have those pictures ...

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