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Mar 01 2020
Butt' Out: Pete Buttigieg Exits The Race Comments (0)

Pete-buttigieg-boyculturePete did himself proud; he will be back. (Image via official campaign head shot)

Joe Biden overperformed in South Carolina, and that has led both Steyer and now Buttigieg to drop out of the race for president.

Steyer never had a shot, and while Buttigieg did, briefly, his polling everywhere and his weak performance with African-American voters doomed him. I liked him a lot and I admire him; I just think it is not his time.

I also think he really wants to help ensure that the Democratic presidential nominee is a Democrat. We will see what these developments have on the state of the race, which will hit a critical juncture after (Super) Tuesday.

Feb 29 2020
Tom Steyer Throws Away His S.C. Buy-Out With ... This Comments (0)

Nixon sweating, Bush I's readable lips, Dukakis in a tank, Kerry wind-sailing, the Dean scream and now ... Tom Steyer trying to dance. P.S. Steyer doesn't register in any state except South Carolina, where he has poured a shit-ton of ad money. To what end? He will only weaken Biden, who is still expected to win big.

Jan 15 2020
Dad Dangler + Hating Suzanne Somers + Louganis Reunites With His Speedo + Kanye's Full-On Anti-Gay + Booty Patrol + MORE! β€” 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: One day, Ashley Longshore will be seen as another Da Vinci.

BELOW: Keep reading for dad dong, Louganis's Speedo reunion and butts to watch out for ...

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Jan 10 2020
Pump You Up + Pete's Plan + Steyer's Surge + Trump Lies About Cancer + Why Meghan Wanted To Get Out + MORE! β€” 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: He'll tumble 4 ya!

BELOW: Keep reading for the world's hottest male model, Pete's plan, why Meghan wanted to Get Out and more ...

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Nov 05 2019
Henry Cavill Takes A Bath + Boy George: Race Whisperer + Gay Killer Executed So He Won't Get To Enjoy Being Raped + STRICTLY COME Same-Sex DANCING + MORE! β€” 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: The lies we tell ourselves.

BELOW: Henry Cavill nude in a tub, Boy George out of his depth, gay man executed so he wouldn't get to enjoy male rape and more ...

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