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Sep 22 2022
Mr. Man Break Comments (0)

Juan Carlos Maldonado — and he is BEAUTIFUL — is one of the latest additions to Mr. Man. If you sign up, BoyCulture.com gets a little somethin'.

Sep 21 2022
Meteorologist Erick Adame Files Suit Over Cam Photos Sent To Work, Mom Comments (0)

Erick-adame-cam-boycultureI feel for NY1 meteorologist Erick Adame, who was outed for performing sex acts on a cam site and fired from his job over the indiscretion.

First, I think Adame did something quite admirable, which is rather than leading with how he was victimized, he led with how he knew he was doing something stupid.

I do not think what he did was wrong — I don't judge him — but who can't relate to the idea of doing something self-destructive in spite of knowing better? I found that part of his Instagram post moving:

Sexual compulsion is on the rise everywhere — not least of all in the gay community. Kudos to Erick for writing about this.

That important topic aside, I am so hopeful he will be able to expose and hold legally liable the inexcusably evil douche who deliberately sent images of him to his employer — and his mom. Like ... why?

Will it be a homophobe? A co-worker? Or a nasty-spirited fellow gay man? Whomever it is, I hope they fucking pay.

Sep 13 2022
Queerbaiting, Schmeerbaiting + Meloni's Spread + Sri Lanka Decriminalizing Gay + Lindsey Graham Spearheading Self-Defeating Abortion Vote + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Complaints of queerbaiting are ridiculous. I always remember the first time I heard a passionate attack of a star for queerbaiting, it was Chadwick Moore attacking Nick Jonas for having the temerity to speak up for LGBTQ rights at Stonewall. Then Moore became a far-right Republican.

BELOW: Keep reading for Christ Meloni (not a typo), Emmy winners, Sri Lanka decriminalizing the gays, Lindsey Graham seeking 100 years of Democratic rule and more ...

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Sep 12 2022
Harry Styles: His OTHER Movie + Allegedly Bigoted Judge Seethed Against White Gay Men + Bannon Charged + GOP Traitor Brands Buttigieg WEAK LITTLE GIRL + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Peter Scolari should be turning 67 today.

BELOW: Keep reading for Harry Styles's other movie, Bannon going down hard, a judge accused of every kind of bigotry you've got and more ...

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Sep 07 2022
Charlie Puth Naked, Trevor Donovan Semi- + Oath Keepers Unmasked + Lea Michele Slays Broadway + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Fanny Brice, fanny nice.

BELOW: Keep reading for Trevor Donovan, Oath Keepers exposed, Lea Michele slays on Broadway and more ...

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Sep 01 2022
He Was 19, He Was 56 + AIDS Art Resurrection + Sarah Palin LOSES + Peppermint Rises + Amazing New TITANIC Footage + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Took Variety long enough!

BELOW: Keep reading for an age-gap for the ages, Titanic 8K peek, Sarah Palin LOSES and more ...

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Aug 20 2022
Stuntman King Dies + Chaste Gay Man Feels Left Out + Rick Scott & The Missing GOP Money + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Cops are just assholes. I'm sorry, but they just are. There's no need for crap like this, yet they live for it. Chalking a sidewalk is vandalism?

BELOW: Keep reading for monkeypox, promiscuity, a dead judo king, why Kari Lake must be defeated and more ...

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Aug 18 2022
Happy Birthday Suit, Ed Norton! Comments (0)

Via Mr. Man:

Fight Club alumnus Ed Norton celebrates 53 years today. Norton’s filmography reads like an awards-show primer: He has been in one critically acclaimed movie after another, often tackling subjects and characters other A-list actors wouldn’t. Whether he’s playing the cute boy-next-door type or turning on his bad-boy charm in films like Fight Club, he always finds a way to show off his perfect physique.

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