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Oct 20 2020
Hugh Sheridan Comes Out + Tyler Posey: YES, I HOOK UP WITH GUYS + Melania Still Coughing + Gruesome Grindr Murder + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Happy 56th to Kamala!

BELOW: Keep reading for Tyler Posey's sexual encounters with men and dildos, a hot actor coming out, Trump's abysmal campaign and many more  ...

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Oct 07 2020
Naked Came The Brazilian + Biden At Gettysburg, Trump At Large + Sexting Scandal Threatens Senate Control + Seth Sikes Hearts NYC + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: His best days are behind him.

BELOW: Keep reading for Trump's COVID-ravaged flip-flopping, Mike Pence's disease-peddling, a naked Brazilian and more ...

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Sep 22 2020
LOVE ISLAND Bi Sex Scandal + CDC Trumped + Bloomberg Helping Felons Vote In Florida + Sarah Paulson On Age Gaps + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: We love a modern-day posing strap.

BELOW: Keep reading for a Love Island porn scandal (that shouldn't be), the Trumping of the CDC, Bloomberg helping felons regain their right to vote in Florida, whites abandoning Trump and more ...

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Sep 21 2020
Around-The-World Premiere: Cazwell's Sticky & Sweet ICE CREAM TRUCK 2020 Comments (0)

Cazwell-gay-shirtless-ice-cream-truck-2020-boycultureHis sugar is raw ... (Images via SnowCone NYC)

Queer rapper Cazwell is trying his best to save 2020, and he's doing it with a quarantine-friendly remake (song and video) of his iconic song “Ice Cream Truck” called — because let's reclaim this awful year — “Ice Cream Truck 2020.”

Themed to Candy Land, the tasty video is the vision of Caz and director Connor Catalano, and includes trans male representation in the form of activist Ezra Michel.

The video also invites back some of the ooey-gooey-yummy snacks from the original 2010 (!) video, including hung Geronimo Frias ...

... and Alex Maravilla!

Your eyes will scream, but keep reading for the amazing new video ...

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Sep 19 2020
Nominudes: Hot Male Emmy Contenders In The Nude Comments (0)

The 2020 Emmy nominees include some of the most-stacked studs in Hollywood. This award season, you’re the real winner, because — thanks to this post by Mr. Man — you get to see the insanely hot nudity from the sexiest 2020 Emmy nominees right here, right now! We can't show you Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s massive thick cock and Olympic-sized balls, but we come close (so to speak) on Mark Ruffalo’s daddy dick. We’re also talking gay actor Andrew Scott’s bangable buns. We’re talking… too much. Time to get down to jizzness, with the hottest 2020 Emmy nominees in their nude roles ...

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Sep 18 2020
John Duff's HOKIE POKIE Is The Gay WAP Comments (0)

John-Duff-Hokie-PokieSquatter's rights (Image via John Duff)

John Duff is a sex bomb, but one that hasn't gone off more than once in the past year in his private life. Yet his new song and music video are “Hokie Pokie,” which would make Cardi B blush.

Check out the premiere of the raunchy video after the jump ...

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Sep 17 2020
Meet SNL's New LGBTQ Member + Fresh Trump Assault Allegation + Barr Turns To Sedition + Around The World With Aaron Schock + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Beautiful — kind of like an updated Tom Hintnaus.

BELOW: Keep reading for SNL's newest LGBTQ cast member, Trump's new sexual assault allegation, Barr's treasonous push to brand protesters as treasonous and more ...

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Sep 11 2020
Thiel Cozy With White Supremacists + Golding On ATTITUDE + Biden Suspends Campaigning On 9/11 + Fauci: A Year-Plus Before Broadway Resumes + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: All the news that fits.

BELOW: Keep reading for something you did Nazi coming about Peter Thiel, President Biden on the sacred nature of 9/11, Henry Golding and The Boys in the Band on Attitude and more ...

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