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Aug 29 2020

Obituary-tunde-johnson-steven-silver-spencer-neville-boycultureA kiss before dying (Image via Zgreen/Outfest)

Make time to watch Ali LeRoi's The Obituary of Tunde Johnson at Outfest (it is viewable there through August 30) not only to support Outfest, to support independent film and to support LGBTQ film, but because it is likely to be one of the finest films you see all year.

Written by Stanley Kalu when he was a 19-year-old film student at USC, the film — about a gay Nigerian-American high school student killed by white police — could not be more of the moment, yet it was finished over a year ago, proving that its theme of pervasive racial inequality in the U.S. is sadly evergreen.

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Aug 24 2020
You Will Feature This Documentary Feature: P.S. BURN THIS LETTER PLEASE Comments (0)

Drag-outfest-doc-boycultureA former queen cried when she saw this pic — and you will, too ... (Image via Outfest)

Available for viewing on the Outfest site (the subscription is worth it) is the new drag doc P.S. Burn This Letter Please, a revelatory look at drag in NYC in the '50s and '60s, informed by the discovery of a cache of letters from the period.

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Jul 27 2020
Sen. Cotton: SLAVERY NECESSARY EVIL + Sen. Cruz vs. Wait Staff + Trump's Star-Dudded Convention + Anti-Maskers Go Full Nazi + Rent THE RENTAL + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Walking jack underwear-boycultureNice A (Image by Blake Yelavich for Walking Jack)

ABOVE: That's the Walking Jack Letters Brief on this model, shot by Blake Yelavich.

BELOW: Keep reading for Cotton picking a fight, Cruz hates hard workers, Trump's star-dudded convention, creeptastic thriller The Rental and more ...

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Jun 25 2020
Beyond Porn: A Review Of The Gay Classic PASSING STRANGERS Comments (0)


A review of Passing Strangers — the 1974 Arthur J. Bressan erotic film that's streaming now on PinkLabel.tv — written by Gary Needham ...

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Mar 08 2020
Mart Crowley, THE BOYS IN THE BAND Playwright, Dies @ 84 Comments (0)

Mart-crowley-gay-boycultureMart Crowley: August 21, 1935-March 8, 2020 (Image via video still)

Mart Crowley, who changed American theater with his trailblazing — and just plain blazing — gay-themed play The Boys in the Band (1968), died Sunday. He was 84.

Crowley's death was first reported by writer Michael Musto. He reportedly suffered a heart attack, had surgery, but passed away while recovering from surgery.

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Jan 21 2020
Wanna See NEW YORK, NEW YORK At Its Best? It's Up To You Comments (0)

517i+hnnD6LMetrograph is doing what it does best, yet again: Offering a perfect venue at which to see a vintage film you've maybe never gotten around to seeing, but feel you maybe should.

This time, it's New York, New York's turn, a new 35mm print of which (all 155 minutes) might be at the top of your heap of things to do in NYC in the near future.

The 1977 film, directed by Martin Scorsese, is one of his most peculiar.

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Oct 30 2019
#Persist: Two Little Movies That Could, And Have Comments (0)

Cubby-2019-Movie-Poster-1(Image via Breaking Glass)

Last week, I made time to see not one but two NYC-oriented films, each offering unique portraits of the city, and unique storytelling that left me struggling to think of comparables. For that reason alone — I always give points to the nonformulaic —you should try to see Cubby, the debut feature by Mark Blane, and Downtown 81, a fairy-tale-like feature shot in 1980-1981 and recently restored for release by Metrograph Pictures.

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Sep 21 2019
Pixie Dicks: WHERE'S MY ROY COHN? Reminds Us Of Donald J. Trump's Origin Story Comments (0)

IMG_4225Matt Tyrnauer at Film Forum in NYC on Friday, September 20, 2019 (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

Roy Cohn (1927-1986) was one of the most heinous villains of the 20th century, a vile, self-loathing, aggressive, self-aggrandizing, corrupt liar who helped fan the flames of McCarthyism, who defended murderous mobsters, who mentored consequential toads like Roger Stone and Donald Trump, who received special treatment from AIDS-denialist Ronald Reagan when battling AIDS himself, and on and on.

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