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Aug 07 2017
6-PACK — Straight Ally Expanding Rainbow Railroad + Sinéad O'Connor On Suicidal Tendencies + Mosque Attack Is TERRORISM + Ty Hardin Dies + Trump's Stupidity Rivalled Only By Ignorance + Gay Prof Caught On The Lam! Comments (0)

1*o2RJsZe8E0lrJo_JWceHXQSeth Rosenberg, a Facebook vet and venture capitalist — who is all of 27 — is flexing his financial muscle to help expand the Rainbow Railroad, a Canadian outfit that helps provide safe passage for LGBTQ people from hostile countries.

Keep reading for how he has launched American Friends of the Rainbow Railroad and more of the day's hot links ...

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May 16 2016
Sinéad O'Connor MISSING, POSSIBLY SUICIDAL Comments (0)

It's a bad stretch for pop stars on bicycles—less than a month after Prince was last seen riding his bike during a Walgreens run, Sinéad O'Connor has been reported missing outside Chicago after failing to return from a bike ride.

O'Connor is characterized as “missing, possibly suicidal” by cops.

O'Connor made headlines when she accused Arsenio Hall of being a bitch for Eddie Murphy and Prince, and for supplying Prince with drugs, accusations for which she was promptly sued by Hall.

Of course, it was O'Connor who went to #1 singing the Prince-penned “Nothing Compares 2 U.”

May 03 2016
Sinéad O'Connor Fingers Arsenio Hall As Drug Conduit, Bitch Comments (0)

Sinéad O'Connor is, at this point, not taken very seriously, but the charges she leveled on Facebook yesterday are pretty serious: She accused Arsenio Hall as being the source “where prince got his drugs over the decades.”

For good measure, she also throws in the well-worn rumor that Hall had a sexual relationship with Eddie Murphy, and a new one I hadn't heard, that Hall was also involved romantically with Prince.

Well, “romantically” is a stretch when the woman is calling him the entertainer's “bitch.”