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Jan 04 2024
Derek Magyar On BOY CULTURE: GENERATION X, The Evolution Of TV, His Short Film & More Comments (0)

Derek-magyar-boy-culture-generation-x-pop-culturalist(Image by David Zaugh)

Derek Magyar granted a wide-ranging interview to Pop-Culturalist, in which he talks about revisiting his role as X via Boy Culture: Generation X — and much more.


With the television series, it was getting the chance to work with Q. Allan Brocka again and working with Darryl [Stephens], with whom I have a really special friendship. And also Matthew [Rettenmund], who got involved as a writer on the series. In the film, he was more guiding it, and Q. Allan and Philip [Pierce] (one of the producers) wrote the feature, whereas Matthew wrote the book and Q. Allan wrote the series, bringing an extra level of excitement to it for me as well.

Check it out here.

Having this series drop was one of the only great things that happened to me in 2023.

Nov 05 2023
BOY CULTURE: GENERATION X ... On The Set — Day 2! Comments (0)

Boy Culture IMG_2217(All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

Part two of my series of behind-the-scenes photos from the Boy Culture: Generation X shoot! The film streams November 7 on Amazon, Roku, YouTube, Google, Apple, Samsung and more.


Keep reading for the photos ...

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Nov 01 2023
Derek Magyar On The Return Of X + Best Sarah Huckabee Sanders Costume + Halloween Yard Decoration Skewers Moms For Liberty + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

Vcr-cleaning-gay-poppers-boycultureWhat the inhale?! (Image via still)

ABOVE: Another bonkers short from João Dall'Stella, VCR Cleaner.

BELOW: Keep reading for Derek Magyar on Boy Culture: Generation X, a hilarious Sarah Huckabee Sanders costume and more ...

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Sep 14 2023
Boy Culture Is Cruising Comments (0)

Jock-erotic-novels-gay-shirtless-boyculture(Image via Jock)

Just a little update on where to find me:

BlueSky Social





Instagram also Instagram also Instagram

Boy-culture-generation-x-poster-gay-rettenmund-darryl-stephens-jason-caceres-nude-shirtless-derek-magyar(Image via Dekkoo/Design by Anthony Coombs)

And follow Boy Culture: Generation X HERE!

Also, if you're a gay man with a lot of any of the following to get rid of, I may be interested, as I'm building an archive:

Issues of gay magazines 1980s and earlier (especially local weeklies like David from Florida, Michael's Thing, Where It's At), including porn (Jock, Torso, Honcho, Mandate, Inches, Playguy and other Mavety titles in particular)

Gay ephemera 1980s and earlier (matchbook covers, flyers, invitations)

Gay photography

Gay illustrations

Gay Polaroids

Vintage Madonna, especially 1980s and earlier, only uncommon items like local publications, tickets, flyers (NYC early '80s)

Open to more. I sometimes am in the market to buy things, and am sometimes only interested if it's a donation. But I'm always interested in hearing.

Just putting it out there!

Jul 27 2023
Japanese Pop Star Comes Out + RIP To IT'S A LIVING Creator + Can We Keep Key West Gay? + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Instagram is your underwear hookup.

BELOW: Gay pop star, cute guy bares buns, RIP It's a Living creator and more ...

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Jul 11 2023
Dekkoo Acquires Groundbreaking Gay Series BOY CULTURE: GENERATION X Comments (0)

Boy-Culture-Series-Derek-Magyar-Darryl-Stephens-Jason-Caceres-gay-boyculture-1Derek, Darryl & Jason — my dream team! (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

As longtime readers will know, my series sequel to Boy Culture — which is now entitled Boy Culture: Generation X — has been a long time coming. Now, at long last, it's here!

Dekkoo has acquired the series, along with exclusive, worldwide distribution rights.

That means it will be viewable at long last in the near future, far and wide.

Boy culture generation x poster gay darryl stephens derek magyar jason caceres(Design by Anthony Coombs)

Check out the full press release below:

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Jul 09 2023
Who's Your Chaddy? + Gay Bar Killer + How Madonna Changed Pop + Death Of A TV Trailblazer + Check Out My Threads! + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: A new hot social media jokester emerges.

BELOW: Hot dad, death of a TV trailblazer, gay serial killer and more ...

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Jun 17 2023
Reminder: Check Out My OnlyFans Comments (0)

No, I don't get naked — that I give free to 1 lucky random gentleman every few years. Rather, it's a site devoted to my photography. I haven't shot lately (refer to previous sentence), so I need some new models, but what I've got, I've got a lot. Check it out! It's cheap and a nice way to tip your blogger.