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Jun 14 2022
Drag Me To Brunch: A Peek At Pickled Pink Comments (0)

Drag-brunch-boyculture-gay IMG_9070*****They're every woman ... (All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

If you're in NYC, don't miss Pickled Pink, a new drag brunch at Iridium (1650 Broadway, part of Ellen's Stardust Diner) coming June 19 and June 26.

Drag-brunch-boyculture-gay IMG_8954*****

I attended a soft opening — don't tell Ron DeSantis — and thought it was a lot of fun. The space is cute, the food (Holy Moly French Toast, Avocado Toast, Fried Chicken & Waffles, Breakfast Burger, Eggs Benedict, Bacon Egg & Cheese and/or Breakfast Burrito) delectable ... and then there's the girls, girls, girls.

Drag-brunch-boyculture-gay IMG_8970*****

Drag-brunch-boyculture-gay IMG_8937*****Viva Lyra Vega!

When I went, hostess Lyra Vega and her ladies Cissy Walken, Princess Bytch and Tiffany Heather Samantha provided the entertainment, which included spot-on Shania Twain, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston, Britney Spears and more. 

Tiffany stole the show with a big, big (and real voice), but all were loads of fun.

Drag-brunch-boyculture-gay IMG_8994*****
Drag-brunch-boyculture-gay IMG_8994*****
Drag-brunch-boyculture-gay IMG_8994*****Top to bottom (just a guess!): Cissy, Princess & Tiffany

The girls were worth their dollars. We had a blast, and the crowd that showed up was fully invested. Two volunteers gamely took to the stage for a catwalk-off, and it took no arm-twisting to get the up there.


Drag-brunch-boyculture-gay IMG_9026*****
Drag-brunch-boyculture-gay IMG_9026*****
Drag-brunch-boyculture-gay IMG_9026*****
Drag-brunch-boyculture-gay IMG_9026*****Fabulosas!

Drag-brunch-boyculture-gay IMG_9095 copy*****
Drag-brunch-boyculture-gay IMG_9095 copy*****You can also get your pic with the girls — like famous Stonewall bartender Tree Sequoia did!

Male Order: A Review Of ALL MAN: THE INTERNATIONAL MALE STORY Comments (0)

Brian buzzini john coulter IMG_9156*****Brian Buzzini & John Coulter (Images by Matthew Rettenmund)

All-man-poster-international-male-boycultureOn Sunday, I headed to the Village East by Angelika in NYC to take in my first Tribeca film of the year — the long-awaited doc All Man: The International Male Story.

Directed by Bryan Darling and Jesse Finley Reed, All Man faithfully and affectionately documents the creation of the outrageously camp (or was it?) International Male catalogue, the publication masquerading as a magazine that always seemed to find its way into our mailboxes ... how did they know exactly to whom to send it?! (Maybe by purchasing mailing lists from places like Chess King in search of queens.)

Unlike the current White Hot: The Rise & Fall of Abercrombie & Fitch, which roasts the infamous, sexed-up A&F catalogues, All Man — while touching on complex topics like race and male beauty standards, feels more official via the cheerful participation of its creator Gene Burkard (who submitted to extensive interviews before he died at the end of 2020) and VP and head buyer Gloria Tomita.

1986-international-male-boyculture-gayColor me interested. (Image via International Male)

It may have been a bit of a concession not to dwell on the negative to land their essential presence, but I didn't feel the film suffered for it. Rather, it comes off much as the catalogue did — interviews looking like a riot of color — as a technical marvel: Bright Light Bright Light's perfect score, impeccable animations, a fantastic sampling of archival materials.

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Jun 13 2022
White Supremacists Arrested Near Idaho Pride + DeSantis Infects NYC + Drag Queen Story Hour Crashed + Jennifer Hudson's An EGOT + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Vice President Very-Not-Pence.

BELOW: Keep reading for ramped-up attacks and would-be attacks on LGBTQ people this Pride, DeSantis pooping on us in NYC, Liz Cheney's zinger and more ...

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Jun 09 2022
HUNKS, TWINKS, THUGS + January 6 Hearings To Begin + Rebel Wilson Comes Out + OVER THE RAINBOW Sung At Stonewall + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Oscar Isaac is having a rummage sale — for a good cause!

BELOW: Keep reading for a red-hot book, dueling renditions of an amazing song and more ...

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Jun 02 2022
Dr. Jill Biden's Pride Month DeJoy/Reagan Love Fest: WHY? + Best States In Which To Be LGBTQ + Anti-Gay Commencement Speech From Hell + B-BOY BLUES Movie Coming + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: This is why Lynda Carter is > than all of Charlie's Angels put together.

BELOW: Keep reading for Dr. Jill Biden's love fest with Nancy Reagan (?!), the best states in which to be gay (aside from “of undress”), Amber Heard to appeal and more ...

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May 25 2022
Naked Anime + NYC Shooter Turns Himself In + Texas Shooter Had Body Armor + History's Evil Twinks + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Breaking point.

BELOW: Keep reading for more on the shooting, NYC's subway shooter turns himself in, naked anime, here comes Herschel Walker and more ...

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May 24 2022
Student Uses CURLY HAIR To Get Around Don't Say Gay + Gervais Jumps On Anti-Trans Bandwagon + Dorothy's Gingham Dress Yanked From Sale + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Legend.

BELOW: Keep reading for the gay valedictorian who used his hair to make a point, Gervais joining the anti-trans brigade, Dorothy's dress and more ...

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May 23 2022
Gay New Yorker Shot Dead On Subway ... Why? + THE OWL HOUSE Brings Gay Kiss To Disney Channel + Putin Loses A Diplomat + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: We can't stop winning!

Secret-city-kirchick-gay-boycultureBuy it here. Read about it here. (Image via Henry Holt)

BELOW: Keep reading for the shocking NYC subway shooting, a gay kiss for Disney and more...

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