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Jan 12 2023
Lisa Marie Presley Dies @ 54 Comments (0)

Lisa-marie-presley-dead-gr8erdays(Image via Instagram)

Elvis Presley's only child, Lisa Marie Presley — a singer in her own right and, with mom Priscilla, a keeper of his flame — has died at 54 following a major cardiac event at her Calabasas, California, home.

Presley was at the Golden Globes on Tuesday night.

I don't know if her past substance-abuse issues or some other issue will wind up being determinative, but her grandmother and father both died in their 40s of heart attacks. Presley looked ghastly at the Globes, rail-thin and unsteady.

Sad life, one of the ultimate cases of how money can't buy happiness.

Full obit here.

Celebrated Figures We Have Lost in 2023 — ALREADY!

Jul 04 2021
Fleshback: Fantastic Boyd-age Comments (0)

Okay, my wordplay is not always amazing. But Stephen Boyd was definitely a “Fleshback”-worthy hot guy, even if there is an excellent chance you've never hoida him.

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Dec 21 2020
Shoot Your Shot With Liam Broady + IT'S A SIN-sational Trailer + Santa Cruise + Congress Reaches Weak C19 Deal + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: My friend Andrew Glaszek, who is one of the best-looking men in NYC, don't you think?

BELOW: Take your best shot at Liam Broady, a trailer for It's a Sin, Tom Cruise as the worst Santa Claus in history, movement on coronavirus relief and more ...

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Dec 16 2020
Billionaire Karen Tom Cruise Flips OUT At His M:I7 Crew Over COVID-19 Infraction Comments (0)

NJrqVrScientology rules!!!(GIF via GIPHY)

Look, I'm all for enforcing strict rules regarding COVID-19 on the set of movies, but Tom Cruise's epic tirade over two crew members standing too close together is appalling.

In leaked audio from The Sun UK, the Scientologist — who has long had a demonstrable God complex — rips new assholes for everyone in earshot, screaming:

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Jul 27 2020
Sen. Cotton: SLAVERY NECESSARY EVIL + Sen. Cruz vs. Wait Staff + Trump's Star-Dudded Convention + Anti-Maskers Go Full Nazi + Rent THE RENTAL + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Walking jack underwear-boycultureNice A (Image by Blake Yelavich for Walking Jack)

ABOVE: That's the Walking Jack Letters Brief on this model, shot by Blake Yelavich.

BELOW: Keep reading for Cotton picking a fight, Cruz hates hard workers, Trump's star-dudded convention, creeptastic thriller The Rental and more ...

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Sep 05 2018
Hedges Opens Up On Not Being Straight + Dark Side Of Standom + Scientology vs. Lesbian + Alex Jones vs. Marco Rubio + Gay Double Date With Dad + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Better red!

BELOW: Lucas Hedges opens up on his sexual orientation, Marco Rubio gets feisty with Alex Jones, Raquel Welch is pushin' 80, some tennis-player buns, the dark side of standom, and more ...

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Feb 26 2018
In Curlers All Night Comments (0)

IMG_20180224_173135057_HDR~01[Image via Kenneth in the (212)]

The phrase “hot as a Swedish curler” is now a thing ...

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Mar 30 2017
E!'s THE ARRANGEMENT Is A Phantom Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes Biopic Comments (0)

Josh Henderson and Christine EvangelistaIt's just a workshop ... it'll be fun! (Images via E!)

E!'s The Arrangement, which airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT, stars gorgeous Josh Henderson as an A-list actor in the thrall of a self-help cult called The Institute for the Higher Mind, whose marriage to a young actress (Christine Evangelista) is being micromanaged by the group's charismatic leader (Michael Vartan).

Josh Henderson 4I've loved Josh since his Scene 23 days!

It's hard not to catch that it's vibing on the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes/Scientology stories, which included rumors that Cruise's people had auditioned several actresses to become his wife before settling on Holmes. Holmes did not renew her contr — I mean, she later divorced him.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 11.42.00 AMI think we could come to an arrangement!

The Arrangement is bringing in boffo ratings — 2.2M total viewers when it premiered March 5 — but I can't help wondering whether E! just low-key went to war with Scientology. Good on them!

NUP_176024_2372This ...

Aeaut6cybzxa3yqjln4b... reminded me of this, from 1983's The Making of a Male Model (Image via ABC)

Keep reading for a taste of the show ...

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