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Jan 18 2019
The Black Madonna + Trump Obstructing Justice In 140 Words + President Pelosi + Asses Against Trump + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Just interviewed this photographer — his eye for lighting is spectacular. I'll alert you when the Q&A is coming, and where.

BELOW: Madonna's new look, Trump's new crimes, big ol' booty for art's sake and more ..

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Jan 17 2019
Fleshback: Savage Love Comments (0)

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Jan 13 2019
Josh, Only For You Comments (0)

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Jan 10 2019
You're Welcome: Andrey Zakharov Comments (0)

MASCULINE-DOSAGE-Andrey-Zakharov-by-Vladimir-Snezhin.-2018-www.imageamplified.com-Image-Amplified6_thumb(Image by Vladimir Snezhin)

Andrey Zakharov shot by Vladimir Snezhin is a thing of beauty. More after the jump ...

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Jan 08 2019
2 Of The Hottest Guys Ever + Ed Buck's 2nd Gay Corpse + Kevin Hart: I APOLOGIZE + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Personal investment.

BELOW: Keep reading for a palm breeder, another dead man in Ed Buck's apartment, Kevin Hart's most clear-cut apology and more ...

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Jan 07 2019
Dress The Way You Please And Put Your Mind At Ease: The San Francisco Shots Of Thomas Allemann Comments (0)

Thomas-alleman-1980s-san-francisco-1Haight fest (Image by Thomas Alleman)

Check out the incredible work of photographer Thomas Alleman, who shot countless images of the LGBTQ community in San Francisco from the mid-'80s on ... HERE.

Jan 04 2019
Fleshback Comments (0)

Hot stuff from the past.

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Jan 02 2019
You're Welcome: Rami Zein Comments (0)

IMG_8243 copy 3_new(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

His Insta is blowing up here.

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