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Dec 01 2023
For Your Thighs Only + Santos Locked Out Of Office + Margulies Apologizes + RENAISSANCE Sings @ B.O. + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Treat Williams should be turning 72.

GAS2Ur_W0AAJGLKBonus photo — he's here. (Image via Twitter)

BELOW: George Santos LOCKED out, Margulies apologizes, Renaissance sizzles and more ...

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Nov 27 2023
The Dog Stays In The Picture Comments (0)

I watch old movies fully aware of context. I don't expect them all to be progressive! But I was mindlessly watching some Eastwood movies (In the Line of Fire holds up, Absolute Power is laughably bad) when I came upon The Eiger Sanction, which came out in 1975.

It honestly feels like a parody of an un-PC movie of the past. It has women of color throwing themselves at Eastwood (including a Black woman named Jemimah, whose name and race are the butt of quite a few jokes, though he falls for her and they end up together) and just one aggressively offensive line after another.

The Native American babe who screws Eastwood (in order to deceive him) at one point is working his ass off on a preparatory hike and he actually sneers, “Fuck Marlon Brando,” mocking the then-relatively recent Oscars flap with Brando and Sacheen Littlefeather.

I couldn't look away!

The worst was real-life bi queen Jack Cassidy playing a mincing queen with a dog named “Faggot,” making the movie's second rape joke to a ski bunny named ... Buns. Cassidy is killed off mercilessly by Eastwood's character — left to roast in the desert. But — as Vito Russo's The Celluloid Closet pointed out decades ago — it was not insignificant that the dog was allowed to live.


Nov 19 2023
Aaron Hernandez Actor Cast + Reality Personality Reveals His Schlong + NFL Sticks With Trevor Project + Mraz On Being Bi + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Dyke to watch out for Jodie Foster is 61. And if you haven't seen Nyad yet, I would argue she laps even Annette Bening in that. Oscar-worthy.

BELOW: Keep reading for Aaron Hernandez actor cast, naked reality star and more ...

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Nov 08 2023
Joe Putignano's Family Needs Help + DeSantis Appeals Ridiculous Hamburger Mary's Case + Male Trans Actor Not Allowed To Play Male Role + Luckinbill Remembers White & MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Mom always said don't ball in the house.

BELOW: Keep reading for a way to help Joe Putignano's surviving husband, DeSantis's thin skin, a tender tribute to a late actor and more ...

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Nov 07 2023
Paul Mescal's Short-Shorts Gallery + Former NJ Gov. Jim McGreevey's Staging A Comeback + Cast & Crew Of FELLOW TRAVELERS Speak Out About Queer Awakenings + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Happy birth-week to gay dreamboat Howard McGillin.

BELOW: Keep reading for Paul Mescal, Fellow Travelers, Boy George and more ...

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Sep 17 2023
Billy Miller Dies # 43 + Mayor Pete Pushes Through + Jann Wenner Jettisoned + THE SIXTH REEL & DICKS: THE MUSICAL Movement + Hottest Model Ever? + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Hirsute, hirsute his, three's company, too!

BELOW: Keep reading for soap star succumbs to depression, Mayor Pete pushes through, Dicks delay and more ...

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Sep 07 2023
OnlyFans Drama — Accusations Of Assault & Abuse + CAFTAN CHRONICLES Talks Surviving Robert Mapplethorpe + 1st Kim K Blew Out Her Dress, Now Some A-Hole Wants To Blow Up Marilyn's Home?! + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Steve Grand appears to be not-so-discreetly wearing a chastity cage in his latest selfies to plug his swimwear line.

BELOW: Keep reading for OnlyFans models in nightmare 10-minute relationship, gay dads for Hungary, a man who SURVIVED Robert Mapplethorpe and more  ...

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Aug 28 2023
Colman Domingo Is Bayard Rustin In New RUSTIN Trailer Comments (0)

Bayard-rustin-colman-domingo-gay-boyculture(Image via Netflix)

Coming November 17 is Colman Domingo as gay Civil Rights pioneer Bayard Rustin in Rustin — and if he doesn't get the Oscar, I'll be surprised. The stars are aligning for Domingo, an actor who has attracted enough attention to position him for a nomination and who is playing a figure Hollywood can get behind, for the win.

That he will be brilliant in the part is a foregone conclusion:

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