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Sep 02 2021
Amell-hole + Ida Savages NYC + Supreme Court Lets Texan Anti-Choice Law Stand + Colton's Got A Daddy + Are You His Son? Are You Gay? Are You From Kansas? + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Never forget that butt-out shoot Keanu did.

BELOW: Keep reading for Stephen Amell/asshole, NYC battered by Ida, the Supreme Court lets Texas's insane anti-abortion law stand (for now), Colton Underwood's new daddy and more ...

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Aug 25 2021
Outfest Winners + Volleyball Coach Spiked For Being Gay + OnlyFans Caves! + Lawsuit Over NEVERMIND Album Cover + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Yeah, so Neil Patrick Harris is pretending to mock his slight frame with this photo, and yet ... I don't think “skinny” is the first adjective one coughs up.

BELOW: Keep reading for Outfest winners, a gay volleyball coach who got spiked, Blair Underwood's b'day, frivolous lawsuits and more ...

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Aug 21 2021
OnlyFans Jettisons Sex — JustForFans Pounces Comments (0)

Vinny-onlyfans-boyculture“OnlyFans — we don't do that anymore here. That would be gross.” (Image via video still)

In a move as dumb — and as predictable — as when Tumblr got rid of sex (or claimed to), OnlyFans, a company synonymous with sex work and sexually explicit videos, announced Thursday that it would end graphic content on its platform.

The sea change would occur on October 1, and all previously uploaded porn would have to be removed by users before December 1.

OnlyFans-boycultureI wonder what team morale is like this week? (Image via OnlyFans)

Why? Clearly, the banking institutions that work with companies like OnlyFans are extremely conservative, and are skittish about explicit sex. The excuse eBay used when announcing it was abandoning nudity (unless demonstrably artistic in nature) was that any pornography or explicit content would be hard to vet against revenge porn and use of underage or unwilling models.

Which is garbage. Utter garbage. The solution to combatting abuse is to sidestep all of erotica? This thinking is WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS!?! hysteria to the nth degree, and has no place in a supposedly free society.

How free are you if you aren't free to exploit your own body?

JustForFans is swooping in to save the day ... but wants 30% of your money instead of 20%:

JustForFans-boyculturePimps in new turf war (Image via JustForFans)

Vinny's got it right:

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Jul 20 2021
New Zealand's Gay Diver + Anti-Vaxxer Dies Of (Guess What?) + Texas State Senate Enshrines White Supremacy In School Rules + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I almost missed Charles Pierce's 95th birth anniversary, but if you follow Gr8erDays, you won't miss most celeb b'days and nostalgic posts.

BELOW: Keep reading for an out Olympian from New Zealand, death (from COVID-19) of an anti-vaxxer, Texas state Senate goes full-on white supremacist and more ...

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15 Olympian Hotties Competing For Your Affections Comments (0)

Rhys-mcclenaghan-fake-news-cardboard-beds-sex-olympics-tokyo-boycultureMr. Bed (Images via Twitter)

Irish Olympian Rhys Mcclenaghan went viral by proving false the rumor that the cardboard beds provided for athletes in Tokyo are supposed to be too weak for sex.

As you can see, they can take a thrashing:

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Jun 29 2021
Rugby & Soap Stars Come Out As Bi + Hanky Codes For Plebes + Gil Bellows's Hairy Chest + Is Clarence Thomas High?! + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Well, we can finally stop debating who the next Madonna is.

BELOW: Keep reading for a rugby star who came out as bi (and a soap star who did the same), a reminder of gay hanky codes, what is Clarence Thomas smoking? and more ...

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May 29 2021
Darren Barnet's Wild Bulge + RIP White Party King Jeffrey Sanker + POLYESTER Gets Its Due + Channing Tatum Goes Nude + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: In one of the above pics, you see a LOT more than Mr. Logan bargained for. Follow here.

BELOW: Keep reading for a bulge that never have you ever seen before, the sudden death of circuit party king Jeffrey Sanker, justice for Divine and more ...

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May 28 2021
Jack Mackenroth Announces Addiction Crisis, Opens Up To Fans About The Road Ahead Comments (0)

Jack-Mackenroth-boycultureWishing Jack all the best for his recovery. (Image via selfie)

Porn star and former Project Runway fashionista Jack Mackenroth recently told fans he suffered a massive seizure in a hospital following an injury.

Now, he's coming clean about what really happened — and letting people know his plans for the future.

In a Friday-morning Facebook post, Mackenroth, who posted a hitting-rock-bottom selfie from his hospital bed, writes:

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