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Mar 31 2021
Mila Jam Offers PRETTY ONE On Trans Day Of Visibility Comments (0)

Mila-jam-boycultureShining through (Image via video still)

Mila Jam always delivers the hooks — and memorable music videos.

In honor of Trans Day of Visibility, she's dropping a sweet video for her lovely, catchy “Pretty One,” a song that builds irresistibly...

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Mar 10 2020
Mila Jam's New Jam NUMBER ONE Belongs There Comments (0)

Mila-Jam-Number-One-music-video-trans-artist-LGBTQ-boycultureThe video is filled with just the right mix of references and originality. (Image via video still)

I'm always so pleasantly surprised when each new Mila Jam song lives up to the last. She's such a talented pop artist, and has a unique voice — creatively and sonically.

“Number One” is an infectious tune from the get-go, and the video has a fabulous Flashdance meets Annie Lennox “Why” look ...

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Jul 31 2019
Mila Jam's New MASQUERADE Video Premieres: STOP KILLING US Comments (0)

IMG_7610The Jam is moving. (Image via Midas Music)

Mila Jam can always be counted on to deliver amazing beats, but also a strong message.

Her new “Masquerade” video features the trans artist nearly nude with the blunt message “STOP KILLING US” painted on her body in a narrative about deception that could be interpreted as flipping the script — it's not trans people or other LGBTQ people who are deceiving, it's our attackers with the deadly secret.

The message works on a broader level, too, as Jam says:

Dating is a masquerade. That guy on Tinder; he's a masquerade. The music business. That's a masquerade, too! We've all been raised to hide the deepest and darkest parts of us, but those parts of us that we were taught to hide make us who we are.

Masks off ...

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Mar 31 2019
Blurred Lines: Actor Wants Out Of Video After Learning Leading Lady Is Trans Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 8.43.38 AMI hope this jerk's name is eventually leaked. (Image via video still)

This is pretty incredible — recording artist Mila Jam's new video, for “Like the Last Time,” was in the can when her male lead (he who shall remain nameless) found out she was trans and demanded not to be a part of the project after all. Again, it was already shot!

So, instead of scrapping things, here is how Mila decided to proceed, and I think it makes a strong statement ...

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Oct 04 2018
Mila Jam's BRUISED Is Here To Heal Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 7.08.29 PMIt's like a musical, visual Big Little Lies (Image via video still)

Dedicated to all the abused women — specifically trans women — who have been abused, the music video “bruised” by Mila Jam is here, and it features Laverne Cox, MJ Rodriguez, Yuhua Hamasaki and Ryan Preimiesberger ...

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