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Feb 14 2017
6-PACK — Givin' 'Em Hill + Hot Dudes + Katy vs. Britney + LOVE IS LOVE + Hollywood So White + Resistance Is FEUD-al + Comments (0)

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01bb08e9cf88970d-800wiHillary burns Flynn after his unsurprising resignation, baits him with pizza taunt.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01bb08e9cf88970d-800wiBreathtaking guy-thighs. Naked jocks galore. Xelo Cagiao & Paul Hamy get nude in The Ornithologist. (Work Unfriendly)

Ornithologist-coverThe Hornythologist (Image via Nitrate Films)

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01bb08e9cf88970d-800wiMost boring feud ever (Katy vs. Britney) continues, this time with a Biblical smack-down.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01bb08e9cf88970d-800wiSign up with hoopla digital, and all library card holders can get Love Is Love free, and hoopla will donate to Equality Florida to benefit Pulse survivors.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01bb08e9cf88970d-800wiDo all of Hollywood's white dudes look the same?

6a00d8341c2ca253ef01bb08e9cf88970d-800wiRyan Murphy's Davis vs. Crawford, Sarandon vs. Lange-fueled Feud gets a rave.

Scream-queens-bette-davis-and-joan-crawford-rawStill from 1962's What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (Image via Warner Bros.)

Jan 19 2017
Sarandon & Lange As Davis & Crawford Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2017-01-19 at 4.08.01 PM(Image by Roberta Trachtenberg for Entertainment Weekly)

Nov 02 2016
6-PACK/politics — 28% Of Early Fla. Voters Picked Hillary? + Moody's: It's Hillary + Will W Vote For Mrs. C? + Susan Sarandunce + Evan McMullin: Spoiler + Philly Transit Strike Fears! Comments (0)

*widget boy culturePoll: 28% of Republican early voters in Florida are crossing over for Hillary!

*widget boy cultureMoody's Analytics predicts a Clinton win on November 8—but it doesn't account for personalities.

*widget boy cultureGeorge W. Bush may join George H.W. Bush in voting for Hillary.

*widget boy cultureI wish Bette Davis were playing Susan Sarandon in 2016 instead of the other way around: Here's why.

*widget boy cultureCould Evan McMullin really get Utah's 6 EVs? Could that stop Trump ... or both Trump & Hillary?

*widget boy culturePhilly transit workers go on strike; if they remain on strike through Election Day, the D vote could be hit.

Oct 03 2016
6-PACK — Fur Ball + Trump's Unhealthy Obsession With His Daughter + Trump's Terror Ties + Kim Kardashian Begged For Her Life + Susan Sarandon As Mother Goddam + Sherry, Sherry Lady! Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-10-03 at 11.21.02 AM(Image via Instagram)

*widget boy cultureCheck out the above furry f*ckboy here.

*widget boy cultureTrump and Ivanka should just get a room already and get the deed done. Or at least appear on DaughterSwap.com.

*widget boy cultureTrump did biz with an Iranian bank later linked to terrorism.

*widget boy cultureWhen she was held up, Kim Kardashian begged for her life, was bound/gagged, robbed of $10 million in jewels.

*widget boy cultureI'll #NeverForgive #NeverHillary voter Sarandon, but she (69( looks spot-on as Bette Davis (53).

*widget boy cultureSherry Vine and Cessa LaPrincessa (she's new to me, hilarious) mock Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj:

Jun 04 2016
Dammit, Susan, I Hate This Comments (0)

I'm sure I've enjoyed the work of a great many artists whose views do not overlap my own, but there does come a point when someone makes their views so much a part of their persona, it's hard to forget what they stand for when they're singing, dancing or even acting for you. (As many times as I've seen Connie Stevens at autograph shows, knowing she gave $$$ to Allen West—knowing she is that far right—has kept me away. I just can't do it.)

I assume millions of righties can't really enjoy Rosie O'Donnell's stand-up comedy, and I know I cringe at the work of Kelsey Grammer, among many others.

But I rarely am so turned off by a fellow liberal that I can't stand their face anymore. I think that point has been reached with loony Rosario Dawson (no big loss anyway) and maybe also with equally loony Susan Sarandon. Great actress, but after helping to give us President Bush with her high-profile Naderism, she has taken her support of Bernie Sanders into icky territory, saying Trump is less dangerous than Hillary because his policies are less clear.

So being an outspoken racist with thin skin is preferable to a liberal who is too centrist for ya, Susan? Come on. I don't begrudge anyone for not loving everything about Hillary Clinton, but you're not a liberal and never were if you despise one person that much—or fear one liberal's policies that much—that you would imply a Republican like Trump is preferable. To be clear, this doesn't apply to less fascistic Republicans, though I'd still be giving side-eye. Trump is not fooling around, and his erratic persona would be infinitely more dangerous than any wildly-guessed-about hunches that Hillary would have us “in Iran in two seconds,” as the all-knowing Sarandon has stated.

Sadly, Sarandon is an opportunistic dick regarding Hillary's e-mail scandal, asserting that Hillary will inevitably be indicted (most observers whose greatest achievement isn't an Oscar for playing a nun disagree). The anti-Hillary crowd is mostly, but not exclusively Republican, as evidenced by the long-running committee formed to investigate the goings-on at Benghazi. To be sure, it was a serious event, but get a load of this, from The New York Times:

The Benghazi committee, which was set up in May 2014, has been operational for longer than the 9/11 Commission was. It has dragged on longer than congressional investigations into the attack on Pearl Harbor, the assassination of President Kennedy, Watergate, the Iran-contra scandal, the 1983 bombing that killed 241 American service members in Beirut and the response to Hurricane Katrina.

People like Sarandon, hoping to gain leverage for her candidate, and her world view, thrive on the existence of a phony committee like this, and an asinine scandal like the one swirling around Hillary's e-mails. And that is morally bankrupt. You can be ideologically way against someone and still not hop on lynch-mob bandwagons that weaken our system and drain much-needed dollars from our coffers.

So, I might have to skip Sarandon's projects going forward, including the one where she plays Bette Davis, because all I can see is a frothy-mouthed kook at this point, which is sad.

Jun 02 2016
6-PACK/politics — Obama Praises Gay Troops + 13 Best Lines From Hillary's Anti-Trump Speech + Sarandon Claims Hillary's Indictment INEVITABLE + Barney Frank Kicks Butt + Gov. Haley Links Trump Rhetoric To Hate Crimes + MS Anti-Gay Law Doomed! Comments (0)

*widget boy cultureABOVE: Obama praises gay service members: “We're stronger when our gay and lesbian cadet and troops can serve their country ... without hiding who they love.”

*widget boy cultureCosmo really liked Hillary's fanged speech on Trump, picks out 13 of the best (implying there were more) lines: “This isn't reality television — this is actual reality.”

*widget boy cultureNoted legal and political pundit, um, Susan Sarandon feels Hillary Clinton's indictment is “inevitable.” If so, it would shock Clinton and most Democrats, including Obama.

*widget boy cultureSanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver loses badly in televised sparring match vs. Barney Frank.

*widget boy cultureGov. Nikki Haley says that divisive trash talk of the variety Trump peddles led to that Charleston church shooting. Michigan's guv won't endorse Trump—ever.

*widget boy cultureMississippi's anti-gay law allows state clerks to refuse same-sex marriage licenses; Daily Kos reports that's just one part of the law that will fall.

Mar 31 2016
Debra Messing Has Dragged Susan Sarandon For Days Comments (0)

Debra Messing's intelligent, reasoned responses to unhinged Bernie Sanders supporters angry that she called out Susan Sarandon for her implication that she's a Bernie-or-bust voter have been a breath of fresh air in an increasingly vicious campaign season. 

Mar 29 2016
Donald Trump's Campaign Manager Charged With Battery Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 12.07.39 PM(Video still via BNO News)

Donald Trump's strong-arm campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, obviously emboldened by his candidate's nutty, aggressive rhetoric, has a bad habit of getting physical with demonstrators.

Now, he's been charged with battery for allegedly grabbing a female reporter. Video documents the run-in.

But please, by all means, Susan Sarandon, keep telling people you'd consider voting for Trump because Hillary's vagina isn't enough to override her liberal impurity.