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Jun 19 2022
Romeo Must Vie: A Review Of ROMEO & BERNADETTE Comments (0)

Boyculture 2022 ROMEO & BERNADETTE Production Photo 20In the Brooklyn heights (Images by Russ Rowland)

You may think enough already with all the shows inspired by Romeo and Juliet, but that would mean you haven't seen Mark Saltzman's Romeo & Bernadette: A Musical Tale of Verona & Brooklyn, directed and choreographed by Justin Ross Cohen.

So let's make room for one more.

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Apr 14 2022
Gay-Porn Star Sergeant Miles Arrested For Alleged January 6 Crimes + Chris Pine's Butt + Abortion Effectively Banned In Florida + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

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ABOVE: Bradford Dillman's career had legs.

BELOW: Keep reading for the gay-porn MAGA idiot charged for his January 6 crimes (not Michael Lucas, but close), Chris Pine's butt, the rapid demise of reproductive (and gay?) rights in the U.S. and more ...

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Jul 08 2021
Women On The Verge Of Roselle Park: Jackie Hoffman Is Back Onstage In Fraught, Funny FRUMA-SARAH Comments (0)

Fruma-sarah-waiting-wings-jackie-hoffman-boycultureThen someone's mother ... (Image by Hunter Canning)

If you haven't seen live theater since early 2019, it doesn't make sense, but you could and probably will do worse than to return to Jackie Hoffman starring in a show about the kind of woman you hope isn't seated next to you on a plane trip.

Hoffman, who is at the phase in her career when she is a presence you feel privileged to see in anything, is marvelous in Fruma-Sarah (Waiting in the Wings), a new show by E. Dale Smith that isn't just anything, but that for those of us more than passingly interested in aging and the crap shoot that is life, might be better described as everything. If we were younger.

Set backstage at an almost Jew-free local production of Fiddler on the Roof, in which Hoffman's overbearing Ariana sits in a harness, waiting to be hoisted out over an hour into the show as the ghost of Lazer Wolf's wife, Fruma-Sarah, the play gives the veteran character actress a woman who is more than just a character. In Ariana, Hoffman gets a sardonic, lonely divorcée who married gay and whose passion is live theater, even if it is increasingly unrequited.

It's meta, but it bears mentioning that Ariana is also the kind of meaty part Ariana herself would kill to play.

As she bides her time Fruma-sarah-jackie-hoffman-boyculturewith Margo, a substitute volunteer fly captain (Kelly Kinsella), Ariana spills her guts, slowly replacing them with bourbon from a flask, complaining about her abomination of a rental costume, seething with jealousy over the fake-ass Meryl Streeps of central New Jersey, and eventually veering into deeply personal ruminations about her failed marriage, her troubled relationship with her daughter, her struggle to make ends meet and her dwindling options in the theater.

Ariana's sad-sack speeches resonate with Margo, who is younger but not young, and who is perhaps at the same junctures in her own life when Ariana made the choices she now questions.

As the women compare notes, their stories flesh them out as people who are each at the ends of their ropes — and connected by one, too.

Hoffman mines the complexities of her character expertly, endearing us to her even when she is being self-pitying, morbid or bitter. She gives us all of Ariana, including flashes of resilience, which is why, when Ariana wants credit for not calling her gay ex-husband (which I guess is slightly better than having an ex-gay husband) the F-word, you'll still laugh with her and love her.

Kinsella has less to work with as Margo, but imbues her with empathy as she attempts to corral Ariana's emotional messiness ahead of a six-minute part.

There is often a world of emotion to be gleaned from watching an older woman observing a younger woman, and vice versa, and it is this mysterious world from which Smith draws Frumah Sarah (Waiting in the Wings), an impressively and satisfyingly imagined, performed and staged 75 minutes.

As for Hoffman, who was probably dying for the past year and a half without a stage to inhabit, she picked the right vehicle for creative revival, and in Ariana, she could not have chosen a more interesting ghost to bring back to life.

Fruma-Sarah (Waiting in the Wings) runs July 1-25 (official opening night July 8) at the cell theatre (338 W. 23rd St.) Expect to provide proof of vaccination.

Jun 15 2021
Buffing It At CAMP MORNING WOOD, A Nudie Musical Not For The Clothes-Minded Comments (0)

Morning-wood-gay-boycultureCamp Morning Wood — where self-loathing isn't optional. (Image by Aaron Cooper)

As the NYC theater scene tentatively puts its toe in the water post-pandemic, it's no surprise that the bawdy musical Camp Morning Wood is taking the plunge early, and with gusto.

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Dec 01 2020
Lost Dance: THE PROM Isn't Any Better On Netflix Than It Was On Broadway Comments (0)

The-prom-ryan-murphy-boycultureStreep & Corden as Broadway babies toasting another failure. (Images via Netflix)

Ryan Murphy adapted Broadway's semi-hit musical The Prom for Netflix with the best of intentions — he said, at a post-screening Zoom Q&A Sunday, that he was moved by the idea of bringing an LGBTQ-positive message to a massive, global platform.

Unfortunately, he chose a creaky vehicle, one that asks us to consider that homophobes might not be sooo bad, except for their homophobia (imagine that message being delivered on race?), and then chooses the wrong actor to hammer the message home.

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Nov 30 2020
Tennis Heat + Queer Latino Mayor + Someone Went For Laverne Cox + Biden's Female-Powered Team + Streisand's Obsessions + Corden's Reviews + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I guess this is what they mean by good light?

BELOW: Keep reading for tennis hos, a gay blue mayor in a red area, Laverne Cox and her friend attacked, why you should probably be tested for COVID-19 and more ...

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Nov 01 2020
David Pevsner Sings His Life Story In MUSICAL COMEDY WHORE! Comments (0)

David-pevsner-musical-comedy-whore-gay-boyculturePevsner is also a body-positivity activist. (Image via Fox on a Hill)

“Recovering narcissist” David Pevsner, a longtime actor in NYC theater and film, is the star of the one-man show Musical Comedy Whore!, which was filmed live and is out now.

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Sep 02 2020
Trailer For Netflix's THE BOYS IN THE BAND Sashays Into Town Comments (0)

Boys-band-boycultureI'm a huge fan. That's “fan” with an “N.” (Image via Netflix)

I'm dying to see The Boys in the Band on Netflix September 30. The Broadway show was sensational, and I had a blast at the after-party ... here's the new trailer:

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