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Jul 21 2021
Hot Gossip: GOSSIP GIRL Reboot = Fire Comments (0)

Via MrMan: The Gossip Girl reboot is here, and it is given us gay sexual tension for the gods. A sexy scene with Thomas Doherty and Evan Mock is filled with so much sexual tension that it's actually very hot ... and then there is the sauna scene! While the original Gossip Girl starred plenty of sexy men (hello, Chace Crawford!) the reboot is where you'll find some great male nudity ...

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Jul 13 2021
#Goals: Naked Jocks From Abroad Comments (0)

Via MrMan:

MrMan may not be the expert on all things sports-ball-stadium-kick time, but they do know that Italy recently made headlines by winning the 2020 UEFA Euro title, while Argentina won the 2021 Copa América. And how to celebrate? By checking out the hottest Italian and Argentinian male celebrities with the fattest penises ...

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Jul 02 2021
Pretty Boys ... : Matthew Daddario Comments (0)

MrMan writes: Matthew Daddario is the younger brother of Alexandra Daddario, and while she’s known the world over for her own nudity in True Detective, the 33-year-old Matthew is catching up! This man. Oh, this man.

He flaunted his effortlessly ripped body (covered in some of the most delish dark body hair this side of the Missi-sit-on-me) on Shadowhunters, where Matthew got gay in eight scenes — all opposite his cute on-screen lover Harry Shum Jr. Shadowhunters wrapped up in 2019, sadly putting an end to this iconic gay romance.

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Jul 01 2021
Tom Ellis: The Ultimate Appreciation Post Comments (0)

We’ve been crushing hard on super handsome Tom Ellis. The Welsh stud stands at 6’3" tall and has dreamy dark features capped by piercing deep brown eyes and a jawline that could cut glass. And then there’s that body. Ohhhh, that perfect body ...

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Jun 29 2021
Sexy Siblings, Anyone? (Sexy Siblings EVERYONE) Comments (0)

Today, MrMan (reminder: subbing helps Boy Culture!) we’re taking a look at the sexiest celebrity brothers. All of these boys are sexy in their own right, but when you throw in their DNA doppelgängers, you get some explosively fap-worthy content.

If you’re in the mood for some brother-on-brother action from Nick and Joe Jonas, Chris and Liam Hemsworth, and the three Skarsgård brothers (SPOILER: all of them have shown off their penises!) then check out the hawtness below! With these guys, nudity is all relative ...

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Jun 22 2021
Penetrating Viewing + Trumpian Pride-Flag Crimes + '70s Gay Photography & Books + Madonna Plans A Big Surprise + Twerking From Home + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: NYC in the '70s. What a trip.

BELOW: Keep reading for male-on-male movies, Texas governor's anti-dog outrage, Madonna's plan to make every queen crazy between now and Thursday and more ...

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Jun 20 2021
MrMan's Hottest & Most Iconic Same-Sex Kisses Of All Time! Comments (0)

Via MrMan:

The folks at Mr. Man have rounded up the 100 most iconic gay kisses ever seen in movies and on television, and you can catch 10 of our favorite picks right here!

The full video of the 100 most iconic gay kisses takes us through groundbreaking historical firsts such as Pedro Zamora and Sean Sasser on The Real World and Sean Hayes and Eric McCormack on Will & Grace.

In addition there’s also lots of just plain super HOT gay celebrity kisses, like Armie Hammer and Timothée Chalamet in Call Me by Your Name and Alexander Skarsgård and Ryan Kwanten on True Blood. It’s all enough to make us work up a sweat and a pair of blue balls!

Check out MrMan's faves below, and make sure the hit up the entire video for all of the 100 iconic gay kisses ...

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Jun 19 2021
Sunny Gays/Sweepin' The Conservatives Away + Ryan Reynolds's Hole-Slip + Macy Gray Flag Flap + RIP Champ + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: That phrase about suns and buns.

BELOW: Keep reading for the gay dads on Sesame Street, Ryan Reynolds' hole, the flag flap caused by (checks notes) Macy Gray and more ...

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