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Mar 31 2019
You'll FIRST LOVE This! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 4.43.09 PM(Image via video still)

From the touring company of James Lapine's groundbreaking Falsettos, check out Nick Adams and Max von Essen singing “Thrill of First Love” ...

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Mar 21 2019
Chris Hemsworth Showers For You + RIP Barbara Hammer + Gaga Dating Renner?! + Lori Loughlin's Christian Values + Old Gays Try To I.D. Divas + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Goonies are Bidgood enough.

BELOW: Keep reading for Chris Hemsworth's show-off shower, Trump's blatant graft, Gaga's new bottom and more ...

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Jan 27 2014
Instagratification: 9 Theater Superhunks Making Social Media Their Bitch Comments (0)

When it comes to following hot Broadway performers, Off-Broadway actors and chorus boys, I Joshua-Michael-Brickman-Corey-D-Stewartwouldn't say I'm the most dedicated, but I'm one of the most literal—in fact, I tend to run into them on the street and say hello. [Most of the time, they're thrilled to be recognized and briefly chatted up by a fan, though one luscious blond(ish) boy has looked at me like I'm wearing a vest littered with bubonic plague-laced needles.]

My own Instagram is filled with sexy men about town, and probably a decent number of them are buff theater boys, sure to please all you theater buffs.

With innovations like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you don't even have to leave your home to ogle men who were—let's face it—born to be ogled.

Without further adieu, and in no particular order, here are just a few of the nonsensically beautiful, occasionally ecstatically exhibitionistic men of the theater who you may want to get social with real fast...

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Nov 12 2013
artRanting & artRaving: Gaga Rises Above (And Flies Over) Bad Press Event, Hosts Amazing Party Comments (0)
  1 LADY GAGA IMG_0394 copy 1 LADY GAGA DSC00006 copy
2 LADY GAGA DSC00017 copy
6 LADY GAGA DSC00078 copy
9 LADY GAGA DSC09833 copy
13 LADY GAGA DSC09899 copy
14 LADY GAGA DSC09913 copy
15 LADY GAGA DSC09944 copy
16 LADY GAGA IMG_0256 copy
3 LADY GAGA IMG_0279 copy
4 LADY GAGA IMG_0286 copy
7 LADY GAGA IMG_0328 copy
8 LADY GAGA IMG_0330 copy
4 TWISTA DSC00163 copy
5 TWISTA DSC00173 copy
8 PRODUCER DSC00243 copy
16 LADY GAGA DSC00383 copy
17 LADY GAGA DSC00466 copy
19 LADY GAGA DSC00525 copy

15 LADY GAGA DSC00706I went to one of the most riotously mismanaged press events ever Monday night—and that's saying a lot, considering I've been to hundreds over the past 15+ years, from rinky-dink teen parties to massive, mainstream clusterfucks. But oddly, as horrible as the press part was, the event it preceded went off without a hitch. In fact, the event—Lady Gaga's much-ballyhooed artRave—was really a blast, and would've been even more so had I not been having a bad age day and if I were more in love than in hate with her new record, ARTPOP.

I don't want anyone's "fucking throne" any more than Gaga, but I do expect to be treated respectfully, which was not on the menu.

Hear me out, Monsters, before sending me GRID-infected needles in the mail—and then if you're still not satisfied, hold your venom and just use me for the great pictures.

First, all press needed to arrive by 4:15PM at E. 35th and FDR to board a ferry, which would take us to the secret location, the Brooklyn Navy Yard. This meant it would be a torturously long evening, considering the party was starting at 9PM and rumor had it Gaga was going on around 1AM. But I showed up on time, only to find a gaggle of creatively attired Little Monsters cheerfully lined up on the pier, all hoping their chic sassiness would get them into the party, even without invitations. They were pretty adorable, but like gremlins, do not add water or all hell breaks loose. (I later heard zero fans were allowed into the event, only those with tickets, so it seems inhumane not to have rewarded at least the ones camped out and dressed up.)

The first harrumph came when I checked in, only to be told the PRs had no idea I was going to cover the red carpet, so they couldn't accommodate me. Uh, the event was structured as a press conference, tour of the space, red carpet and then party. Why on earth would I cover everything but the carpet? "I'll try to accommodate you, but it's very full," my contact said, unconcerned. Okay.

10 LADY GAGA IMG_0345 copyGaga is the first woman with a case of blue balls.

ArtpopFerried over, having to listen to some of the photographers being assholes (they're not all assholes, far from it, but they're like the dwarves in Lord of the Rings—very clannish). One woman always acts like Queen of the Event Photogs, relaying info to us like she's our union rep. Unnecessary and presumptuous.

I'm so glad this is not my living. I give much respect to my sweet pal, who was with me but who shall remain nameless so as not to jeopardize his standing in said clan, who manages to do his job without being a jerk and without letting it drive him nuts. (He's nuts for different reasons.)

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Nov 06 2011
Boy Culture Turns 6: My Favorite Posts Comments (13)

IMG_7536Prove it!

As of midnight last night, it was exactly six years since my first post. It's been a tough thing to keep up with a dayjob and outside activities, and just when I think I might walk away, a valuable connection or interesting opportunity or a kind word comes my way. Thank you all for reading me.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef014e89143e3e970d-400wiOf whom are you more jealous?

Here are my favorite 100+ posts out of nearly 11,000. Please take some time to read (or re-read!) a couple and tweet or Facebook any you like.

xoxo Matt

6a00d8341c2ca253ef00e54ff027a28833-800wiThe pocket pool championships were intense this year



FROM BOY TO MAN: BC B.C. (2007): The entire history of my novell and novel Boy Culture as well as the movie version; might be my ultimate post.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef00e54f5599878833-800wiJonathon Trent & Derek Magyar make an Allan Brocka sandwich

BOY ON FILM (2006): An account of the NYC launch party for Boy Culture as it played the TriBeCa Film Fest.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef00e54f7f18238834-800wiI was left "Reeling" by the experience

FRIENDS AND "FAMILY" (2006): The movie version of Boy Culture hits Chicago.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef00e54f5ebead8833-800wiNo one would've mistaken me for Taylor Lautner

RAPT PUPIL (2006): The final night of Outfest with Boy Culture; I was fat but on the other hand got to meet Bryan Singer.




PreviewScreenSnapz001Construction worker (shot this week) vs. James Dean

GUYDAR (since at least January 17, 2008) & ENDS OF THE WORLD (since at least January 13, 2008): Attractive men of the world—I got your backs. Your fronts, too.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0120a5347f59970c-400wi11i-i-i (phone)

Img_0330Not totally built

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0120a58f680c970bUnaltered iPhone image that still blows me away

"Your pictures suck" (2008): An art critic attacks me, but not without sustaining some hits in return.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef00e551ff08528834-800wiLet's call it a draw

DRAWN TOGETHER (2008): How my desire to draw related to my secret desire. One of my absolute favorite posts.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01156faa215c970cThe shirtless one

LOST ANGELES (2009): My favorite photographic travelogue of L.A.

Img_0986_1Even then, New Yorkers feared 9/11 was the beginning of the end

ART IMITATES LIFE (2006): My 9/11 and my distaste for grief tourism.


6a00d8341c2ca253ef00e54f435c1a8834-800wiDeath of the party—Jeff in high school, already halfway through his life

BURNING MAN (2007): Tribute to my late high school friend and first romance.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef014e862b4a41970d-400wiSigned, sealed (eventually) delivered

LOST BOY FOUND (2011): There is a book in here somewhere.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01538f1f464a970b-400wiBe Italian

CIAO HOUNDS: OUR TRIP TO ITALY (2011): Finally got José to Europe.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef00e54f10b4de8833-800wiDeath becomes here

ILLINOIS DEATH TRIP (2007): Ruminations on death while revisiting a past home, and the past.

Zehnders Life is short...and meaningful

PASSING BY (2008): Mourning the loss of a person I only met once.

Lots more...

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Jun 21 2010
If You Liked It Then You Shoulda Put A Hotel On It: Broadway Bares XX—Strip-Opoly Comments (16)

IMG_6559Note: I am very open to receiving IDs of any- and everyone in this post! 

Tons of sensationally hot videos are here. Tons more ditto pictures are here. And support Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS!

  PreviewScreenSnapz001My third Broadway Bares, directed by Josh Rhodes and assistant director Lee Wilkins and produced by Jerry Mitchell with a Monopoly theme, was the best yet even if the star power was not as jaw-dropping as one might expect for a 20th anniversary show—no matter, because who the fuck cares about Missy Tony Winner when you've got a stage filled with the country's best, brightest and nakedest Broadway dancers? The night was like one big no-handed edging session. I'm not sure if the experience is untoppable, but if it isn't, it's definitely a power bottom in sequins.

IMG_6558Shiny, happy people

Jason and I (pictured, above) showed up at 10:35 last night to line up for the midnight show, only to find the line snaking out of Roseland and about three-quarters of the way to 53rd already. It was already a gay-list day—not only did I spot both Leslie Jordan and Paolo Andino on Ninth Avenue, but I got all blogged down by brunching with Kenneth from Kenneth in the (212) and running into Jesse Archer, Joe Jervis (pictured), Jared Eng and Andy Towle at BB. See, not all bloggers spend their lives in the pajamas...though I'm in mine as I type this. Hmmm.

IMG_6315222The lovely AJ Thorpe ushered us in

They let us in around 11:30, whereupon we made a beeline for the middle, settling on the inside edge of stage right. It was packed and quite warm (a 90-degree day had preceded) but not too bad. I feel terrible for the cute guy adhered to me from the front (I felt bad, but he felt good) because my camera must have poked him 200 times later on. I saw some of the usual pervs—myself included—many of whom pop up in my videos from previous years.

IMG_6333The show started 20 minutes late, but it unfolded at whiplash pace. Dapper Euan Morton (so brilliant eons ago in Taboo) kicked off the opening number "The Best Game in Town" in a top hat and tails a good little monopolist, introducing us to the lovely ladies who stood in for the iconic game pieces. Each and every one was described in sexually suggestive ways, even the wheelbarrow—you can guess what she's capable of carrying away.

IMG_6340No, THIS is the best game in town

IMG_6341 There she is, Miss...Vanessa L. Williams

IMG_6343The show's biggest star opened the whole thing 

PreviewScreenSnapz001 With no build-up, he introduced the biggest stars of the night, the resurging Vanessa Williams (don't even dream that she would be dumb enough to get naked again) and everybody's favorite Christian Broadway bombshell Kristin Chenoweth. The ladies were on point and suitably glam, sporting nice gams.

IMG_6352Josh's entrance (the other one is available to view here.)

Joshua Buscher, a West Side Story dancer in possession of (this must be official somewhere?) the greatest white behind on the Great White Way was someone I picked out last year as a dazzler; this year, he starred in a show-stopping number called "The Bank" set to Lady GaGa's "Money Honey" (OMG, or was he copying Madonna???) that culminated with him dancing totally nude while basically wearing two male peers. It was a well-tailored fit. 


QwqJosh puts it allll behind him


If you want all the minutiae about what the ladies accomplished this year, you might need to search for a Girl Culture blog; I love women, but I was so boycrazy I fear I will not do justice to the female-driven numbers. I do know that soon after a rowdy lipstick-lezzie lingerie number called "Connecticut Avenue", a talented, black-bustiered female Alysha Umphress crooned Journey's "When the Lights Go Down in the City" so well that I do hope someone went down on her after the show.

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