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May 09 2017
YOU'RE FIRED!: Trump Cans Comey, Seals Fate? Comments (0)

James-Comey(Image via The White House)

Via WaPo: On the same day it was revealed FBI Director James Comey lied or massively overstated how many emails Huma Abedin allegely forwarded to Hillary Clinton,  information offered this week during Senate testimony, Not-My-President Trump has announced that he has fired Comey.

While I love anything bad that happens to Comey, it can not be overlooked that Comey was investigating Trump and his associates — this is an unbelievably bold abuse of power, one that I can only assume will haunt Trump. 

I'm actually sick over this. Schumer not thrilled either:

May 08 2017
6-PACK — Nothing Comes Between Antonio Sabato Jr. And A Very Bad Idea + Yates The Great! + Trump's Staff Tried To Tried Him + Squatters' Rights + Simmons Sues + Nyle's End Zone! Comments (0)

6a00d8341c2ca253ef0153900d18ef970bI hate that this exists. (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

WIDGETL.A. Times: Dumbest mofo YET to run for Congress — Antonio Sabato Jr. Goes from signing bulge pics to running for a seat. Next up: Chachi?

WIDGETMother Jones: Sally Yates slays Republican dragons in Senate testimony, brands Flynn compromised, explains consitutional law to Cruz, “lawful” vs. “unlawful” to Cornyn. 

WIDGETNational Post: Trump's lackeys had to call Trudeau's to ask them to get Trudeau to pretty please persuade Trump not to abandon NAFTA.

WIDGETKenneth in the (212): Click for the pic of pro tennis jocks squatting.

WIDGETPink News: Richard Simmons is suing-mad over invasions of his privacy and speculation regarding his well-being.

WIDGETDListed: Nyle DiMarco's birthday BUNS.

She Testifies Today: A Primer On Sally Yates Comments (0)

Sally Yates defied Trump, was unceremoniously fired for it, and now promises to be a huge thorn in his side as she testifies today before a Senate judiciary committed.

Because of that, Trump is meekly tweeting disparaging innuendo about the lifelong public servant:

Donald-Trump-Twitter(Image via Twitter)

For a refresher course, check out this Salon piece on Yates from February. Highlights:

The corruption cases Yates pursued in Atlanta changed the political character and direction of the city. She was appointed U.S attorney in Atlanta by President Barack Obama in 2010 and elevated by the president five years later to deputy U.S. attorney general. By then, she had prosecuted Democrats, Republicans, child-slavers, drug dealers, corrupt officials, corrupt business people, terrorists, killers, white folks, and black folks.

... and:

But one thing is certain: Sally Yates is as sterling and devoted a servant of the public as any American. And just as in 1998 and during all those other cases in Atlanta, she wasn’t afraid to stand up to an elected executive or any other official incensed by her devotion to the rule of law. Just like that long-disgraced mayor of Atlanta, who was certain he could never be wrong and never be caught, President Trump would have been wise to listen to Sally Yates.

Go get 'em, Sally.