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Dec 15 2018
The Gay Sex In ENEMIES WITH BENEFITS Is Visual Viagra Comments (0)

All that, plus he's clickable! (Images via Mr. Man)

Hot movie nudity is one thing, but unsimulated, real gay sex is quite another.

Actual penetration, real blowjobs, and IRL piping-hot money shots can all be found in the insanely sexy (and insanely NSFW, BTW and FYI) gay comedy Enemies with Benefits. This is one of the most sexually explicit flicks Mr. Man has, er, come across, and it’s so hot how the young actors all have a blast exploring their uninhibited sexuality with one another.

Needless to say, Mr. Man had to share this gem with you guys via BoyCulture.com! Check out some of what's to love about Enemies with Benefits below, and make sure to check out the full VERY NSFW scenes. Some of our favorite moments are ...

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Dec 05 2018
Mr. Man's Top 10 Naked Scenes 2018! Comments (0)

The time has come for Mr. Man's favorite yearly tradition: Counting down the Top 10 Naked Scenes from TV and movies.  Feast your eyes on some of Hollywood’s finest man meat ...

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Nov 20 2018
Guess The Butt — And Get A Black Friday Deal On Mr. Man While You're At It! Comments (0)

Who’s in the mood for cake?

How about five cakes?!

Mr. Man has cooked up a tasty game in which you get to guess which sexy celebrity each of these five delicious butts belongs to. You can find the answers below, but no cheeking. We mean, peeking!

Clicking on any pic in this story takes you to a super cheap, lifetime Mr. Man subscription deal that greatly benefits Boy Culture — so take the plunge!

Either way, let's start guessing some bare asses ...

(1) ABOVE — Hint: He’s one of Hollywood’s leading openly gay celebs.

(2) ABOVE — Hint: He recently won an Emmy (and is guaranteed to give you a semi).

(3) ABOVE — Hint: He portrayed half of one of the most iconic same-sex couples in movie history.

(4) ABOVE — Hint: He’s openly gay, and appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race!

(5) ABOVE — Hint: He’s currently dating a former Scientologist. Hey, they can’t all appear on Drag Race!

Scroll below to see how many you guessed correctly ...

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Oct 25 2018
Mr. Man Tip: Norwegian Short Is Long On Gay Hotness Comments (0)

Anti Reproductive Mating Ritual is a Norwegian short film from director Vebjorn Guttørmsgaard Møllberg that combines skateboarding, hot dudes and full-frontal nudity to poetically convey the gay experience. It is without a doubt the sexiest skater movie ever ...

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Oct 18 2018
Is ELITE Netflix's Most Gay-Friendly Series Ever?! Comments (0)

The salacious Spanish-language Netflix series Elite is one of the hottest shows we've seen in a while. Tons of gay sex and many of the gorgeous actors are constantly shirtless and beyond.

Elite takes place in a fancy Spanish prep school, where a handful of poorer kids displaced from a nearby school by an earthquake are now enrolled. The clash between haves and have-nots — which includes a mysterious murder — brings out the naughty side of the sexy classmates ...

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Oct 04 2018
Top 10 Male Nude Scenes On TV! Comments (0)

TV is often sneaky about male nudity, which can be really frustrating.

A lot of times, naked men are obscured in shadows or by strategic props, but Mr. Man was able to compile this sexy list filled with plenty of dudity.

Count down these hot scenes and let me know which you think are sexiest ...

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Sep 26 2018
Mr. Man's Tribute To Jake Gyllenhaal's Hotness! Comments (0)

Jake Gyllenhaal’s new movie came out last weekend, and that’s ALL the reason Mr. Man needs to pay homage to one of the handsomest (and most talented) actors in Hollywood.

Keep reading for Jake's sexiest moments in the movies ...

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Sep 17 2018
Naked Emmy Noms! Comments (0)

Xxosf-RY6JBDFX741-Full-Image_GalleryBackground-en-US-1528481210410._RI_SX940_John Leguizamo's most naked performance (Image via Mr. Man)

Tonight, we'll find out who won Emmys in about 194, 231 categories.

Until then, enjoy the ... naked Emmys. (Work Unfriendly)

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