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Apr 30 2022
Fire Island Music Trove + Naomi Judd Dies @ 76 + Republican Guv Candidate Accused Of Groping (Again) + MORE — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Tan lines for days.

BELOW: Keep reading for a history in gay music, the death of Naomi Judd, Elon Trump and more ...

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Sep 08 2021
Meet Janene Hoskovec, The Karen-Come-Lately Comments (0)

Janene-Hoskovek-cough-karen-mask-boycultureYou can't tell if someone has COVID-19 at a glance. You can often tell if they're deranged. (Image via video still)

If 2020 and 2021 have taught us anything — and it's a lesson we should have learned long ago — it's that people are not basically good. They're just not.

Case in point: Over a year after COVID-19 altered our daily lives and the economy, Janene Hoskovec is stepping into the conversation as a Karen with special knowledge about why it's okay to forego masks — and why it is acceptable to intentionally cough on people to prove a point.

Arrest her ...

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Feb 06 2021
Sticky Situation: Transphobia In NYC + Dobbs Axed + Capitol Rioter IS Going To Mexico + Hakeem Jeffries Slams Colleagues + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: God, LinkedIn has failed me.

BELOW: Keep reading for transphobia in NYC, Lou Dobbs shit-canned, Ben Sasses the GOP, don't try it with Hakeem and more ...

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Jan 31 2021
New Gay Islam-Com + Gay Art Exposed + Trump Shedding Impeachment Lawyers + GOP Guv Won't Condemn Marjorie Taylor Greene + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: It's not just the uniform.

BELOW: Keep reading for a new gay rom-com, gay art exposed,  an LGBTQ+ superhero and more ...

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Jan 25 2021
They're Just Guiltier: Walk Away Founder Brandon Straka Arrested For Capitol Riot Involvement Comments (0)

Brandon-straka-boycultureHow it started ... how it's going! (Images via Twitter & KETV)

Brandon Straka, the preening head of the Walk Away (from Democrats) movement, the same gay man who this very week posted a side-by-side of Kayleigh McEnany and Jen Psaki and posited of Republicans, “We're just hotter,” has been arrested for his alleged part in the Capitol riot.

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Jan 07 2021
D.C. Residents Team Up To Deplore Insurrectionists + Haley Knocks Trump + 25th? + Hawley Loses Book Deal + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Looking ahead to 2024.

BELOW: Almost all the talk is of how to get rid of Trump quickly, legally and forever, but  ...

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Oct 28 2020
THIS ISN'T THE POLAR EXPRESS: Satirist Blair Erskine Gets Cold Over Trump's Nebraska Abandonment Comments (0)

Blair-erskine-nebraska-trump-parody-humor-boycultureYou have placed a chill in my heart ... (Image via video still)

Immediately after it was reported that Trump's last-second Nebraska rally had resulted in hundreds being stranded in the freezing cold, humorist Blair Erskine crafted this priceless bit of comedy that's almost less outrageous than what real Trumpers say and believe ...

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DNA's Birthday Suit + Guns At Polls Okayed In Michigan + Trump Abandons Nebraska Voters + Kim Kardashian: Guillotine Idol + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Bath that thing up.

BELOW: Sizzling-hot DNA cover, Biden on the latest police execution, Trump abandons his Nebraska voters and more ...

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