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Sep 13 2021
Join Me For A BOY CULTURE: THE SERIES Chat Comments (0)

Boy-culture-series-rettenmund-gay(Image via screen grab)

This Thursday, September, join me at CommonwealthClub.org for a wide-ranging chat about Boy Culture: The Series and much more. Register now for the 3 p.m. ET interview.

Sep 11 2021
9/11 — 20 Years On Comments (0)

9-11-art-boycultureSomething I drew, something I knew. (Images by Matthew Rettenmund)

As I posted on social media, I'm at a loss for words about 9/11. I was close enough to experience it from far too close-up — yet far enough away that I was spared the kind of visceral memories others have. Still, I had sense of creeping doom reading the inevitable remembrances on Twitter this morning.

Click here to check out my full take on what happened that day. I wrote it 15 years ago. It feels more embittered than I feel now, but it does have all the details I can remember.

I think it is terrifying how in 2001, everyone banded together — and it led us into a pointless 2o-year war and on a path of even greater polarization. And yet today, if a massive terror attack occurred, I have no doubt the right would use it to try to mount insurrection; there would be no banding together bullcrap.

Tell me I'm wrong.

Aug 22 2021
BOY CULTURE: THE SERIES Premieres At Outfest — aGLIFF & FilmOut San Diego Are Next! Comments (0)

Boyculture-series-derek-magyar-jason-caceres-darryl-stephens-gay-premiereOur cast recreated the poster at the premiere (All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

It was a whirlwind trip, but I spent 24 hours in L.A. for the premiere of Boy Culture: The Series at Outfest Thursday night — and I'm glad I went!

Derek-magyar-jason-caceres-darryl-stephens-boy-culture-outfest-gayOur main cast at the pre-screening party — Derek Magyar, Jason Caceres & Darryl Stephens

Outfest, the premier LGBTQ film fest, debuted the first two episodes of the six-episode series, pairing them with a big-screen airing of the acclaimed — and hysterically funny — Noah's Arc: The Rona Chronicles, which had debuted on social media in 2020.


Stacey-yvonne-boy-culture-pride-gay-darryl-stephensDirector Q. Allan Brocka, Derek, producer Philip Pierce, Jason & Darryl chat with Stacey Yvonne from Pride.com

The setting was Theater One at the DGA, where we were preceded by a packed tribute to the late Ash Christian, and a screening of the Charles Busch caper-comedy The Sixth Reel, the legendary performer's first film since 2006 (he co-wrote, co-directed and starred), and a movie that came together last year, during the first wave of COVID-19.

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Aug 17 2021
BOY CULTURE: THE SERIES Trailer Debut! Comments (0)

DarrylandDerek copyDarryl Stephens & Derek Magyar are back! (Image via Boy Culture LLC)

After a long wait, we are excited to debut the trailer for Boy Culture: The Series, which is playing Outfest, FilmOut San Diego and aGLIFF ahead of many more festival showings and — we hope — a streaming deal. 


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Mar 31 2021
In The Hoodie: My First New Article Of Clothing In ... Years! Comments (0)

Boy-culture-hoodie-boycultureMy Rush Order Tees hoodie (Images by Matthew Rettenmund)

Unlike Madonna with Pepsi — when, in 1989, she agreed to endorse it but not to drink it — I will be only too happy and proud to parade around in my new Boy Culture-branded hoodie!

I received this from Rush Order Tees, a company I organically used in 2019 when I had a cool Madonna Polaroid shirt made for the night at her Madame X tour when I hoped to buy her nightly Polaroid. (It worked — I interacted with Madonna, and her makeup artist Aaron loved the shirt so much I had another made for him.)


I recommend the company unreservedly.

Feb 01 2021
PARTY TALK Memories Comments (0)

Linda-Simpson-drag-Matthew-Rettenmund-boycultureGirl talk! (Image via video still)

A mere 25 years ago, Linda Simpson quizzed me for the NYC cable-accesss series Party Talk. My God, the world has changed so much. I was terrified! It happened in the NYC gay bar Splash and I felt very much out of my element — and don't forget fat.

Linda was lovely, and was already well on her way to documenting the club scene via her now indispensable photos.

Full video:

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Jan 01 2021
Wasn't 2020 Supposed To Be Better?! Comments (0)

Nov 01 2020
Red-Hot Men + Speedo Loses Battle With Butt + Madison Cawthorn Might Lose + Trump Might Lose And Still Go To Court + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Okay, so I need to give up croissants.

BELOW: Keep reading for a red-hot calendar boy, a Speedo model proud of his caboose, why Trump will not win and more ...

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