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May 24 2019
Unfashionably Great: A Review Of HALSTON Comments (0)

Halston-trailerThe man himself (Image via Obscured Pictures)

Halston, Frédéric Tcheng's absorbing, exhaustive documentary about the charmed — then ill-fated — life and business of the superstar gay American fashion designer of the same name, should be the final word on what the visionary accomplished.

GiphyThe sweet smell of success is never forever. (GIF via GIPHY)

Sadly, it is also an ultimately sympathetic portrait of how power and an unlimited bank account can corrupt artistry, and how blinding and fleeting success can be.

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May 23 2019
Get Out — And Keep Going: A Review Of THE SKIN OF THE TEETH Comments (0)

THESKINOFTHETEETH_04Don't you know who he is? (Images via TLA)

The Skin of the Teeth, the debut project by director-writer Matthew Wollin, is a low-budget, high-style conjuring of David Lynch that pulsates with a genuine air of the unexpected.

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Apr 12 2019
Mad Dashes: A Review Of WILD NIGHTS WITH EMILY Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2019-04-12 at 10.44.51 PMPoetry in motion (Image via video still)

In Madeleine Olnek's subversively whimsical Wild Nights with Emily, the poet Emily Dickinson (played with mirthful, lusty intensity by Molly Shannon) is given the life she probably actually had — passionate lesbian who tried her hardest to have her game-changing poetry published — rather than the solitary, sexless, hermetic life we've always been told she had. Forget about gimmicks like imagining her as a zombie when history has never dared to truly imagine her as she was — a woman-loving woman whose legacy was shaped by a person with every motive to warp and distort it.

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Mar 23 2019
Stacked Studs + WhatsApp, Jared & Ivanka? + Omar vs. Conversion Therapy + Streisand: Rubba, Can You Hear Me? + ROCKETMAN Gayer Than Feared + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Dark and lovely.

BELOW: Keep reading for stacks of studs, Streisand's about-face, Stamos's wardrobe malfunction and more...

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Feb 28 2019
LEAVING NEVERLAND: Can We Ever See Our Idols For Who They Are? Comments (0)

UnnamedJackson with Robson, who idolized him. Robson says he was molested from ages 7-14. (Image via HBO)

Leaving Neverland — the documentary about allegations that Michael Jackson sexually abused two of his most famous-to-fans young playmates — is controversial only because of Jackson's undeniable talent and inescapable fame.

Directed by Dan Reed and set to be presented March 3 and 4 on HBO, it methodically attempts to create an exhaustive record of the claims of James Safechuck, 37, and Wade Robson, 41, exploring along the way how Jackson allegedly groomed them, how he managed their families, how he was able to basically date male children right out in the open, what these arrangements did to the kids' relationships going forward, and why both young men testified, under oath, on Jackson's behalf when he was closest to facing justice for his actions.

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Dec 27 2018
Moo-ving Video + Trump: No Thanks For Your Disservice + The Calfs And Calf-Nots + Booty-ful Footage + Lambert's Cher-enade + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: (Very) Happy Boxing Day!

BELOW: Trump visits the troops, Adam Lambert Cher-enades a national institution, hottest male booty in the movies, the kid raised with a cow and more ...

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Dec 08 2018
When Miami Was A Drag: The Images Of Andy Sweet Comments (0)

355cThank God Sweet thought to capture anything and everything, especially things others took for granted.  (All images by Andy Sweet)

I've got a full review of The Last Resort — a gripping doc about the photography of Andy Sweet and Gary Monroe — over at Gr8erDays, and I encourage you to read it and seek out the film. Sweet, who was murdered in 1982, was probably gay, and whether or not he was, along with shooting indelible images of the aging Jewish culture of Miami Beach in the '70s, he also shot incredible images of drag gatherings.

Full Book of Sweet's Images Here!

Keep reading for a peek at his work with LGBTQ people ...

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Nov 20 2018
Oscar FAVOURITE: A Review Comments (0)

P06jydwpWhat fresh hell! (Images via Fox Searchlight)

Yorgos Lanthimos's The Favourite teaches the kids that shade is nothing new, and that the desperately insecure trolls surrounding royalty may have been kings and queens of the art form centuries before social media made it look easy.

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