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Mar 16 2021

Elliot-page-time-transgender-boyculture(Image via Wynne Neilly for Time)

Elliot Page is continuing to use his platform to change hearts and minds on what it means to be transgender. As the world's most famous trans men — and one of the most famous people ever to come out as trans, period — he graces the cover of Time.

“I'm fully who I am” sounds a lot like a new “Yep, I'm gay” to me.


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Oct 08 2020
Trump ... It's TIME Comments (0)

Time-magazine-cover-coronavirus-covid-trump-boyculture(Image via Time Magazine)


May 09 2019
Elizabeth Warren Has A Plan For That Comments (0)

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 4.42.24 PM(Image via Time)

Elizabeth Warren doesn't fare too well in head-to-heads with Trump, but she is gaining momentum for having actual policies and idea — see Time for examples.

Dec 11 2018
TIME's People Of The Year: The Guardians Comments (0)

DuItizfWkAAqCLZ.jpg-large(Image via Time)

Jamal Khashoggi — brutally murdered, dismembered and discarded at the direction of the Saudi Crown Prince — is on the cover of Time's eagerly anticipated Person of the Year issue.

He shares the honor with other journalists who paid steep prices for shedding a light on the truth: Wa Lone & Kyaw Soe Oo, Maria Ressa and The Capital Gazette.

Full article here.

Apr 20 2018
Oink Tank + Comey's Memos Leak + Avenatti: Trump Is Toast + Bon Jovi Tix + Cher On Adam Rippon + Next Stop: David Bowie! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

Above: Cheyenne Parker's mostly naked on Instagram.

Below: Keep reading for pigs gone wild, Comey's memos leak, Avenatti says Trump won't serve out his term, Cher hearts Adam Rippon, awesome Bon Jovi ticket deals and an amazing Bowie exhibit in NYC ...

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Apr 12 2018
Stormy Weather Comments (0)

This was Time's latest Trump cover before news leaked that Michael Cohen is known to tape conversations with his clients.

Another variation after the jump, and that one's a real pisser ...

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Mar 29 2018
Sessions Is On TIME Comments (0)

DZc_yQxWAAE1Z1j.jpg-large(Image via Time)

Jeff Sessions is probably seeking a little job security on the cover of Time. The article documents how — GULP — effective he's been at radically reforming the Department of Justice, stripping away protections and inequity-balancing in favor of deporting everyone and locking people up ...

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Dec 06 2017
TIME's Persons Of The Year Are The Anti-Trump Comments (0)

Person-of-year-2017-time-magazine-cover1(Image via Time)

Time Magazine has chosen “the silence breakers” — men and women who came forward during the #MeToo movement to speak of sexual offenses committed against them — as its Persons of the Year, relegating Trump, Mueller and a slew of other worthy/unworthy candidates to runners-up positions.

From the piece:

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