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Dec 08 2020
Texas Teen Nailed For Fashion Choice + He/Tim + Sexy Day Job + Texas Launches Insane SCOTUS Suit + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Flex in the city.

BELOW: Keep reading for the kid whose painted nails got him in trouble, Tim Cook supports trans people, the best job in the world and more ...

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Dec 07 2020
Gay Orgy Was International Affair + Gay As Christmas + Loeffler Robot Not Programmed For Reality + Muscles Ahoy + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I could use some repairs.

BELOW: Keep reading for more on that career-ending gay orgy, a Republican baby-seller, gay Christmas stories that are as gay as Christmas and more ...

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Dec 06 2020
Drunk On Power: SNL Addresses Giuliani's Michigan Senate Hearings Comments (0)

Cecily-strong-giuliani-snl-boycultureA Strong resemblance (Image via video still)

The SNL cold open took on Giuliani and his drunken companion's Michigan exploits — and Trump lawyer Jenna Ellis didn't even rate a full-on impersonation.

But the drunk lady sure did. It wasn't great; I think the real deal is so absurd it's hard to add much to it. I think Mikey Day is the show's secret MVP ...

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Nov 19 2020
Romney Speaks Out Against Trump's Attempt To Steal The Election Comments (0)

Mitt-Romney-statement-Trump-Michigan-boycultureThe above image is via Twitter. Romney has had just about enough.

Shawn Mendes In Love + Maddow's Partner Has COVID-19 + What Was That Sliding Down Rudy's Face? + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I love candids.

BELOW: Keep reading for new Shawn Mendes pics, Trump's desperate Michigan gambit, Rudy's hair care don'ts and don'ts, gay family for Ralph Lauren and more ...

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Finn Wittrock's Hot Brother + Obama's Book Blast + Kenosha Killer Bought Gun With Stimulus $ + Gay FAMILY GUY Wedding + Ryan Phillippe On His Gay Past + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Out gay creator and actor Dan Levy made People's Sexiest Men Alive list.

BELOW: Keep reading for shirtless comers, Obama's record-breaking book launch, Trump's election desperation, Finn Wittrock's hot bro and more ...

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Nov 18 2020
Ivanka Trump's Former Bestie Spills + Trump vs. Black Wisconsin Voters + Michigan's New Liberal Firebrand + COVID Finds Grassley + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Jhona Burjack, one of my favorites.

BELOW: Keep reading for Ivanka's former bestie spilling the beans, Trump's lawsuit failures and Wisconsin pipe dream, Lil Nas X smacking down a woman with an MLK connection and more ...

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Nov 17 2020
GOPers In Michigan Refuse To Certify Election Results Comments (0)

Monica-palmer-wayne-county-boycultureMonica aka Karen Palmer (Image via ABC7)

Because every board of canvassers in Michigan is made up for an equal number of Republicans and Democrats, the Wayne County Board has missed its deadline to certify the results of the presidential election — seems that the Republicans won't admit defeat.

More specifically, Monica Palmer, a GOPer already dogged by ethics investigations, has said she won't certify specifically the Detroit results. Because apparently a city that is about 78% Black, and whose Black voters voted for Trump at a rate of over 90% shouldn't count.

The state board will intervene to certify, but this was part of a calculated coup attempt by Trump and his enablers. The fact that they tried is important.

UPDATE: Three hours after national outrage, the board voted unanimously to certify.