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May 04 2018
Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Junk, Trunk + Pence Swears In Revolting Homocon Grenell + Roseanne Barr Gets Owned By Stormy Daniels + Kenworthy & Rippon Team Up + Trump Says Giuliani Will GET HIS FACTS STRAIGHT + More! — 12 PACK Comments (0)

Above: Model Evan Harman matches a tank with a crank.

Below: Keep reading for Joseph Gordon-Levitt's greatest tits, Pence swearing in a (racist, sexist) gay man, Stormy Daniels trouncing Roseanne Barr, Kenworthy & Rippon to reunite, Danny Montero: Coverboy, Ada Vox speaks, Anderson Cooper gobsmacked, and more ...

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Sep 22 2017
Stripped To The Waist: 29 Famous Men Take It Off Comments (0)

HqdefaultHave you ever sat through a movie just because you knew an actor in it was gonna get shirtless?

These days, you don't really have to — the images will always hit the Internet.

One of my favorite kinds of shirtless scenes is the kind where the actor is actually shown removing his shirt. So keep reading for over a dozen GIFs of famous faces in the act of revealing their famous pecs and abs ...

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Aug 29 2017
Ed Skrein Exits HELLBOY Over Whitewashing Of Character Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 12.10.50 PMEd Skrein of Deadpool (pictured with co-star Ryan Reynolds from that flick) was recent cast as Major Ben Daimio in the forthcoming Hellboy reboot, only to discover the original character in the comic book was of mixed Asian heritage.

Facing criticism, he decided doing the right thing trumped doing what might be better for his career ...

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Aug 07 2017
Ryan Reynolds & Josh Brolin Engage In A Nipple-Off Comments (0)

Ryan-Reynolds-Josh-BrolinSide by side show-offs! (Images via Instagram)

Via DListed: Ryan Reynolds. Josh Brolin do something more fun that a pissing contest ...

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Aug 01 2017
Ryan Reynolds Plays Find The A-Hole In New MEN'S HEALTH Comments (0)

Men_s_Health_Ryan_Reynolds_Sept._Issue_Image_1Ryan Reynolds covers Men's Health (September 2017), looking as smugly snuggly as ever, calling special attention to his killer biceps.

He says an old saying on film sets is, “If you can't find the asshole, it's you.” Though searching for it is probably half the fun.

Keep reading for the sexy cover and quotes ...

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Mar 05 2017
Ryan Reynolds Flashes His Butt In New DEADPOOL 2 Trailer Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-03-05 at 9.44.49 AM(Video still via 20th Century Fox)

Mark your calendars for March 2, 2018 — that's when Deadpool 2 drops.

Until then, watch Ryan Reynolds drop his pants and show off that glorious bum in the (Work Unfriendly) trailer below ...

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Jan 09 2017
Andrew Garfield & Ryan Reynolds Gayed It Up As Ryan Gosling Took The Globes Stage Comments (0)
Nov 04 2016
6-PACK — THE GAY NOTEBOOK + Will al-Qaeda Try To Disrupt U.S. Election? + FBI Investigating Everyone & Itself + Jobs Report = Good + TRAINSPOTTING Ewan's Behind + Eric Trump Gunning For David Duke! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 10.36.57 AMEat your heart out, Johnny Carson—Conan ate Ryan's tonsils! (Video still via Conan)

*widget boy cultureWatch Conan & Ryan Reynolds kiss—deep!—after the jump ...

*widget boy cultureIntelligence sources say al-Qaeda may attack in the U.S. on Monday: VA, TX, NYC are alleged targets.

*widget boy cultureFBI formally investigating faked docs meant to hurt Clinton campaign, also investigating its own Twitter.

*widget boy cultureThe last pre-election jobs report is here, and it's solid.

*widget boy cultureEwan McGregor's bare butt stars in T2: Trainspotting ad.

*widget boy cultureTransparent prawn Eric Trump says deplorable Trump booster David Duke “deserves a bullet.”

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 10.28.37 AM(Images via Instagram & CNN)

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