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Jun 29 2020

Walter-mercado-boycultureThe caped crusader (Image via Netflix)

Coming to Netflix July 8 is Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado. When I was with my longtime partner, who is Puerto Rican, I learned about Mercado, who was able to become wildly popular among average people in spite of his gender-nonconforming visage. He was like a psychic Liberace!

Sadly, Mercado died in 2019, but it would appear he cooperated with this doc right up until the end ...

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Fleshback: Jim Kelly, Body-Beautiful Black Belt Comments (0)

Don't hate the tennis player ... (Image via pinup)

Please give me a follow at Gr8erDays for more like this — the late, great Jim Kelly ...

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Foreign Correspondent Pops Question + SCOTUS Tosses Louisiana Anti-Abortion Law + Yummy Chick-Feel-Gay + Nikki Blonsky Comes Out + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: GARÇON® Underwear in action.

BELOW: Keep reading for a gay marriage proposal, a surprise pro-abortion rights decision from SCOTUS, tasty Chick-Feel-Gay and more ...

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Jun 27 2020
Russian Offered Bounties On American Soldiers + Snowboarder Comes Out + Washington's Reckoning + PizzaGate Thrives + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Mr. Krull himself, Ken Marshall. More here.

BELOW: Keep reading for more ...

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Jun 26 2020
Drag Moms: Jacki Weaver, Lucy Liu Star In Gay-Themed STAGE MOTHER Comments (0)

Stage-mother-jacki-weaver-gay-boycultureShe's the boss. (Image via Momentum)

Thom Fitzgerald's Stage Mother is a comedy that explores the links between Southern Baptist choral realness and drag — and it features Jacki Weaver, Lucy Liu and Adrien Grenier.

Interesting that he also directed The Hanging Garden (1997) and Beefcake (1999) — three very different films, among his many other projects.

The film has sold all around the world. I guess they're hoping it's a The Birdcage or The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and it sounds like a The Ritz, as well.

Full trailer after the jump ...

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Jun 25 2020
Beyond Porn: A Review Of The Gay Classic PASSING STRANGERS Comments (0)


A review of Passing Strangers — the 1974 Arthur J. Bressan erotic film that's streaming now on PinkLabel.tv — written by Gary Needham ...

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Fleshback: Ron Ely, The Loin King Comments (0)

This has to be the hottest Tarzan GIF ever ... (GIF via GIPHY)

Ron Ely may have been the most beautiful of the Tarzans, and yes, I remember Johnny Weissmuller existed!

More here if you follow Gr8erDays, and full gallery below ...

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Jun 24 2020
Top 10 Hottest Gay Sex Scenes On TV — Ever! Comments (0)

This Pride Month, our friends over at Mr. Man are counting down the Top 10 sexiest gay scenes in television history!

Whatever their sexual orientation, these actors shed their inhibitions (not to mention their underwear) to bring the most explicit, influential and iconic gay scenes ever filmed for the small screen.

All of TV's Biggest LGBTQ Moments — Ultimate List HERE!

You’ll literally NEVER believe which A-list duo nabbed the #1 spot ...

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