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May 02 2023
Sasha Colby Takes Her Victory Lap Comments (0)

Sasha-colby-daily-show-boyculture“Goddess sees goddess!” (Image via video still)

“Well, I mean — I am Mother,” Sasha Colby says of being an established star before competing on (and winning) RuPaul's Drag Race in her new The Daily Show Q&A. 

But the greatest part of this talk is that she stresses being a well-adjusted and happy trans person — we need to hear stories like hers as well as acknowledging the tribulations.


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May 01 2023
Ursula Downgrade + Texas Governor Slurs Murder Victims + KISS's Paul Stanley Worried About Gender Confusion ... In Kids + Sasha Colby Saluted + Large Marge Wants To Ban Porn + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Harvard-hunk-bulge-boyculture(Image via Twitter)

ABOVE: Instagram is the bulge police — they removed this image.

BELOW: Keep reading for Ursula, a drag shout-out on the House floor, famous folks continue to pretend trans kids are rushed into surgery and more ...

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Apr 19 2023
THE STRUGGLE Is About To Get Real Comments (0)

UnnamedRingler, Copes & Rose (Images by Justin Clynes, Mark J. Franklin & David Hull)

A new LGBTQIA+ series is set to begin shooting in NYC next month — The Struggle, created by Alex Ringler (who you saw a lot of in Broadways's West Side Story, and even more of in Bros).

Ringler will star with DeMarius Copes (Dear Evan Hansen) and Darius Rose (yes, bitch, Jackie Cox of RDR fame).

From a press release:

Three roommates, Patrick, Rez, and Colt have their lives thrown into disarray when Colt’s live-in girlfriend breaks up with him and takes her share of the rent with her. Will Patrick, the guy with silver-spoon privilege flowing out of his pores actually have to enter the workforce for once? Will Rez, the server/actor have to take another job moonlighting at a secret location as a secret alter-ego? Will Colt find love again, or just a roommate that doesn’t want to jump his bones? Therein lies The Struggle. At its heart, The Struggle is a comedy about the unlikely friendships and the fun (and not so fun) realities of roommate living in New York.

The new show will be directed by Jason Lee Courson and produced by Josh Ravetch.

I look forward to more queer content. We need it to combat all the bad blood being stirred up in Florida and spread out across the country. I'll keep you posted on where The Struggle lands.

Apr 06 2023
Leonardo Hanna Azrak Flashes The Good Stuff + Righties Disavow Anheuser-Busch & Jack Daniel's + Whitmer Restores MI Abortion Rights + RFK Jr.? Keep It! + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Nude-boycultureAndrés_García_in_the_1980s _2-1Captain of my heart (Image via movie still)

ABOVE: Telenovela star Andrés Garcia has died at 81. More hot photos — and a warm obit — here. Plus, here, a sexy psycho.

BELOW: Keep reading for — well, just trust me ...

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Apr 02 2023
Gay Cowboy + Elon Musk In The Tank For Putin — Proof + Lesley Stahl Hearts Marjorie Taylor Greene + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Still MORE Chris Meloni. (Can one ever get enough?!)

BELOW: Keep reading for a gay cowboy, Elon's pro-Putin algorithm, three more men wanted in connection with NYC's string of robberies (and deaths) and more ...

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Mar 08 2023
Naked Came The Cowbois + RuPaul Drags Anti-Drag Hags + Ian Falconer Dies @ 63 + Season 1 Million Of UNHhhh Is Coming + Cockettes Return + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: RuPaul speaks out on the raft of anti-drag and anti-trans laws sweeping the nation, framing Republicans as stunt queens.

BELOW: Keep reading for naked cowboys, queer comebacks, Boebert's ass being handed to her and more ...

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Feb 28 2023
RuPAUL'S DRAG RACE Veterans Speak Out Against Anti-Trans, Anti-Drag Laws — And For The Art Of Drag Comments (0)

Heidi-n-closet-rupauls-drag-race-trans-drag-boyculture-gay-lgbtNo more hiding in the closet, if Heidi N. Closet has anything to say about it! (Image via video still)

The raft of anti-trans, anti-drag laws that are threatening to take told across the U.S. have serious, long-lasting implications — will Pride be legal? will movies with drag in them be legal? there is almost no end to how toxic these bullshit rules are.

Plus, will the Supreme Court even admit it's all unconstitutional?

Keep watching for a group of RuPaul's Drag Racers speaking against the laws and on behalf of drag ...

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Feb 27 2023
Superstud Of The 20th Century + Musk Defends Blatant Racism + DeSantis Bans Gender Studies + Woody Harrelson Goes Anti-Vaxer On SNL + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: The late Elizabeth Taylor was born 91 years ago today. Kim Novak is still with us at 90.

BELOW: Keep reading for dead meat, why DeSantis is as evil as Trump, why Musk is more evil than both and more ...

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