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May 06 2022
Meloni Forever! Comments (0)

Via Mr. Man:

Christopher Meloni is truly one of the sexiest and men in Hollywood. And, even better, his name has been synonymous with hot prison shower dick and balls ever since his breakout role on Oz. The pioneering '90 HBO series saw Meloni stripping down for some man-on-man action with his fellow inmates in almost too many scenes to count. In this Oz, there’s no place like homo!

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May 05 2022
Brotherly? Love Comments (0)

Via MrMan:

We are loving the French drama Brother, available on Netflix. It’s a touching drama in which an older brother protects his younger sibling from their violent father and ends up murdering their father. It’s a serious movie with some seriously handsome shirtless French twinks … I know, we’re shallow.

He is sent to a juvenile detention center as he awaits trial and finds that he is in over his head and not meant for a life of crime.

Two of the men in juvie are French rapper MHD and Darren Muselet, who get in a fight while shirtless. Darren's drawers come off and he winds up showing his smooth, pale backside.

Brother, can you spare some more of those buns? Click here for all the sexy details.

Apr 29 2022
Reb Brown: Butt, Bulge & Beyond Comments (0)

His superpower was not so hidden. (GIF via GIPHY)

Gr8erDays on IG today focuses on birthday boy Reb Brown, who I will always remember as Yor.

Keep reading for more pics of him — and please follow me on Instagram ...

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Apr 26 2022
He's Got The Part + Kamala Tests Positive For COVID-19 + Oscar Isaac Takes In RuPaul + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Because Carol Burnett is perfection.

BELOW: Keep reading for one of the best cocks on TV, Don't Say Gay, Oscar Isaac eyeballs RuPaul ...

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Apr 21 2022
April Showers Bring Male Grow-ers Comments (0)

Via MrMan:

The new list of the Top 10 Celebrity Shower Scenes with Penises is here, and we’re celebrating with some hot as f*ck GIFs of these manty-wetting showers. A lot of people don’t know that celebs have shown their penises while taking showers — we’re talking soapy cock fondling! Showers are hot. Penises are hot. And when you combine the two? Movie magic is made, boys.

Hint: See all of the 10 uncensored scenes for free here.

Apr 19 2022
ELITE Sex In Season 5 Comments (0)

Via MrMan:

The fifth season of the Spanish teens-gone-wild series Elite is out on Netflix! Season 4 debuted less than a year ago, and while that was hot, Season 5 is even hotter. This is by far the most explicit season of Elite yet … and one of the most explicitly gay seasons of mainstream television ever.

In fact we don't know how much further this Spanish series about prep school teens can possibly go, especially considering its home on the mainstream Netflix. We’re talking mutual masturbation, a 3:45-long gay sex scene (complete with a rimjob, a blowjob, and anal — all of which are disturbingly believable), Manu Ríos’ cum in a condom, and much more. Did the show go too far this time around?

The only thing we love more than the boys of Elite? You. That’s why we're giving you Season 5’s boundary-pushing sexually explicit gay and nude scenes in GIF form below. Just ... wow ...

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Mar 25 2022
Paul Michael Glaser: Naked Came The Starsky FLESHBACK Comments (0)

You are my lucky Starsky ... (Image via video still)

Mantique of the Day over at Gr8erDays on IG (follows appreciated) is 79-year-old Paul Michael Glaser!

This guy's always been so hot ...

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Mar 24 2022
MrMan's 8th Annual Manatomy Awards ... In The Flesh! Comments (0)

Via MrMan:

The 8th Annual Manatomy Awards are finally here! Each year the folks at the Internet's one and only comprehensive celebrity nudity database, MrMan, celebrate the best in celebrity nudity! Annual Manatomy Awards categories include Best Full Frontal and Best Gay Scene, while categories specific to this year’s nudity include Best Almost Jock Butthole, Best Erect Penis, Best Spit-Roasting a Gay Married Couple, and so much more! Below, you can find a taste of what this year’s 35 Manatomy Award winners have to offer under their clothes! AND to see the full 35 uncensored scenes, head right here ...

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