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Jul 22 2020
Show-Off Actor + Twitter vs. QAnon + Gaetz's Questionable Spending + DHS Going After Protesters + The Trump Virus + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Sam's one of my favorites.

BELOW: Keep reading for a show-off actor, Twitter's assault on QAnon, a new episode of Trumpfeld, Pelosi dubs COVID-19 the Trump Virus and more ...

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Jul 19 2020
LGBTQ Hair Parade + Gun-Toters Used In Trump Ad + RIP Brigid Berlin + Christian Author Comes Out + The Plague Belt + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Precocious!

BELOW: Keep reading for hair as self-expression, the Plague Belt, another dead Warhol Superstar, an Evangelical Christian author who just came out as religiously gay and more ...

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Jul 06 2020
Born To Die: Cancer-Survivor Teen Intentionally Exposed To COVID-19 By Church Mom Comments (0)

Carsyn-leigh-davis-boycultureCarsyn Leigh Davis (Image via family photo)

To read this story in The Palm Beach Post on June 29, 2020, you might come away with the warm fuzzies.

After all, though 17-year-old Carsyn Leigh Davis of Fort Myers, Florida, had just died of COVID-19, she did so after spending her entire youth fighting cancer and other issues, including an autoimmune disorder. Her own mother, Carole Brunton Davis, even gave her daughter's death a positive spin, saying:

We are incredibly saddened by her passing at this young age, but are comforted that she is pain-free.

But would your take on this story change if you realized that Brunton Davis intentionally exposed her daughter, who was at a high risk for dying from COVID-19, to the virus at a church-sponsored exposure event? Almost makes you wonder if her mother was sick of dealing with her daughter's health issues and decided to escort her to heaven early.

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Jul 05 2020
Insane Blonde Woman Trashes Mask Display, Claims She Is QAnon Spokeswoman And In League With Trump Comments (0)

A Scottsdale, Arizona, woman who identifies herself as a blonde, white woman attacked and dismantled a Target display of masks, bragging about her $40,000 Rolex. She fled and was arrested at her home, where she insisted she was an official QAnon spokesperson and in constant contact with Trump.

Is anyone else worried the QAnon crazies are about to take over the asylum?

Jul 01 2020
Hot Workout + Atlanta Gay Club's COVID-19 Bash + Kellyanne Conway's Leftist Daughter + Beyoncé's Mom Trashes Kentucky's Black AG + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: My new favorite Jory, second only to this one.

BELOW: Keep reading for Gregg Sulkin's workout, an Atlanta gay club's COVID-19 craziness, Kellyanne Conway's leftist daughter and more ...

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