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Sep 14 2019
Insta-Stud + NYC Ending Ban On Conversion Therapy + SNL Hires Racist Homophobe, Plus 1st Asian (Gay) Cast Member + Pietro Boselli Booty + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Leg gay.

BELOW: Pietro Boselli's unreal ass, black activists skirmish online, SNL hired an outright racist homophobe and more ...

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Sep 05 2019
Hottest Nude Scenes From Season 3 Of 13 REASONS WHY Comments (0)

The third season of 13 Reasons Why has dropped and that means more hot guys.

13 Reasons Why always provides a good reason to watch: sexy young dudes taking their clothes off. Here's MrMan's quick rundown of the hottest nude scenes in the most recent season ...

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Aug 31 2019
Six Degrees Of Kevin's Bacon Comments (0)

Today, August 31, just happens to be National Bacon Day, and our friends at MrMan are celebrating with an amazing infographic that is a complete and total sausage fest.

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Aug 22 2019
All 3 Hemsworth Brothers — Nude Comments (0)

The Hemsworths have all experimented with their hemlines over the years, and MrMan's got the hottest nudity from Chris, Liam and Luke ...

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Aug 20 2019
MrMan Special: When The Movie's Title Is SEX, PARTY & LIES ... Comments (0)

MrMan's latest favorite foreign film is Alfonso Albacete's salacious Sex, Party & Lies ... and the name really does say it ALLLL. We need to prepare you for the amount of jaw-dropping studs you’re going to see. It’s like tapas — there are so many yummy morsels here that you just don’t know what to bury your face in first ...

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Aug 14 2019
Jake Weary: What A Body (Of Work)! Comments (0)

Post by MrMan:

All of Jake Weary’s EIGHT naughty nude gay scenes occurred on one single series — TNT’s Animal Kingdom. The buff, scruffy blondie plays a surfer dude who’s part of a crime family ... and with his super sexy and super gay body of work, Jake will make you Jake off!

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Jul 31 2019
MrMan's Sexiest Beach Bums Ever! Comments (0)

Beat the heat, and your meat, to the sexiest movie beach nudity ever ...

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Jul 26 2019
Damn, Daddy! Jason Statham's Nudes Comments (0)

MrMan salutes Jason Statham ...

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