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Nov 18 2018
Basket Daze + Anti-Gay Wedding Mag Tanks + Mel B's Suicide Try + Schiff Challenges Whitaker + Avenatti Out For Blood + Madonna's Regimen + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: End of the world, indeed.

BELOW: A DNA dude for the ages, Australian wedding mag tanks after going anti-gay, death of a Hollywood giant and more ...

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Nov 17 2018
Fleshback: Rock Hudson & Dean Paul Martin Comments (0)

Today, two very different Fleshback choices, including the gay actor Rock Hudson — the first superstar to die of AIIDS — and Dean Paul Martin:

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Nov 16 2018
Fleshback: Guy Stockwell Comments (0)

He was well-stocked.

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Camp Fire Devastation + KJ Apa's Gay Kiss + Naked German Actor + Florida Refuses to Count Broward County Votes + Assange Prosecuted? + Booty For Days + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Why not Flaunt it if you've got it? Plus, K.J. Apa's gay kiss here.

BELOW: Keep reading for an update on the devastating Camp Fire, a hot naked German guy, Michelle Obama terrorized by Ellen DeGeneres, an Elton John tearjerker and more ...

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Nov 15 2018
More Maier: Now In Color Comments (0)

Scott-maier31(Image by Vivian Maier)

I absolutely loved Finding Vivian Maier, one of my favorite docs of all time. It introduced me to the should-have-been-iconic work of Maier, a reclusive nanny who secretly shot at least 150,000 images in her life, only to never even develop most of them before dying penniless.

Now that her black-and-white work is so widely known, New York Magazine is focusing on her color stuff — and it's genius as well. She had an incredible eye, even if her prolific output is now being curated by the lucky stiff who bought her negatives for pennies on the frame. Check it out here.

Nov 14 2018
They Do — Eventually!: New Gay-Marriage Comedy Steps Up To The Altar Comments (0)

0(Image via YouTube @keithhartman1)

You Should Meet My Son 2 is coming, and it's decked out on Garçon Model ...

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A Brief History Of Briefs + Happy Sherwood Schwarz Day! + The Gay Kid Who Wouldn't Sieg Heil + Homer Does Drag + Labor For Pelosi + Booty GIF Really Pops + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: When your thighs have separate zip codes.

BELOW: Keep reading for a history of male undies, France shaming Trump, remembering Sherwood Schwartz, NYC's Amazon conundrum, one of the best booty GIFs of all time and more ...

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Doin' It For Themselves ... And Each Other: A Review Of WIDOWS Comments (0)

Widows-4_rgbViola Davis takes the lead. (Images via 20th Century Fox)

With Widows, opening Friday, director Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave, Shame) and writer Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl) have delivered a rare animal — an Oscar-baiting thriller that offers all the action of a heist movie as well as organically interwoven ocial commentary. It's a blast.

Viola Davis is Veronica, a Chicago schools union rep married to a career criminal (Liam Neeson) who finds her cushy Screen-shot-2018-11-12-at-11.06.31.png lifestyle — and her life — threatened when her man and his crew are immolated in a shoot-out at the end of a job gone wrong. He's gone, but so are the millions they had just stolen, and that means she will have to pay back the money's unrightful owner, a mobster running for alderman named Jamal Manning (Brian Tyree Henry). Her only choice is to contact the other overnight widows whose men were killed along with hers and lean on them to help her pull off a heist of their own.

The plan is to steal a cache of stolen public funds that Veronica's dead husband detailed in a notebook he left behind.

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