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May 10 2022
FIREBIRD Takes Flight + Jesse Williams's Giant Talent + Elon Musk Would Welcome Trump Back To Twitter + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Such a sad ending for such a talented, handsome actor. Follow me on IG at Gr8erDays, BoyCultureDotCom and/or EncyclopediaMadonnica. I'm also on Twitter — for now.

BELOW: Keep reading for Firebird streaming, Jesse Williams's mighty bat, Marilyn's price tag and more ...

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Apr 17 2022
Byron Cherry-Poppin' Daddy: Fleshback Comments (0)

Teen dream (Images via pinups)

Mantique of the Day over at Gr8erDays on IG (follows appreciated) is Byron Cherry, the lovable scab Duke.

More of him to love ...

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Mar 30 2022
Forgetful In Memoriam Comments (0)

William-smith-oscars-clint-eastwood-any-which-way-you-can-movies-oscars-boycultureClint's alive, but William Smith has left the picture. (Image via Warner Bros.)

Please check out my list of 100 (!) names who could've and in 30 cases really damn well SHOULD'VE been included in this year's Oscars In Memoriam segment HERE.

Mar 29 2022
Biden Not Sorry About Wishing Putin Out Of Power + 7 HOURS, 37 MINUTES Missing In Trump Call Logs + Will Smith's Mom Reacts + Cawthorn's Orgy Claims Questioned + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

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ABOVE: That, my friend, is a cover.

Gay-boycultureBonus shot from here: “Are you sure this is how Keith Haring got started?!”

BELOW: Keep reading for Biden not backtracking on Putin, Will Smith's mom enters the conversation, Madison Cawthorn's questionable orgy comment about to be questioned, how the DOJ is asleep at the wheel and more ...

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Mar 28 2022
Plum's Peach + Federal Judge: Trump LIKELY Committed Crimes + Don't Say Gay Signed Into Florida Law + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

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ABOVE: Mirror, mirror ... NM, we know the answer.

BELOW: Keep reading for a judge coming for Trump, a young actor's first booty scene, Don't Say Gay is the law in Florida and more ...

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NEW YORK POST Goes HEADLESS BODY IN TOPLESS BAR Route With Will Smith Comments (0)

New-york-post-will-smith-chris-rock-oscars-smack-boyculture(Image via New York Post)

God, I hate that right-wing rag, but I think one reason many otherwise liberal-minded New Yorkers continue to patronize The NYP is its ability to craft a winning front page headline.

It's so strange to me how this immediately went to him protecting his wife when we don't even know if Chris Rock was aware of Jada's condition. (If he was, it was definitely a disgusting joke. If he wasn't, it was — as he seemed to plead to Will post-smack — beyond banal. And dated.)

Mar 10 2022
Dylan O'Brien, Chris Evans & Brando + Trump Rages At Windmills Again + Garland Promises Justice + Did William Really Say THAT? + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Take a stab, and do follow me on Twitter. (Answers here.)

BELOW: Keep reading for Dylan O'Brien, Marlon Brando and Chris Evans hotness; Garland promising January 6 will be avenged; Trump raging at windmills and more  ...

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Mar 08 2022
How Instagram Targets Queer Accounts With No Accountability + Biden Bans Russian Oil + Don't Say Gay Passes In Florida + MORE — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I think I've captured the spirit of the day.

BELOW: Keep reading for how Meta is snatching accounts with no accountability, Biden bans U.S. imports of Russian oil, Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act finally passes, Florida has passed the repulsive Don't Say Gay bill and more ...

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