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Jan 27 2018
Gus Kenworthy Not Down With Pence + Trump Ordered Witnesses Smeared? + Reba As Colonel Sanders + Hillary, ACTIVIST BITCH + Wynn Loses + Matt Wilson's Bum + More! — 12-PACK! Comments (0)

Above: He's Calum Gahan, and that is how he looks when caught unawares.

Below: Keep reading for Gus Kenworthy reading Mike Pence, Trump's obstruction express, Colonel McEntire, Hillary calls herself an activist bitch, Eminem favorably compares a turd to Trump, hairy hotness, gorgeous George and more ...

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Jan 26 2018
Wynn Lose: RNC Finance Chair Accused Of Pattern Of Sexual Abuse Comments (0)

E841ee82-a1f7-4a06-b7a7-14419d9a0a11.sized-1000x1000Billionaire cad Steve Wynn, Mr. Las Vegas — and a man who is the RNC finance chairman — has been accused of rape and other sexual misconduct that allegedly occurred over the course of many years.

The RNC demanded the DMC return donor Harvey Weinstein's money, what will it do with the $1.2 million Wynn gave, and will it allow Wynn to remain on its board?

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