Aug 03 2021

Cuomo Denies Ever Inappropriately Touching, Sexually Harassing Anyone

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ANDREW-CUOMO-boycultureCuomo says the facts are far different from what the investigation has concluded. (Image via video still)

N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is responding forcefully to the revelations in A.G. Letitia James's investigation into allegations he sexually harassed 11 women, including direct subordinates, and he is not copping to any of it.

Cuomo denies he has ever touched anyone inappropriately, and is denying he ever sexually harassed anyone.

Not surprisingly, GOP figures silent about Trump, about Gaetz, about Clarence Thomas, etc., are calling for him to resign, with no shame. But so are many Democrats.

Is this enough to push the resiliently popular governor out the door? Or will he stay in office? And even run again?

His words ...

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Kathy Griffin Tells Fans She is Doing Well Post-Surgery

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Kathy-griffin-boycultureGriffin in a recent IG video, standing up for her curly hair. (Image via video still)

After a harrowing couple of days — surgery to remove half of one lung to stave off lung cancer, an in-depth interview regarding suicidal ideation and pill addiction — Kathy Griffin is letting fans she is doing well:

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Matt Damon Did NOT Recently Use The F-Word + Gov. Cuomo DID Sexually Harass 11 Women + NYC Will Require Vaccines For Many + MTV @ 40 + MORE! — 12-PACK

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ABOVE: This is Narcissus.

BELOW: Keep reading for Matt Damon's clarification, Cuomo's sexual harassment revealed, eBay employees' reign of terror against two critics and more ...

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Aug 02 2021

Carb Drooling

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Boyculture-Loic Namigandet by Baldovino Barani - FACTORY Fanzine XXXVIII (28)(Image by Baldovino Barani)

Check out Loïc Namigandet as shot by Baldovino Barani for FACTORY Fanzine XXXVIII here.


Matt Damon Is, Like, So Gay

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UPDATE: Matt Damon clarifies that crazy story — and says he never uses slurs, and stands with the LGBTQ+ community.

I had a whole post that included Matt Damon's surprising admission that he stopped casual use of “fag” just months ago when his daughter persuaded him it was harmful ... but it vanished.

I guess Matt missed this in 2009:

In a nutshell: If Damon is agreeing the word is harmful, late or not, I'm glad. And that he says in another interview that as a white movie star he has blind spots is at least self-aware.

Because on top of his latest act of obtuseness, don't forget that in 2015 — just six years ago, after playing gay in The Talented Mr. Ripley and Behind the Candelabra — he urged gay actors to stay in the closet, because audiences should not know actors' sexualities.

Matt Damon, who is married with kids said that.

Onward and upward — I think we have worse problems and more malevolent enemies, even if this is disappointing and, really, bewildering.



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Kathy-griffin-lung-cancer-boyculture(Image via Instagram)

Kathy Griffin has announced she is battling lung cancer — but she has a positive attitude and is hopeful for the best outcome.

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Fleshback: Fabulous Fabio

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Tumblr_nh7g6sxFGT1sz2ekco3_500And God created Testi. (Image via movie still)

Gr8erDays on IG's Mantique of the Day is Italian star Fabio Testi, who turns 80 years old today.

Keep reading for more about the sizzling cinematic sensation ...

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Aug 01 2021

Dover & Out: History-Making Gay Olympian + DaBaby Dropped From Lollapalooza + Marc Jacobs Shows Off Face-Lift + MORE! — 6-PACK

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ABOVE: If you aren't following Richard Rothstein by now, you should.

BELOW: Keep reading for a gay Olympic history-maker, DaBaby DaThrownOut with DaBathwater, Florida ravaged by COVID-19 and more ...

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