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Mar 16 2018
Shears Revelations + Dragging The Swastika + Stormy Threatened Physically? + Tinder Swiping Left On Trans People + Anti-Gay Judge Smacked Down + Another Reason To Love LOVE, SIMON + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Above: All a matter of perspective.

Below: Keep reading for Shears revelations, the Jewish drag queen who toys around with Hitler motifs, a 62-year-old beauty icon, Tinder's anti-trans reputation, Stormy Daniels's lawyer saying she was threatened/a second Trump lawyer attached to his Stormy pay-off/Stormy's gay bud revealing more about her Trumplationship, judge penalized for anti-gay ways, Will & Grace pulls a boner, playing the gay character you always wished you'd seen in the movies, a dead hottie and a guy on the street who's a treat ...

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May 15 2017
WILL & GRACE Promises New Eps Will Be AS IF WE NEVER SAID GOOD-BYE Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 1.12.29 PM(Video still via NBC)

The promo for the new season of Will & Grace is here, and it's almost like a little of Smash leaked in ...

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May 12 2017
Here Is A Teaser For The First Trailer For The Return Of WILL & GRACE Comments (0)

Unnamed(Image via NBC)

Keep reading for the video ...

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May 06 2017
Where There's Will ... Comments (0)

C_EXArYV0AAc19p.jpg-large(Images via NBC)

Keep up with the Adlers via these handy links:

Feb 20 2017
There But For The WILL & GRACE Of God ... Comments (0)

The Will & Grace cast is reunited — and it (looks like it) feels so good ...

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Dec 15 2016
Megan Mulally's Ugly Cry Over Obama Speaks For So Many Of Us Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 11.01.48 AM(Image via CBS)

Megan Mulally and Nick Offerman got to meet President Obama at the White House Christmas party last night, and her reaction — as related to Stephen Colbert — is so amazing and sincere, but you can also watch her hilarious and equally amazing and sincere remembrance of working with asshole-elect Trump ...

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Dec 08 2016
6-PACK — New WILL & GRACE And SEX AND THE CITY Chapters? + Trump Hits Union Boss + Sherrod Brown Vows To Obstruct, Obstruct, Obstruct + Kathy Griffin Boos Megyn Kelly + HAIRSPRAY LIVE!-A-Palooza Comments (0)

Tumblr_lrlhv5h8pu1qa071pMulally also talks about the time a lesbian higher-up tried to seduce her. (GIF via NBC)

WIDGETMegan Mulally reveals there is a “very good chance” 10 new Will & Grace episodes are coming! Full interview here.

WIDGETAlso, a cast member says more Sex and the City could be coming.

WIDGETHis Carrier deal was phony, so now Trump attacks Carrier union boss to distract.

WIDGETSen. Sherrod Brown firmly rejects the idea of playing nice in confirming Trump's “disqualified” Cabinet picks.

WIDGETKathy Griffin boos Megyn Kelly for saying there is much to admire about Trump.

WIDGETHairspray Live! takes over Twitter and the rest of the world. Minute-by-minute GIF review here


Nov 30 2013
Not Another Gay Movie: G.B.F. Is T.D.F.! Comments (0)

GBFA boy's first abs-centric profile pic...what could possibly go wrong?

BOY CULTURE RATING: **** out of ****

I went into the new comedy G.B.F. when it was on the filmfest circuit (order it now on DIRECTV Paul-Iaconothrough December 19 in advance of a theatrical release in January) with reservations. Interestingly, this teen comedy about the status symbol of having a gay best friend was directed by Darren Stein, whose Jawbreaker (1999) I didn't love, but which seems to have turned into a cult classic when I wasn't looking. Still, G.B.F. promised to be another overly precious or accidentally obnoxious teen comedy...or another sloppy gay movie. Or the new B.A.P.s.

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