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Jul 18 2024
Half-Naked Arrest Photos + Porn-Mag Portraiture + Biden's COVID Diagnosis & Political Prognosis + Thiel's Comeback + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Happy 84th to James Brolin and his tightie-whities!

BELOW: Keep reading for an embarrassing arrest, porn portraiture, Biden's diagnosis and more ...

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Jun 13 2024
I Smell A Rat + Alan Cumming Pushes LGBTQ+ Inclusiveness For THE TRAITORS + Pulse: 8 Years On + Colman Domingo's New Gig + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I never see posters like THIS.

BELOW: Keep reading for hot rodent men, a Traitor-ous plea, a SCOTUS abortion ruling and more ...

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Dekkoo In Depth Chats Up Q. Allan Brocka About BOY CULTURE: GENERATION X Comments (0)

Thanks to Ross Weisman for this terrific interview with Boy Culture and Boy Culture: Generation X director Q. Allan Brocka. Allan, as always, is articulate and witty, bringing us up to speed on the project's long journey. It's definitely a case of THANKS, JOE BIDEN!

It is currently streaming on Dekkoo — click HERE or the image below to check it out.

Jun 05 2024
Introducing BoyCulture — The Substack! Plus: LIFETIME SUBS Comments (0)


Look, I've been blogging free here since 2005 (!) — and I love it. And I will continue to aggregate news, adding in personal opinions.

But I am also excited to be launching a Substack.

At BoyCulture Substack, I will post interviews and other original posts of more depth and length, including some great Q&As that I conducted while researching an upcoming Esquire.com piece on Mandate and the other Mavety Media magazines, so much of which did not fit in the final piece.

I would love it if you would subscribe — it's free, with $8 as the first paid level (for 1 month).

Another option — during Pride Month, from now through June 30, anyone who subscribes for $150 through me directly on this post gets a lifetime sub to the Substack. No renewals necessary.

$150 to Paypal and I do the rest.

Thank you!

By the way, my first post is live now.

Jun 03 2024
Cyndi Lauper's Last Stand + Kylie Minogue Saddles Up Orville Peck + She Married A Gay Man + Movies, Music & More For Pride! + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Boyculture-gay-girls-just-want-to-have-fun-Cyndi_credit_Ruven_AfanadorThe original Cyn (Image via Ruven Afanador)

ABOVE: Cyndi Lauper's just-announced Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Farewell Tour goes on sale tomorrow (pre-sale). I loved the photo, and thought it belonged up top. On the Cyndi tip:

BELOW: Keep reading for Pride ups and downs, Kylie Minogue jumps on the country bandwagon, dogs and music and more ...

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Mar 05 2024
I Hate Elon Musk, But Hope To Wait Him Out Comments (0)

Come follow me on Twitter, er, X, er, Twitter!

Feb 29 2024
SCOTUS Stunting For Trump + McConnell Stepping Down + Murdered Australian Couple's Bodies Found + Ghana Criminalizes LGBTQ+ Identity + RIP Richard Lewis + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Hot-hot, give it all ya got!

BELOW: Keep reading for SCOTUS stunting for Trump, McConnell stepping down, murder, mayhem & Wilson Cruz ...

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Jan 04 2024
Derek Magyar On BOY CULTURE: GENERATION X, The Evolution Of TV, His Short Film & More Comments (0)

Derek-magyar-boy-culture-generation-x-pop-culturalist(Image by David Zaugh)

Derek Magyar granted a wide-ranging interview to Pop-Culturalist, in which he talks about revisiting his role as X via Boy Culture: Generation X — and much more.


With the television series, it was getting the chance to work with Q. Allan Brocka again and working with Darryl [Stephens], with whom I have a really special friendship. And also Matthew [Rettenmund], who got involved as a writer on the series. In the film, he was more guiding it, and Q. Allan and Philip [Pierce] (one of the producers) wrote the feature, whereas Matthew wrote the book and Q. Allan wrote the series, bringing an extra level of excitement to it for me as well.

Check it out here.

Having this series drop was one of the only great things that happened to me in 2023.