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Mar 17 2019
Chorus Of The Ladies: BariToned's DAMSEL IN DISTRESS TOUR Is Almost Here Comments (0)

0Three guys three — IG: @YouHaveBeenBariToned (Image via BariToned)

BariToned is high-kicking off a Damsel in Distress Tour at the Birdland in NYC on Tuesday, March 19 (doors 5:45 p.m./show 7 p.m.), and it is a show that promises to be a tip of the heel to Broadway's most memorable leading ladies.

Joe Hager, Edward Miskie and Kyle Hines — with music direction/arrangements by Dan Pardo and choreography by Brooke Martino — will sing a bevy of sure-to-please tribute tunes. Via press release:

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Mar 14 2019
Naked Came The Model + Fosse Fuel + One Directioner Mourns + MORE — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: When you're on at all times.

BELOW: Keep reading for a bareassed model, Lindsey Graham's latest backstab to America and more ...

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Mar 13 2019
Vintage Hunks, Some Sans Trunks + Lance Bass's Lou Pearlman Doc Drops + Trump Doesn't Know That Woman + Trans Ban On + ALADDIN Teaser Here + MORE! Comments (0)

ABOVE: A little flex appeal.

BELOW: Keep reading for vintage hunks (some without trunks), why William H. Macy wasn't indicted, Trump's denial he even knows that massage-parlor crook and more ...

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Mar 10 2019
All In The Framing: A Review Of DADDY Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 12.15.35 AMDaddy queerest (Image via The New Group)

Daddy, written by Jeremy O. Harris and directed by Danya Taymor, begins as if it will be a bit of theatrical confection, a trendy, goes-down-easy play along the lines of The Blue Room adapted by David Hare or Up for Grabs by David Williamson.

And with a title like Daddy, who could blame you for thinking you were about to see something self-impressed by its cheekiness?

But as the play develops, it steadily matures, even as its central character, a young, black, emerging artist named Franklin (Ronald Peet) who is shacking up in the luxury digs of a much older, one-percenter art dealer (Alan Cumming), steadily regresses into a juvenile state.

In short, there is nudity, as you've been told, but this is not Naked Boys Singing.

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Mar 09 2019
Prepare For Take-Off: A Review Of MEMBERS ONLY BOYLESQUE Comments (0)

IMG_1544*****Mandrake (All images by Matthew Rettenmund)

I spent Friday evening with a group of mostly-naked men who were only too happy to be ogled — you know, a typical date night.

IMG_1561Twinky Boots reveals twink booty.

Not really, but Members Only Boylesque — which is available for future booty calls on April 5, May 31 and June 14 at 10 p.m. at the Laurie Beechman Theatre — is definitely worthy of an entry in your little black book ...

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Mar 03 2019
Sunday Brunch: 10 Hottest Broadway Chorus Boys Comments (0)

ImageCharlie Williams, who is incredible in person or on film. (Image by Jonathan Skow)

Adam Feldman's annual round-up of the hottest chorus boys on Broadway is back, and it's a feast ...

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Feb 21 2019
Lee Pace Nude + Coast Guard Officer Wanted Democratic Scalps + Smollett Nailed + Body By Taco Bell + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Summer's almost he — wait, it's, like, February? Fuck.

BELOW: Keep reading for Lee Pace nude, a domestic terrorist genuinely inspired by Trump, Jussie Smollett screwed and more ...

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Feb 19 2019
Lucas Hedges By Ryan McGinley For GQ Comments (0)

DzyxzswU0AAham9.jpg-largeTess Trueheart lied to Dick Tracy — she wasn't on the pill. (All images by Ryan McGinley for GQ)

Boy wonder Lucas Hedges — who really is as good as people say Lucas-hedges-gq-march-2019-12tells GQ he really isn't as good as people say:

“So much of it is luck,” Hedges said. “And I feel like there is some force watching over me that's making it really fucking easy for me. And I don't mean like it's so easy for me to do great work, but for whatever reason my path has not so far looked like the path of someone who has been working for 40 years and not gotten a job. It just hasn't. And I guess because it hasn't looked like that, I'm really wary and cautious of accepting praise in any way because there's actually just no way I can be truly great at this until I've put in 20 more years, there's just no fucking way. And I think a lot of the actors who get success at a really young age, they're just not as good. How could they be?”

Keep reading for his sensational poses for Ryan McGinley, who knows a thing or two about having been a boy wonder ...

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