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May 28 2020
Sex-Factor + Ice Skater Comes Out + Brian Sims Calls For Resignations & Prosecutions In PA COVID-19 Scandal + Dreamy Charlie Taylor + National J.O. Day + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Hard to argue with that.

BELOW: Keep reading for Brian Sims's righteous rant against Pennsylvania Republicans who knowingly exposed their Democratic colleagues to COVID-19, an X-rated X-Factor participant, dreamy Charlie Taylor, a ice skater comes out with love and more ...

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Fleshback: Major Payne Comments (0)

He was always handsome, young or old. (Image via movie still)

Today marks the anniversary of the birth of John Payne, who definitely stars in some of the hottest photos ever taken of an Old Hollywood star.

Follow Gr8erDays here, and keep reading for more ...

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May 27 2020
So Many Men + Meet Christian Cooper + The Ups & Downs Of Life While Trans + Trump vs. Twitter + More Kathy Griffin Drama + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Space, the final front-queer.

BELOW: Keep reading for so many men (and plenty of time), more on the black man victimized in Central Park, a super insightful short film on the life of a trans woman and more ...

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Larry Kramer, AIDS Activist, Culture Critic, Playwright & Author, Dies @ 84 Comments (0)

Larry-kramer-boycultureKramer in 2014 (Image via video still)

Following many years of ill health, Larry Kramer, the nation's most iconic AIDS activist — and rattler of cages — died of pneumonia Wednesday at 84.

Mr. Kramer's husband, David Webster, reported that the cause was pneumonia. Kramer was a long-term survivor of HIV and also underwent a liver transplant in 2001, which he — of course — wrote about.

Kramer was born on June 25, 1935, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and grew up in Maryland. Gay from a young age, he attended Yale, where he attempted suicide. That life-changing event would inform his rage against homophobia going forward.

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May 26 2020
Elvis's Jockstrap Is The King Of Auction Booty Comments (0)

Giphy 12.52.19 PMThe NYT delves into Val's career and health. (GIF via GIPHY)

Why Val Kilmer is as he is today, the strengths and vulnerabilities of the elderly in 2020, a loving Love Boat recap, Elvis Presley's jazzy jockstrap — and more! HERE

Male Model Leaks + IF'N WE GIT IT, WE GIT IT + Grenell Set To Step Down + Twitter Sweating Trump's Scarborough Libel + Red-Hot Thighs + Central Park Karen's Sorry + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I can't squeeze into mine anymore, which is damning since it's just straps and metallic fringe.

BELOW: Keep reading for a revealing model series, some COVIDIOTS sunning themselves, Central Park Karen's apology and more ...

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May 24 2020
Fleshback: Macho, Macho Man Comments (0)

Swept away (Image via video still)

You may be unfamiliar with Dominican-born, Mexican-made hunk Andrés Garcia. If so, you'll wanna follow me at Gr8erDays HERE, and keep reading to check out the lay of the land ...

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May 23 2020
Wanna Wrassle? + Trump Golfs As America Dies + Hilary Duff Is NOT A Pedophile + Queer Plot In THE OLD GUARD + GOD'S OWN COUNTRY Restored + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Enjoy your weekend.

BELOW: Keep reading for a naked wrestler, Trump's latest golf outing, Hilary Duff reacting to QAnon pedophile rumors, Queerantine winner and more ...

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