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Nov 17 2022
His UNORTHODOX LIFE: Meet Robert Brotherton Comments (0)

My-unorthodox-life-gay-julia-haart-boyculture-robert-brothertonOh, Brotherton! (Image via video still)

As part of Season 2 of My Unorthodox Life — which follows ex-ultra-orthodox Jewish woman Julia Haart and fam — we will see more from out gay man Robert Brotherton. I'm told his (open) relationship with his boyfriend will be explored, along with a fledgling off-Broadway career.

Watch the trailer, below:

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Oct 14 2022
Cheyenne Jackson On Coming Out + Nancy Pelosi Wanted To Punch Trump + Charlie McDonnell Is Trans + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: BJ bares all!


BELOW: Keep reading for Pelosi's dukes, fat-shaming horror, a MAGA fraud and more ...

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Oct 07 2022
Tom Welling Today + Al Parker Yesterday + Darren Hayes's HOMOSEXUAL Album + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)


ABOVE: Letting go of my Debbie Harry lightbox. Am I Kookoo?!

BELOW: Tom Welling, Al Parker, Darren Hayes and more ...

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THE VILLAGE, A DISCO MUSICAL! Was Great — At Least, That's How I Remember It Comments (0)

7lZooetMWatch them burn, baby, burn! (Image by Eric McNatt)

On Thursday, I ventured to NYC's Dixon Place — where experimental theater has gone to live for over 30 years — to see the premiere of a new work by Nora Burns of Unitard and David's Friend.

The Village, a Disco Musical! has one of those disposable titles that makes you think of farce, but in fact, while as broadly funny as expected, this 60-minute show slowly reveals itself to have wit, fangs, a big heart and impressively fresh takes on nostalgia and death.

But again, the important part is: It's funny.

Aggressively narrated by a stage manager character (Glace Chase), who is always happy to shout out the subtext, set the scene or hit on one of the omnipresent go-go boys (Richard Schieffer, Valton Jackson), the show is centered around Trade (an effervescent and effortlessly sexy Antony Cherrie), a stacked hustler living the high life as a kept boy in the snazzy apartment of well-to-do queen Old George (Chuck Blasius) in the '70s.

JPWb69qsTrade doesn't mind closing his eyes to have sex with a 10 who has aged into being a 5, especially since it grants him the freedom to fall in love with a new boy every week. He's like Company's Bobby, except at 25. And for sale.

Trade's latest crush is Steven — not Stephen, never Steve. Played with charm and impressive physicality by Ever Chavez (he puts his dancing background to good use, even in non-dancing scenes), Steven is a wide-eyed, preppie NYU student who thinks Trade might just be the one. Yes, even the name Trade didn't tip him off.

Sadly, Steven and Trade's affair is only hours old when it's challenged by a neighborhood Afro-dite rising from Avenue C, the comely Jason (Antwon LeMonte). Which will Trade choose? Why must he choose at all?

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Sep 12 2022
Harry Styles: His OTHER Movie + Allegedly Bigoted Judge Seethed Against White Gay Men + Bannon Charged + GOP Traitor Brands Buttigieg WEAK LITTLE GIRL + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Peter Scolari should be turning 67 today.

BELOW: Keep reading for Harry Styles's other movie, Bannon going down hard, a judge accused of every kind of bigotry you've got and more ...

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Sep 06 2022
Lea Michele's First Bow as Fanny Brice In FUNNY GIRL Comments (0)

Lea-michele-boyculture(Image via video still)

Thanks to an intrepid Twitter user, we get to see Lea Michele take her long-awaited first bow as Fanny Brice. She replaced Beanie Feldstein — by way of Julie Benko — in Funny Girl tonight ...

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Sep 04 2022
When Ratios Are Funny + KiwiFarms Dumped + Milli Vanilli Biopic Coming + Bed Bath Beyond CFO Dies In Fall Or Leap + MORE Comments (0)

Bethany-s-mandel-winslow-dumaine-boyculture(Images via Twitter)

ABOVE: Liberals are always funnier. Always.

BELOW: Keep reading for Trump's latest Secret Service-visit-worthy remarks, KiwiFarms dump, helloooooo Julie Benko and more ...

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Aug 29 2022
Peppermint & Monét Blank On Dylan O'Brien + Getting The Thrust Of Ross Lynch + Muscle Beach Panic + Underwear GIF That'll Turn You Gay + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

Bradley-cooper-irina-shayk-shirtless-bahamas-boycultureSome pig (Image via Instagram

ABOVE: Girls' trip.

BELOW: Keep reading for what I promise you is one of my best round-ups in eons...

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