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May 16 2020
The Very Best (And Sluttiest) Of NOW APOCALYPSE Comments (0)

Devan_long_bbc9b0_infobox(All images from here.)

The beloved but tragically short-lived series Now Apocalypse gave us some of the best and hottest queer content ever on television, so Mr. Man is celebrating this overlooked gem with some hot images from throughout its run ...

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May 15 2020
Biden: NO TRUMP PARDON + Porn Actor Jessie Colter Announces Cancer Diagnosis + Senator In Deep Sh*t + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: When an Instagram pic is clearly not a selfie.

BELOW: Keep reading for a porn actor's sad news, a turncoat doctor, Biden's best campaign promise and more ...

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May 12 2020
Which QUEER AS FOLK Is Hotter: UK or US? Comments (0)

Whether you fell in lust with the original UK version of Queer as Folk, the longer-running US version, or both, if you’re a self-respecting gay, the iconic franchise probably made a substantial enough deposit in your bank of spank to last a lifetime.

But today, Mr. Man is deciding which show had the superior gay sex — the UK version or the US version ...

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May 08 2020
Top 10 Sexiest Netflix Movies With Male Nudity Comments (0)

Surfing for beefcake ... (All images via Mr. Man)

We all have certain needs that need to be met as we continue to quarantine.


As luck would have it, Netflix is currently streaming some insanely hot movies that will turn self-isolation into self-lovin’! Mr. Man has rounded up the ten hottest can’t-miss Netflix movies with male nudity, and the results may surprise you.


Catch A-listers like Jake Gyllenhaal and Matt Damon in the buff, some of the steamiest gay sex ever filmed and even some actual money shots!

Of course, Boy Culture can’t show you everything, so for the full NSFW scenes, head HERE ...

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Apr 25 2020
Abs: Season 3 + Kim Jong Un Foot In The Grave + MI Republican Wears Confederate Mask + Mr. Rogers Urged Employee To Stay Closeted + Stay-At-Home Protest Queen For Prison + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Good problem to have.

BELOW: Seems like Kim Jong Un is probably dead (along with his surgeon), some killer abs, a story about Mr. Rogers encouraging an employee to stay closeted and more ...

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Apr 23 2020
Reality Star Goes XXX + KJ Apa's Gay Kiss + Elizabeth Warren Mourns Her Brother + Anti-Vaxxers Get Bagged & Tagged + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Soon!

BELOW: Keep reading for a reality star's segue into porn, Elizabeth Warren's COVID-19 loss, some anti-vaxxer Karens makin' trouble, an erotic drawing contest and more ...

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Apr 16 2020
Mr. Man's Top 10 Famous Boys With Bubbles Comments (0)

Has got it, does flaunt it. (GIF via GIPHY; images via Mr. Man)

Hollywood certainly does an excellent job trying to kill us with hindness! And we can all use some of that during these trying times.

These boys have big bubbles and Mr. Man loves to see it. Who doesn't love a celebrity with juicy hamhocks?

Check out this top ten list of big booties, and remember that if you CLICK and sign up for Mr. Man, Boy Culture gets some money from the, er, back end ...

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Apr 10 2020
Delayed Gratification: The Top 10 Hottest Postponed TV Shows Comments (0)

(All images via Mr. Man)

This pandemic has everyone feeling nuts, especially since so many of our favorite TV shows has been postponed until after everything has settled down.

While we don't know exactly when these shows will return, here are the Top 10 sexiest postponed shows with the hottest scenes. This will give us something to look forward to ...

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