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May 02 2022
Putin's Got Cancer + Trump Endorses Nonexistent Republican + Scott Johnson's Killer + Wynonna & Ashley Accept Honor For Late Mom + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Charlie Puth continues to be cute as a button.

BELOW: Keep reading for Putin's cancer surgery, Trump's dementia, unrepentant killer of gay man convicted and more ...

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Apr 15 2022
Anti-Gay Arsonist Caught + Ed Buck Sentenced + Feinstein On The Defense + Elon Musk Rebuffed By Twitter + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

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ABOVE: It was the Cruel Intentions reunion — including Ryan's butt shot — you always knew you needed.

BELOW: Keep reading for anti-gay arsonist caught, Ed Buck sentenced, Feinstein on the ropes and more ...

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Apr 14 2022
Gay-Porn Star Sergeant Miles Arrested For Alleged January 6 Crimes + Chris Pine's Butt + Abortion Effectively Banned In Florida + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

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ABOVE: Bradford Dillman's career had legs.

BELOW: Keep reading for the gay-porn MAGA idiot charged for his January 6 crimes (not Michael Lucas, but close), Chris Pine's butt, the rapid demise of reproductive (and gay?) rights in the U.S. and more ...

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Apr 10 2022
Meningococcal Outbreak Among Gay Men + Madison Cawthorn Lawsuit Lives On + Profile Of Randy Rainbow + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

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ABOVE: Breaking in a new Mantique.

BELOW: Keep reading for a gay outbreak, Randy Rainbow profiled, Madison Cawthorn fighting to stay on the ballot ...

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Mar 24 2022
MrMan's 8th Annual Manatomy Awards ... In The Flesh! Comments (0)

Via MrMan:

The 8th Annual Manatomy Awards are finally here! Each year the folks at the Internet's one and only comprehensive celebrity nudity database, MrMan, celebrate the best in celebrity nudity! Annual Manatomy Awards categories include Best Full Frontal and Best Gay Scene, while categories specific to this year’s nudity include Best Almost Jock Butthole, Best Erect Penis, Best Spit-Roasting a Gay Married Couple, and so much more! Below, you can find a taste of what this year’s 35 Manatomy Award winners have to offer under their clothes! AND to see the full 35 uncensored scenes, head right here ...

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Mar 17 2022
The Male G Spot: What You Need To Know Comments (0)

Male-nude-matthew-rettenmund-boyculture(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

Many of us have heard of the famed female G spot. This seemingly elusive, small bundle of nerves has promised to give many women pleasure beyond their wildest dreams — if it is able to be located and stimulated in the right way. That being said, you might be surprised to learn that males have one too. If you are curious about what the male G spot is, where you can find it, and why you might want to, then read this piece to find out more.

What is the Male G Spot?

The male G spot is essentially the prostate, which automatically makes a man’s prostate exams sound far more manageable than a women’s pap smear. This small bundle of nerves is located in the anus and can be stimulated by touch from fingers, toys, or other penises.

While it can be a bit of a nerve-wracking experience for a man who has not yet ventured up there for sexual pleasure, there is nothing to be worried about.

Finding The Male G Spot

Some men might not have thought about their anus in a sexual way, and many regard it as an exit only for their bodily functions. While this notion of thought is valid, this could be because they have not been made aware of their G spot, or it could be that they have not been curious about it enough to find out more about it.

Stimulating the male G spot will be similar to stimulating the female G spot, though there is a significant difference. The vagina lubricates itself naturally, whereas the anus does not. This can cause a lot of friction that can be dangerous to the inside wall’s soft flesh. You want to make sure there are minimal to zero tears when inserting anything into a rectum, which is why lubricant is completely non-optional.

Feel for the Bundle of Nerves

It can be difficult for smaller hands to reach any G spot – which is worth mentioning before anyone gets started. There is no need to feel discouraged if you find that you can’t quite get there, as you can use toys to help. If you are not able to feel for it, there is an extremely likely chance that the recipient of the exploration will be able to tell you when you get there.

If you or your partner are going in there with your fingers, then make sure to keep your nails trimmed and your hands clean to prevent any alien bacteria from going inside you or any potential damage.

Be Mindful

Meditation is not what is meant by being mindful in this context. Being aware that you are working with a very delicate area is essential, as it is with all sexual activities. Tears can be particularly unpleasant in the anus and can make going to the toilet painful, as well as prolong healing. Make sure to go slow and let the muscles relax, and only push as much as is comfortable. It is not a race to the finish line.

Mar 10 2022
Joey Stefano Remembered Comments (0)

Joey Stefano In Memoriam boycultureTrade ad taken out in honor of Stefano in 1994 (Image via tear sheet)

Shawn Mayotte aka Doug Probst has written a tough-love tribute to his friend Joey Stefano (1968-1994) on social media. I am publishing it below.

I highly recommend Doug's book Mayotte: Musings of a Narcissist — A Survivor's Story, which delves into his childhood sexual abuse, his work as an escort and porn actor and more.

Joey Stefano ad boycultureOriginal ad for one of Joey's best (Image via Falcon)


I’m struggling. Not with outside forces, or internal pain. At this moment, those challenges would be easy to overcome. I’m struggling with how to write a tribute to a friend of mine whose fame in the gay adult film industry is so legendary, he’s already had books and documentary films made about his life. What can I add to all of this? I know I can only tell my truth about how I experienced him during the short 5 years I knew him. I’m writing today about my friend Nick Iacona, better known as international gay adult film star Joey Stefano.

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Mar 09 2022
Simon Rex Goes Full-Frontal In RED ROCKET Comments (0)

Via MrMan:

Hot actor and former MTV VJ Simon Rex plays a washed up porn star in the touching dramedy Red Rocket, a performance that just nabbed him a 2022 Film Independent Spirit Award as Best Actor.

Red Rocket Is on Boy Culture's Best of 2021 List!

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