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Sep 08 2014
Need To Know: Can W.E. Talk? + Burning Bush + Shallow Gene Pool + Ifs, Ands, Butts + MORE! Comments (0)

Madonna-GagaDepending on if you value youth or talent more, this image is shady in different ways...but brilliant.

*widget boy cultureVia Planet Hiltron: Madonna as Joan, Gaga as Melissa.

*widget boy cultureKate Bush's rare live shows in the UK draw raves.

*widget boy cultureChik-fil-A founder dies.

*widget boy cultureGene Simmons declares rock dead. Rock asks, “Who?”

*widget boy cultureObama delays executive action in immigration.

*widget boy cultureA butt you'd second-mortgage your house for.

*widget boy cultureTom Brady's beggin' for it!

*widget boy cultureTodd Sanfield's bulge is timeless.

*widget boy culturePorn sites wake up on 'Net neutrality.

*widget boy cultureKathy Griffin on Joan Rivers: “Respect must be paid to this woman.”

*widget boy cultureDid you spend $10K to get into Joan's funeral?

*widget boy cultureSo what if Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) isn't gracious?

*widget boy cultureSadly for the right, Obamacare is working.

*widget boy cultureA hot flash of hot undies.

*widget boy cultureFriendly reminder: Ross Lynch is over 18.

Feb 27 2014
In Todd We Trust: An Interview With Todd Sanfield Comments (0)
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This is the latest in a series of posts by The Underwear Expert...

Pharmacy student, model and underwear designer Todd Sanfield is a triple threat for sure. Back in 2012, he told The Underwear Expert, “I’m a hard worker and I’m passionate,” and those words still prove to be true today. We caught up with him recently for another chat on modeling, HIV research and—of course—underwear! Check it out.

My inspiration for the new collection comes from…my athletic background and my time spent in New York City. My mom provides added inspiration as well. She has been creative my entire life, more creative than me, but it has been on a smaller scale, therefore people cannot see her talents. I am a reflection of her. 

My advice to people wanting to model or design underwear is to…just dive in! After graduating from Michigan State University, I moved to NYC with $300 in my pocket.

The sexiest underwear people like on me is…no underwear at all! If I had to pick one pair, it would most likely be an ultra-thin white brief… soaked in water, ha ha.

My education…comes first. To be completely honest, modeling and the line have been a secondary concern next to my education. Fortunately, my business strategies kept my head above water over the last four years. 

To read the rest of the interview, head on over to The Underwear Expert.

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