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Apr 20 2017
6-PACK — Gay Influencers + Savage Charity + Memphis Zoo Is A Real Zoo + Hedy Days + Boxer-Briefs RIP + Ty One On! Comments (0)

RUPAUL(Video still via Time Magazine)

WIDGETTime: Time's list of the 100 Most Influential People includes LGBTQs Gavin Grimm, Sarah Paulson, RuPaul.

WIDGETJoe.My.God.: Dan Savage donates $100K to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood & the Refugee Assistant Project from selling “Impeach the Mother F*cker Already” merch.

WIDGETNewNowNext: Alleged gay bashing at the Memphis Zoo. Can I use your phone? No? You're going to hell, fag.

WIDGETInstagram @hindash: Watch Hedy Lamarr come back to life:


Vintage Vibes 👀 Hedy Lamarr Ink and white paint on paper @sigmabeauty brushes

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WIDGETBosGuy: This guy's pink boxer-briefs are losing the battle of containment.

WIDGETTy Herndon: Country stars are not what they used to be! Ty Herndon's hosting a Concert for Love & Acceptance in Nashville this June.

Unnamed(Image via TyHerndon.com)

Apr 07 2016
Jamie Lee Curtis & Gaga For Hillary Comments (0)

Jamie Lee Curtis got into a T-shirt with Lady Gaga (and Kerry Washington ... and Sarah Paulson) to promote their support of Hillary Clinton ahead of the April 19 New York Democratic Primary.

Dec 07 2015
Tweethearts Sarah Paulson & Holland Taylor Flirt Up A Storm Comments (0)

Extra asked Sarah Paulson about the revelation that she's in lurve with Holland Taylor, following a week of social-media PDAs from the Carol-tastic power couple.

Nov 30 2015
Bosom Buddy: Holland Taylor Is Out Comments (0)

2F08D92B00000578-0-image-a-1_1449175011760Via Twitter @HollandTaylor

I've made no secret of my adoration (here and here) for Holland Taylor, a great actress and classy dame and—until now—discreet lesbian. She's (finally! yay!) come out, saying:

I haven't come out because I am out. I live out.

Holland is rumored to be involved seriously with Sarah Paulson, and commented on the age difference between herself and her current partner (whom she would not name as Paulson):

There's a very big age difference between us, which I'm sure shocks a lot of people, and it startles me. But you know, it's not a statement original to me—I've heard it as a joke once in my past—but as they say, “If she dies, she dies.”