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Feb 26 2013
Immaculate Perception: Every Madonna Song, Best To Worst—My Personal List Comments (49)

Into-the-GrooveMany times over, I've proved my love to her...

UPDATED GRAF: Added some missing songs, tweaked a couple of rankings that I think were inspired by list fatigue.

I haven't done such an elaborate Madonna list since completing Encyclopedia Madonnica in 1994, but I wanted to do a sort of ultimate, ranked list of all of Madonna's 221 officially released songs.

I think I have them all, but I am very open to receiving your corrections and input.

Rain madonna-rainI am including songs only once, so no remixes. Different versions don't count either, so "Erotica" is "Erotic" is "You Thrill Me" and counts once. A live performance only counts when it was professionally recorded and made available officially. A live cover only counts if it's fairly complete; no snippets like "Billie Jean" or "Just My Imagination". A live TV performance doesn't count, again, unless it was then made available officially.

Musical performances in films are included (such as "I Surrender Dear"), but not if they are less a song than an acting performance set to music (the Blue in the Face singing telegram).

Madonna-holiday-sire-6Where it got tricky: I'm including Wonderland's theme because it was a studio-recorded song released for consumption on television. I did not include spoken-word recordings, unless they were set to music. I'm including the songs from Pre-Madonna as they were commercially available, albeit not through Madonna. I am not including any of the Otto von Wernherr, um, "songs" or "If Madonna Calls", as those all seemed to songs created as afterthoughts by others.

UPDATED GRAF: I can see the point of questioning "The Beast Within"—which is called a remix of "Justify My Love" in its original form—but I think it is incredibly, significantly different, with different lyrics and a whole different feel (if the same sound). Madonna performed it as "The Beast Within" on tour, not as "Justify My Love (The Beast Within Mix)." I have to count "Did You Do It?" as a Madonna track; it was included as a unique song on Erotica, has a unique title and has a lengthy rap that was added. Her contribution is minimal, true, but I think its existence as a bona fide track on one of her studio albums argues in its favor as a stand-alone (or fall-flat-alone). I think the most interesting question is if "Up Down Suite" is really different from "Goodbye to Innocence." I really think it is. "Erotica" and "Erotic" are essentially the same song, tweaked, and "You Thrill Me," while sounding quite unique, fits right in there. But let me know what you think. And yes, I think "Up Down Suite" is way better than "Goodbye to Innocence," if only because in the latter, Madonna embarrassingly mispronounces "anonymity."

When it came to duets, no question. When it came to songs that featured Madonna, it really depended for me on just how prominent her contribution was. I don't feel she's a strong presence on "Sing" by Annie Lennox, I didn't think her backing vocal on Peter Cetera's "Scheherazade" was enough to warrant inclusion, and yet it would seem ridiculous not to include "Queen's English" by José & Luis, which is all but constructed around her vocal.

I look forward to your comments on what I included and didn't include, and of course your reactions to my ranking. To each his own, but in general I factored in how much I love a song personally, how important it is in her oeuvre, how interesting it is (including music and lyrics) and also how unique it was at the time of its release.

Ultimately, it's going to be about my favorites vs. yours!

Feel free to cut-and-paste my list and submit your own.

And...oh, yeah: Enjoy...

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Nov 24 2012
Madonna MDNA Tour Gallery, MSG—Night 1 Comments (0)
Madonna DSC00078 copy
* Debi Mazar
A Madonna DSC09569
A Madonna DSC09574
A Madonna DSC09593
A Madonna DSC09598
A Madonna DSC09614
A Madonna DSC09616
A Madonna DSC09620
A Madonna DSC09627
A Madonna DSC09630
A Madonna DSC09641
A Madonna DSC09654
A Madonna DSC09658
A Madonna DSC09674
A Madonna DSC09685
A Madonna DSC09689
A Madonna DSC09698
A Madonna DSC09744
A Madonna DSC09758
A Madonna DSC09796
A Madonna DSC09812
A Madonna DSC09844 copy
A Madonna DSC09812
A Madonna DSC09858 copy
A Madonna DSC09859
A Madonna DSC09870 copy
A Madonna DSC09893
A Madonna DSC09912
A Madonna DSC09920
A Madonna DSC09931
A Madonna DSC09949
A Madonna DSC09959
*a Madonna DSC09960
Madonna DSC00009
Madonna DSC00009a
Madonna DSC00009b
Madonna DSC00016 copy
Madonna DSC00044
Madonna DSC00046
Madonna DSC00053 copy
Madonna DSC00060
Madonna DSC00069
Madonna DSC00069a
Madonna DSC00069c
Madonna DSC00069d
Madonna DSC00070
Madonna DSC00074
Madonna DSC00075
Madonna DSC0094a copy
Madonna DSC00108
Madonna DSC00117 copy
Madonna DSC00128 copy
Madonna DSC00143 copy
Madonna DSC00147
Madonna DSC00150
Madonna DSC00152 copy
Madonna DSC00181
Madonna DSC00194
Madonna DSC00215 copy
Madonna DSC00216
Madonna DSC00230
Madonna DSC00236
Madonna DSC00257
Madonna DSC00258
Madonna DSC00269
Madonna DSC00269a
Madonna DSC00278
Madonna DSC00282
Madonna DSC00285
Madonna DSC00287
Madonna DSC00295


I think the very best shots I took of Madonna's MDNA Tour were the ones I took the first and second nights of her MSG performances. Please enjoy this gallery of 70 or so images from the first night. Some you may recognize as they've made their way around the Internet (I think more than a few of them have been incorrectly IDed as having been taken in Miami, but these are all NYC).

Check out Night 2 here.

Thanks for having a look. I'm also uploading images to my YouTube account as time permits.

Nov 23 2012
Madonna MDNA Tour Gallery, L.A.—Night 1 Comments (1)
DSC07023 copy


Here's my gallery of shots from Madonna's first MDNA gig in L.A.; there are some good ones and I think the gallery is worth a browse, but I do think my accidentally saving a number of these as very low-res is a bit of a bummer! I just noticed, while editing these, that Madonna was wearing pants until later in the tour during her "Like a Virgin" slow burn.

Nov 20 2012
Madonna MDNA Tour Gallery, Atlantic City—Part 2 Comments (2)
70 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04423 copy
47 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03878 copy
48 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03899 copy
49 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03958
50 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03991 copy
51 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04017 copy
52 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04058 copy
53 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04101 copy
54 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04121 copy
55 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04152 copy
56 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04173 copy
57 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04182 copy
58 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04211 copy
59 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04216 copy
60 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04246 copy
61 Madonna Atlantic City
62 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04354 copy
63 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04368
64 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04369 copy
65 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04383 copy
66 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04397 copy
67 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04405 copy
68 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04413 copy
69 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04418 copy
71 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04428 copy
72 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04471 copy
74 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04516
75 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04536 copy
76 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04557 copy
77 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04564 copy
78 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04622 copy
79 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04704
80 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04758 copy
81 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04770
82 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04791 copy
83 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04803 copy
84 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04812 copy
85 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04817 copy
86 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04867 copy
87 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04905 copy
88 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04911 copy
89 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04933 copy
90 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04950 copy


My second (and final) batch of images that I shot at Madonna's MDNA Tour stop in Atlantic City are finally up—above.

I am especially fond of some of the images I shot from inside the pit during Madonna's MSG gigs, but I think my Atlantic City photos—also from the pit—might be the most consistently clear and interesting from the seven shows I saw.

It was also a very fun trip with my pal Jason since we were joined by another friend and spent a lot of time gambling and winning.

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Nov 19 2012
Madonna MDNA Tour Gallery, Atlantic City—Part 1 Comments (1)
73 Madonna Atlantic City DSC04481 copy
1 Madonna Atlantic City *IMG_5107
2 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03182 copy
3 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03191 copy
4 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03204 copy
5 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03212 copy
6 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03220 copy
7 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03231 copy
8 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03232 copy
9 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03234 copy
10 Madonna Atlantic City
11 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03259 copy
12 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03265 copy
13 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03287 copy
14 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03296 copy
15 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03307
16 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03313 copy
17 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03324 copy
18 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03332 copy
19 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03386 copy
20 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03405 copy
21 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03426 copy
22 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03442 copy
23 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03458 copy
24 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03481 copy
25 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03513 copy
26 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03529 copy
27 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03534 copy
28 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03554 copy
29 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03561 copy
30 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03574 copy
31 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03575 copy
32 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03632 copy
33 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03644 copy
34 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03650 copy
35 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03660 copy
36 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03666 copy
37 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03687 copy
38 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03719 copy
39 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03726 copy
40 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03731 copy
41 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03735 copy
42 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03745 copy
43 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03747 copy
44 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03768 copy
45 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03779 copy
46 Madonna Atlantic City DSC03839 copy


Here's Part 1 = 46 photos. Enjoy them! Part 2 is coming right up, and then I'll post photos from L.A. (first night) and both MSG nights. For those of you who aren't into Madonna—these are good posts to skip!

Nov 18 2012
Madonna MDNA Tour Gallery, Yankee Stadium—Part 2 Comments (1)
DSC02207 copy
*fan as True Blue Madonna
D Madonna DSC01324 copy
D Madonna DSC01325 copy
D Madonna DSC01328 copy
D Madonna DSC01333
D Madonna DSC01335
D Madonna DSC01336 copy
D Madonna DSC01347 copy
D Madonna DSC01350 copy
D Madonna DSC01364 copy
D Madonna DSC01366 copy
D Madonna DSC01392 copy
D Madonna DSC01402 copy
D Madonna DSC01419 copy
D Madonna DSC01438 copy
D Madonna DSC01446 copy
D Madonna DSC01488 copy
D Madonna DSC01495 copy
D Madonna DSC01528 copy
D Madonna DSC01570
D Madonna DSC01578 copy
D Madonna DSC01588 copy
D Madonna DSC01605 copy
D Madonna DSC01606 copy
D Madonna DSC01617
D Madonna DSC01622 copy
D Madonna DSC01632 copy
D Madonna DSC01650 copy
D Madonna DSC01653 copy
D Madonna DSC01683 copy
D Madonna DSC01686 copy
D Madonna DSC01693 copy D Madonna DSC01926 copy
D Madonna DSC01947 copy
D Madonna DSC01969 copy
D Madonna DSC02016
D Madonna DSC02002 copyy
D Madonna DSC02024 copy
D Madonna DSC02029 copy
D Madonna DSC02033 copy
D Madonna DSC02038 copy
D Madonna DSC02046
D Madonna DSC02054 copy
D Madonna DSC02078 copy
D Madonna DSC02080
D Madonna DSC02090 copy
D Madonna DSC02104 copy
D Madonna DSC02109 copyy

D Madonna DSC01696
D Madonna DSC01709 copy
D Madonna DSC01717 copy
D Madonna DSC01736
D Madonna DSC01746 copy
D Madonna DSC01822 copy
D Madonna DSC01843 copy
D Madonna DSC01877 copy
D Madonna DSC01905 copy
D Madonna DSC01897 copy
D Madonna DSC01907 copy
D Madonna DSC01918 copy

  D Madonna DSC02120 copy
D Madonna DSC02137 copy
D Madonna DSC02143 copyy
D Madonna DSC02148 copy
D Madonna DSC02157 copyy
D Madonna DSC02165 copy
D Madonna DSC02181 copy
D Madonna DSC02177 copyy
D Madonna DSC02243 copy
D Madonna DSC02282 copy
D Madonna DSC02305 copyy
D Madonna DSC02325 copy
D Madonna DSC02341y
D Madonna IMG_0867
D Madonna IMG_4419
D Madonna IMG_4450

Here is my gallery of over 70 images from Madonna's second MDNA show at Yankee Stadium in NYC a while back. (First night's gallery is here. Write-up from Philly is here.) This was the date it poured down rain, so check out the shot of "Like a Virgin" under an umbrella among others.

I've still got galleries coming from Atlantic City, L.A. and the last two MSG-NYC shows. I think they get progressively better; stay tuned.

Oct 29 2012
Madonna MDNA Gallery, Yankee Stadium—Part 2 Comments (0)
Madonna MDNA Yankee 43
Madonna MDNA Yankee 36
Madonna MDNA Yankee 35
Madonna MDNA Yankee 37
Madonna MDNA Yankee 38
Madonna MDNA Yankee 39
Madonna MDNA Yankee 40
Madonna MDNA Yankee 41
Madonna MDNA Yankee 42
Madonna MDNA Yankee 44*
Madonna MDNA Yankee 46
Madonna MDNA Yankee 47
Madonna MDNA Yankee 48
Madonna MDNA Yankee 50
Madonna MDNA Yankee 51*
Madonna MDNA Yankee 52
Madonna MDNA Yankee 53
Madonna MDNA Yankee 54
Madonna MDNA Yankee 55
Madonna MDNA Yankee 56
Madonna MDNA Yankee 57
Madonna MDNA Yankee 58
Madonna MDNA Yankee 59
Madonna MDNA Yankee 60
Madonna MDNA Yankee 61
Madonna MDNA Yankee 62
Madonna MDNA Yankee 63
Madonna MDNA Yankee 64


Here is part two of all my Madonna MDNA Yankee Stadium shots from her first night there. More from other shows/cities to follow in the near future.

Madonna MDNA Gallery, Yankee Stadium—Part 1 Comments (6)
Madonna MDNA Yankee 34
Madonna MDNA Yankee 1
Madonna MDNA Yankee 2
Madonna MDNA Yankee 4*
Madonna MDNA Yankee 5*
Madonna MDNA Yankee 3
Madonna MDNA Yankee 6
Madonna MDNA Yankee 7
Madonna MDNA Yankee 8
Madonna MDNA Yannkee 9*
Madonna MDNA Yankee 10
Madonna MDNA Yankee 11
Madonna MDNA Yankee 12
Madonna MDNA Yankee 13
Madonna MDNA Yankee 14
Madonna MDNA Yankee 15
Madonna MDNA Yankee 16
Madonna MDNA Yankee 17Madonna MDNA Yankee 18
Madonna MDNA Yankee 19
Madonna MDNA Yankee 20
Madonna MDNA Yankee 21
Madonna MDNA Yankee 22
Madonna MDNA Yankee 23
Madonna MDNA Yankee 24
Madonna MDNA Yankee 25
Madonna MDNA Yankee 26
Madonna MDNA Yankee 27
Madonna MDNA Yankee 28
Madonna MDNA Yankee 29
Madonna MDNA Yankee 30
Madonna MDNA Yankee 31
Madonna MDNA Yankee 32
Madonna MDNA Yankee 33

Here is the first of two galleries of photos I snapped at Madonna's first Yankee Stadium MDNA show in September. One more is on the way, followed this week (hopefully) by galleries of images I took at her Atlantic City and L.A. shows.

This first night at Yankee Stadium is probably the weakest, with softer photos (I was further away); but still well worth a look if you're into Madonna. If not, skip this post.