Oct 23 2020

Fleshback: Welcome Back, Stephen Shortridge!

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I didn't do a whole gallery of Stephen Shortridge for his birthday because there aren't zillions of photos from which to choose, but he was pretty damn cute back in the day — and by “was” I mean “is,” and by “back in the day,” I mean “now.”

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That Sinking Feeling

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Oct 22 2020

Last Biden-Trump Debate Ever (Thank God!)

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Trump-biden-debate-boycultureNo point in blogging extensively about it, but the final debate found Trump lying less bombastically, forcing the (much better) moderator to allow him to reply to everything. Biden was strong and steady, giving long and nuanced and thoughtful answers.

Best bits for Trump: Trashing Biden as a career politician.

Best bits for Biden: The rest, with the exception of baldly stating that oil will be phased out, which might make Texas think twice. I especially liked Biden stating that Trump's “a dog whistle as big as a foghorn.”

I didn't see anything as trajectory-changing.


Pete Buttigieg Still Knocking It Out Of The Park On Fox News

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Pete-buttigieg-fox-news-boycultureGo, Pete! (Image via video still)

Pete Buttigieg would have been a fine VP candidate (I have zero buyer's remorse with Kamala! She was my first choice for prez!), showing himself to be an articulate, relentless attack dog more than capable of making the case for Biden/Harris even in the unfriendly waters of Fox News:

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Mirwais Tackles Trump In MY GENERATION

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Mirwais-generation-boycultureThe short is long on provocative imagery. (Image via video still)

Producer and artist Mirwais is debuting his edgy animated short My Generation, including the Trump-thrashing song “2016 - My Generation” from his upcoming album, The Retrofuture.

The ending quote is from the late, great philosopher Bertrand Russell, who coined the phrase:

Love is wise, hatred is foolish.


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If You Spit On Someone, You Deserve To Be Pushed To The Ground

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Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 5.20.49 PM(Image via TikTok @diegooforeo)

Fuck these anti-maskers. I would leave them alone, but if anyone — including a woman — spit on me, they're getting shoved or punched, point-blank. Viral video:

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Trump Throws Tantrum Over ... Tough Questions

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Lesley-stahl-trump-boycultureAre we really believing Stahl told him they'd have a “lovely interview”? (Image via video still)

“You're president — don't you think you should be accountable to the American people?” Lesley Stahl asked Trump when he began throwing a tantrum over her tough interview questions. Silly her — he does not believe in accountable to anyone in any way.

Watch Trump crack under pressure:

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Top 10 Most-Searched Naked Male Celebs

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These celebrities put the ogle in Google!

Mr. Man rounded up the 10 most-searched naked male celebs, according to its male-nudity database site.

Everyone and their DILF wants to see what these men look like without their clothes, and we happen to have the results! If you want to see MORE of the most-searched nude male celebs in their full NSFW glory, you can head HERE.

And now, your Top 10 ...

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