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Jan 13 2023
Gay Porn Is Gay History: Plus, Sam Staggs Publishes DID YOU SLEEP WITH THE MODELS? Comments (0)

Gay boyculture Honcho August 1981 copy(Image via Honcho)

When I announced the death of the gay-mag empire Mavety Media in 2009, it was a wildly successful post. It seemed almost every gay man remembered seeing Honcho, Torso, Inches, Playguy and/or Mandate at some point.

Now, so many years later, I'm wrapping up my interview phase on a project related to Mavety Media's magazines, to gay print porn history and to Mr. Mavety himself.

If any of you reading this know someone who worked in print porn, was a photographer, illustrator, model, etc., please reach out at matthewrettenmund@gmail.com.

Also, if you are a gay man with a stack of older gay publications or ephemera you're done with, I'd be interested in adding them to my archive. I'm most interested in copies of the above titles that I do not have, and of similar/competitive titles. I'm also quite interested in local periodicals like Michael's Thing, Where It's At and the like, invitations, posters and of course original illustrations and photography. If you have things you haven't been able to decide how to rid yourself of, I might be the right repository!

On that note, DO NOT miss reading the new memoir by Sam Staggs, who was once an editor of the Mavety titles, which he has cheekily titled Did You Sleep with the Models? You can read three chapters at his Substack, here.

Dec 05 2022
Facebook Update Comments (0)


I am back on!

Please check out the blog's FB here.

Nov 27 2022
Post-Twitter Comments (0)

If you're thinking of leaving Twitter — or just branching out — feel free to use this link:


... to sign up for Post. I'll see you there once we are approved.

Oct 02 2022
ADAM SANK SHOW Ready For DL Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2022-10-02 at 2.39.32 PM(Image via A.S.S.)

Check me out on The Adam Sank Showit's easy to DL now.

Sep 30 2022
Dennis Hensley X Matthew Rettenmund Comments (0)

Matthew Rettenmund podcast Dennis Hensley gay Madonna boyculture Encyclopedia Madonnica(Image via screen grab)

Hey, so I was happy to be asked to appear on Dennis Hensley's podcast Dennis Anyone? ... and it was so much fun connecting with this legendary comedy writer. He asked great questions. Check it out HERE.

Sep 23 2022
Check Out My A.S.S. Tomorrow! Comments (0)

Yes, that is right, I am going to be a guest on A.S.S. — The Adam Sank Show!

Sep 21 2022
Rettenmund X Queerty Comments (0)

Encyclopedia Madonnica Matthew Rettenmund Madonna EM40_9781734238198_Cover_091522(Image © Andrew Caulfield/AUGUST/www.augustimage.com)

Check out my interview with Queerty in support of Encyclopedia Madonnica! My new edition runs 674 pages, and includes great new interviews with Liz Rosenberg, Susan Seidelman and more. It's $75 from me (or $125 if you want a hardcover), or you can grab it for $90 at Amazon, B&N, etc.

The book is for fans, and also serves as a Warholian object of interest, its own little work of art for your coffee table. A whole book about Madonna? Great.

I'll be hyping the book here a bit, but will try not to work it into every other post.

Sep 14 2022
Xtra Magazine Talks ENCYCLOPEDIA MADONNICA! Comments (0)

EM Fine Arts Review 4 1 95Wayback Machine! Original press with my mentor, the late Jane Jordan Browne

Tonight at midnight, I'll be releasing the cover of my updated Encyclopedia Madonnica on my social media and here. Excited.

In the meantime, Xtra Magazine in Canada talked with me about Madonna (and more) — check it out.

And I do love Cher. I think they wanted to highlight my comment to stoke fan wars.

P.S. The book will be on Amazon ($90) within days or weeks, or you can buy a paperback form me directly ($75) at paypal.me/boyculture or a hardcover ($125) if you like a stiff read.