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Sep 20 2020
Trump's Fake TikTok Crisis Over + Clinton On RBG-Seat Hypocrisy + The Pope: GOD LOVES YOUR CHILDREN AS THEY ARE + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: There are only so many '70s/'80s men who could truly be responsible for our gay-sexual awakenings, but Randolph Mantooth deserves a slot, no?

BELOW: Keep reading for a Teamm8 player, Trump's fake TikTok crisis averted (by Trump), Clinton on SCOTUS shenanigans and more ...

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Sep 19 2020
Fleshback: Heat Ray Danton Comments (0)

Today was the anniversary of the birth of Ray Danton, a super sexy actor from the past who died at just 60. Follow Gr8erDays here, and keep reading for more ...

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Like A Casting Agent: Who Could Be Who In The Madonna Biopic Comments (0)

Chloe-grace-moretz-madonna-movie-boycultureThere's one thing you miss ... and ... that's ... Moretz? (Images via IG & Herb Ritts)

Madonna's biopic may have seemed like a lark at first, but then again, revealing she was earnestly working on a screenplay with the seriously talented and successful Diablo Cody was probably a tip-off that movie-wise, Breathless was back in business.

Now that she has forced Universal's hand — the studio announced that the as-yet-untitled biopic will be produced by Amy Pascal and directed by non-charlatan Madonna herself — it's time to realize that this movie, its fortunes perhaps buoyed by the hits that were Bohemian Rhapsody and Rocketman, could be not only an eventual reality, but on the proverbial fast track.

Presuming a suitable screenplay is completed within, say, another couple of months, and presuming that filming is not hopelessly hamstrung by the coronavirus, the movie could feasibly drop as early as 2022. 

In honor of this coming triumph or disaster (I am rooting for a triumph), I have taken a little time to list just a few of the people who may be depicted in the movie, and to cast them. You're welcome, Madonna!!!

It is impossible to know who will make the cut, because in order to squish the legend of Madonna into two hours, heads must roll. One could come up with dozens of ways to frame her life and career — imagine how different a biopic entitled Live to Tell would be from one entitled, say, Burning Up. Therefore, I am choosing almost 80 people who could appear in some capacity.

I wish Madonna and her team all the best, both for their own success and for selfish reasons — because what inveterate Madonna fan would not fucking love to have her make a brilliant movie about her life that reveals crazy secrets, cements her status as one of the most important and impactful artists in history and, I dunno, wins an Oscar or four?

My dream cast ...

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Nominudes: Hot Male Emmy Contenders In The Nude Comments (0)

The 2020 Emmy nominees include some of the most-stacked studs in Hollywood. This award season, you’re the real winner, because — thanks to this post by Mr. Man — you get to see the insanely hot nudity from the sexiest 2020 Emmy nominees right here, right now! We can't show you Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s massive thick cock and Olympic-sized balls, but we come close (so to speak) on Mark Ruffalo’s daddy dick. We’re also talking gay actor Andrew Scott’s bangable buns. We’re talking… too much. Time to get down to jizzness, with the hottest 2020 Emmy nominees in their nude roles ...

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Sep 18 2020
Fleshback: Nicholas Clay, Body (And Booty) Beautiful Comments (0)

Evil under those buns (GIF via GIPHY)

Join me in celebrating the 74th anniversary of the birth of cinematic beauty Nicholas Clay, he of Evil Under the Sun fame (that butt was the real killer) by visiting Gr8erDays on IG, and looking below for more of him ...

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Sep 16 2020
A Gay Short That Doesn't Suck, Initially Comments (0)

Stalls-gay-short-boycultureQuit stalling. (Image via video still)

“Stalls,” the beautifully stylized, enormously entertaining short by Joāo Dall'Stella that has been pleasing LGBTQ film fests, is now available to watch, free-fer-nothin':

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Fleshback: Light In His Loafers George Chakiris Comments (0)

Beg to differ (GIF via GIPHY)

The spectacular dancer — and Oscar-winning actor — George Chakiris turns 86 today. Celebrate by visiting Gr8erDays on IG, and looking below for some of his beauty highlights ...

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Sep 15 2020
Madonna's Biopic Is Fast-Tracked At Universal Comments (0)

Tumblr_mgc7msM36I1rk96voo1_500(GIF via GIPHY)

Madonna has begun work on quite a number of movies over the years, many of them which have — like most — never seen the light of day.

But though her live-leaking of her scripting of her own biopic with Diablo Cody may have seemed premature, it wasn't — the movie is set up at Universal, Amy Pascal is producing and it sounds like all they need to do is finish the script and get it into a final form before the project can commence.

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