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Oct 30 2018
Happy Birthday To Harry Hamlin, Who Took One For The Team In MAKING LOVE Comments (0)

It's silly and offensive to call an actor brave in 2018 for playing gay in a movie — but it was accurate to use that word in 1982! Harry Hamlin's career took a hit when he played gay in Making Love, and co-star Kate Jackson had to endure an incredibly stilted appearance on The Tonight Show. (Her movie career went nowhere after that, too.)

Luckily, he rebounded with L.A. Law and more. Happy 67th to my Clash of the Titans crush.

Ab-gasmic Matteo Capicchioni + Trump Goes After Birthright Citizenship + Hugh Jackman's LOVELY FRIEND Ivanka Trump + Lucas Hedges On His Sexual Fludity + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Follow here for some hot Peter.

BELOW: Keep reading for Hugh Jackman's friendship with Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump's belief he can executive-order the Constitution away, an absolutely stunning male model or two, the true story of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, some surprise Rent casting and more  ...

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Oct 29 2018
FOX 5 Anchor's Son Revealed As Star Witness In Comunale Murder Case; UPDATE: New Testimony Comments (0)

HT-Joseph-Joey-Comunale1-ml-161117_4x3_992Joseph Comunale, the victim (Image via Facebook)

UPDATE: Rosanna Scotto's son, Louis Ruggiero, has now testified:

TV anchor Rosanna Scotto’s son testified Monday that his ex-pal confessed to slicing the throat of a Connecticut man after a drug-fueled house party — then gobbled down pancakes like nothing ever happened, the New York Post reports.

“I slit his throat and I stabbed him and we wrapped the body up in a comforter and threw it out the window so the cameras wouldn’t see,” Louis Ruggiero, 24, recalled James Rackover saying.

Ruggiero, the son of the popular Fox 5 “Good Day NY” host, said Rackover made the heinous admission inside an Equinox gym locker room a day after the murder. The shocking testimony elicited gasps from the gallery.


IMG_1633According to the NYP, Ruggerio testified that Rackover sextorted him using a secret tape of Ruggerio with hookers! (Image via NYP)

ORIGINAL STORY: I've been following the case of brutally murdered club-goer Joseph Comunale from 2016 with great interest, in part because the details of the case are so out-there, and in part because the accused killer — James Rackover — is so obviously the kept boy of famous jeweler Jeffrey Rackover.

My First Post on Comunale's Murder

That gay element (the elder Rackover adopted the younger man, a hottie with a criminal record, and referred to him as his son even though it's quite clear this was a sugar-daddy sitch) is complicated by the odd murder itself, in which James Rackover seemingly killed a sexy young guy he and friends picked up at a bar along with some sexy young women, allegedly over something as stupid as cigarettes. The murder happened after the girls left the boys alone.

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Oct 23 2018
Hot Jock, Model & Steve Grand Calendar + Sandra Day O'Connor Has Dementia + Chelsea Manning Completes SRS + Rosie's Engaged + Indian Superstar's #MeToo Moment + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Core issues.

BELOW: Hot jock, Chelsea Manning and Sandra Day O'Connor have major announcements, Rosie's engaged, pipin'-hot Steve Grand calendars on the way and much, much more ...

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Oct 22 2018
Austin Wolf Emerges + Trump Attacks Trans People Again + RIP WILLY WONKA Actor + Ellen On Death Threats + Watch This TROPHY BOY + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: And she's got good advice, too!

BELOW: Keep reading for more on Austin Wolf, Trump trying to eradicate trans, Blanchett on straights playing gays, midterms mania and more ...

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Oct 18 2018
Is ELITE Netflix's Most Gay-Friendly Series Ever?! Comments (0)

The salacious Spanish-language Netflix series Elite is one of the hottest shows we've seen in a while. Tons of gay sex and many of the gorgeous actors are constantly shirtless and beyond.

Elite takes place in a fancy Spanish prep school, where a handful of poorer kids displaced from a nearby school by an earthquake are now enrolled. The clash between haves and have-nots — which includes a mysterious murder — brings out the naughty side of the sexy classmates ...

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Oct 17 2018
Austin Wolf Nails Flight Attendant On Delta Airlines, Accused Of Posting Video Without Permission Comments (0)

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01a73d98136f970d-550wi(Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

I seem to remember porn actor and OnlyFans entrepreneur Austin Wolf saying he had overcome sex addiction, a proposition I found odd considering his online content is all about spur-of-the-moment, take-all-comers sex, with videos and images posted constantly.

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Oct 15 2018
Bryan Singer, The Subject Of An Upcoming #MeToo Piece, Calls Stories About His Sexual Misdeeds FICTION Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 11.22.54 AM... of careers? (Image via Instagram @bryanjaysinger)

Bryan Singer is trying to get out in front of an upcoming Esquire exposé, one that sounds like it could be the end of him this time ...

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