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Feb 02 2017
6-PACK — MOONLIGHT Man + The Late, Great David Oliver + Anti-LGBTQ Exec Order Coming? + Hot Guys + Fashionably Mature + Keke, Tamron, Lena! Comments (0)

Moonlight-trevanteoutmag(Image by Blair Getz Mezibov for Out)

WIDGETTrevante Rhodes of Moonlight covers Out. He felt the pressure of being in a rare movie about “the coming-of-age of a young gay black man.”

Davidoliver(Video still viia ABC)

WIDGETKenneth remembers David Oliver, cut down in his prime by AIDS.

WIDGETHate pastor sees anti-LGBTQ discrimination as half-full.

Topman-SS17-Lookbook_fy13This is what Topman is hawking for spring. I just aged 10 years. (Image via Topman)

WIDGETGUY GAWK: The (hot) face of my (hot) singlet model. All American horse trainer. Topman twinks.

Allamericanguys-dave0Hi, Dave. (Image via All American Guys)

WIDGETBill Nye & Buzz Aldrin walk the runway at Men's Fashion Week!

WIDGETENTERTAINING TIPS: Keke Palmer drops into a squat for pap love. Tamron Hall leaves NBC. It's Girls: The Movie!

Jan 24 2017
MOONLIGHT Scores 8 Oscar Noms, LA LA LAND Frontlash Continues With 14 — Full List Comments (0)

GiphyMoonlight (GIF via Plan B)

The Oscar nominations are here!

I used to find this stuff wildly exciting. My friend Tim Wright would lead a cabal of Jess Cagles (without the title) who would mincingly prepare our full lists of predictions and award points to each other based on who actually got nods, later doing the same for the awards.

As of now, I barely care. But I do care enough, especially this year — I'm so happy for the wonderful film Moonlight, which is beautifully written, acted and photographed, and which is gay to the molecular level while also tackling other themes (race, drug abuse, the concept of family, peer pressure, love). The movie becomes one of a select group of indisputably gay films (strategically, it was never marketed as such) to be nominated for Best Picture.

Moonlight also nabbed recognition for Actor in a Supporting Role (Mahershala Ali), Actress in a Supporting Role (Naomie Harris), Cinematography, Directing, Film Editing, Music (Original Score) and Writing (Adapted Screenplay) — eight nominations, which makes it the most-nominated gay film of all time, three ahead of Brokeback Mountain (2005).

I liked, but did not love, La La Land, and I have found it to be the recipient of a major backlash. It feels like it's half-loved, half-hated. Hollywood loves it, giving it a record-tying 14 nominations. Therefore, it is the one to beat.

Noteworthy exclusions:

No Hugh Grant for an admittedly light performance in Florence Foster Jenkins.

No Aaron Taylor-Johnson for an admittedly heavy performance in Nocturnal Animals; he was replaced by his co-star, Michael Shannon, who was even better.

I'm shocked Amy Adams didn't get a nod for Arrival. She was great in that, and she was great in Nocturnal Animals, and she always get nominated. Plus, Arrival did very well in the nominations otherwise. Competitive category.

Also, Hollywood continues to despise Annette Bening, the Susan Lucci of the Oscars.

No Pharrell for his Hidden Figures song.

I was surprised they found nine films to honor. I'll not be seeing all nine this year because you couldn't pay me to see Hacksaw Ridge. I've seen three outta nine so far and have tepid interest in most of the others, though Manchester by the Sea is definitely going to join my seen list.

All the nominees below ...


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Jan 15 2017
6-PACK — The Trump Of Hollywood + MOONLIGHT Raises Hopes + D.B. Cooper Demystified + Masseur Sobs Confession + Tiny Inauguration? + Red-Hot Tim Matheson! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 12.47.17 AMPeters (center) in an image from his real first interview in 10 years, 2015 (Image via Jon Schnepp)

WIDGETJon Peters breaks his silence to admit he voted for Trump after being a lifelong Democrat because Trump is “brilliant.”

WIDGETBlack gay artist's level of hope raised by the success of Moonlight.

WIDGETNew info may help unearth who D.B. Cooper really was.

160712-db-cooper-jsw-308p_e5d203d5796893e80e2dec38e3d65349.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000Sketches of the man who said his name was D.B. Cooper

WIDGETManhattan masseur admits he choked former Escuelita owner to death — but says it happened during consensual kinky sexplay.

WIDGETProtest of Trump shaping up to be 3X as large as celebration of Trump.

WIDGETTim Matheson's hotness through the years.

342813_full(Video still via Universal)

Jan 13 2017
They Will Survive Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-01-13 at 10.41.42 AM(Video still via W Magazine)

Watch Andrew Garfield, Chris Pine, Emma Stone, Dev Patel, Ruth Negga, Lucas Hedges, Naomie Harris, Anya Taylor-Joy, Taraji P. Henson, Natalie Portman, Matthew McConaughey, Mahershala Ali, Hailee Steinfeld, Felicity Jones, Alden Ehrenreich, Joel Edgerton, Greta Gerwig, Michael Shannon, Dakota Fanning and Amy Adams sing/speak Gloria Gaynor's “I Will Survive” for W Magazine.

The main thing I learned: I'd love to get an album of Amy Adams cover versions. She sounds good!

Keep reading for the video ...

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Jan 10 2017
Gay Films MOONLIGHT & THE PASS Recognized By BAFTA Comments (0)

Giphy Giphy-1(GIFs via Plan B)

The BAFTA (British film awards) nominations are out, and both the Golden Globe-winning gay coming-of-age film Moonlight and the Russell Tovey starrer/gay-themed film The Pass have picked up recognition.

C10pj9gXEAIAwTO.jpg-large(Image via Lionsgate)

The Pass received nods for writing and direction, while Moonlight garnered four awards — Best Film, Editing and acting honors for supporting players Naomie Harris and Mahershala Ali.

I have yet to see The Pass, but Moonlight deserves its acclaims.

Other nominations — heavy on the La La Land, a somewhat surprising amount of love for gay filmmaker Tom Ford's stylish thriller Nocturnal Animals — are here.