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Jul 22 2020
Fool's Gold: Helix Announces It Has Fired Racist Actor Dustin Gold aka Justin O'Brian aka Joe O'Brien Comments (0)

Helix-justin-obrian-dustin-gold-racist-porn-boyculture(Images via Twitter)

Once Justin O'Brian/Joe O'Brien was IDed as the gay white racist screaming the N-word on the UES this weekend, his former porn identity of Dustin Gold was also teased out.


HELIX-dustin-gold-justin-obrian-gay-porn-racist-boycultureThough he appears to be past both his twink and his attractive days, his old studio, Helix, has assured users that he was “fired,” and “will not be working for us again.”

In a social media faux pas, content featuring Gold, who hasn't been active on Twitter in three years and who Helix claims hadn't worked for them in six years, was featured by Helix on Twitter yesterday! When users noted the unfortunate post, Helix promptly removed it and explained (reasonably) that it was a pre-programmed, random post. Helix thanked the irate customers for pointing it out.

Mr. Gold, please let everyone know when you start getting all those fans you bragged you'd be getting!


Racist Gay Loudmouth Who Shouted N-Word On UES IDed

Gay White Racist Caught On Video Screaming The N-Word In NYC: WHO. IS. HE?

Jul 21 2020
New York Seen Comments (0)

I-love-new-york-boyculture(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

Sometimes, ❤ just ain't enough.

RIP Therapy, Popular NYC Bar Comments (0)

It’s with tears in our eyes that we have to admit it is highly unlikely that Therapy will ever reopen. Everyone of YOU...

Posted by Therapy NYC on Sunday, July 19, 2020

How sad! Therapy, in Hell's Kitchen, has been kind of a go-to gay bar in NYC. To read that it's gone is demoralizing for so many, I am sure.

Kanye's Breakdown Leading To Breakup? + 81 WORDS: How Gay History Was Made + NYC's 2nd Black-Owned Gay Bar + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Your not kidding!

BELOW: Keep reading for Kanye's latest breakdown, NYPD just can't quit chokeholds, new series coming about gay history, Liz Cheney = voice of reason (gasp!) and more ...

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Signs Of The Times Comments (0)

Matthew-rettenmund-covid-19-boyculture(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

Don't have a seat. Don't take a load off.

Racist Gay Loudmouth Who Shouted N-Word On UES IDed? Comments (0)

Anthony Beckford, the NYC city council candidate who spearheaded the search for the identity of the white gay man who screamed the N-word in UES traffic this weekend — and who assaulted a guy filming him, throwing his phone to the ground — has announced he thinks he knows who the perp is.

VIDEO of the Racist in Action

Early Monday, Beckford reported that the guy in the video is Helix porn model Dustin Gold aka Justin O'Brian — his identity has since been linked to a now-vanished Facebook page for Joe O'Brien, so take your pick when it comes to the naming part of naming 'n' shaming. Someone on Twitter initially denied this was him, having worked with him, but if it is O'Brian/O'Brien, perhaps his co-worker could be forgiven — he's ... changed a lot during lockdown:

I can hardly tell it's the same person, but his Twitter has been dormant for three years, so that's a lot of time to go to pot.

It does make sense he's a performer, considering the way he talks about getting more fans.

Jul 20 2020
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Gay White Racist Caught On Video Screaming The N-Word In NYC: WHO. IS. HE?! Comments (0)

Gay-racist-nyc-ues-boycultureWho is she? Who was she? Who does she hope to be? (Image via video still)

UPDATE: The dolt has been positively IDed as Justin O'Brian aka Joe O'Brien (name used on a now-defunct Facebook page) aka Helix twink porn actor Dustin Gold.

A gay white racist was upset about traffic in NYC (E. 85th St., between 1st and York Ave.) at approximately 6:00 p.m. Saturday, July 18, 2020, so took to screaming at someone in front of him to get out of the road. According to one witness, he screamed the N-word for three minutes, and according to the video below, he screamed it at least once.

Next, when he discovered he was being recorded, he acted amused and claimed he would get more fans (this queen is — I mean was — an entertainer?), then told the guy recording him he looks gay (as an insult) and threatened to beat him up. Getting out of the car, the racist then does a fast grab for the guy's cell phone and smashes it on the ground.

Gays of the TriState area (the car's license may be registered to a business in Connecticut), let's ID this guy and ruin his fuckin' life. Yeah, see, cancel culture is not the problem. The problem is racists ...

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