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Jul 06 2024
You're Welcome: Who Was The Boss? Comments (0)

I think this is the first time this one is uploaded — a 1985 shot of Lorenzo Lamas and Tony Danza.

Jul 01 2024
RIP Model Renauld White + Biden Must Go? Biden Must Stay! + The Enduring Appeal Of SMALLTOWN BOY + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Instagram felt these images of Gil Bellows might go against their guidelines and warned me to consider removing them. All the more reason to keep them. A theme.

BELOW: Keep reading for the loss of a modeling trailblazer, the Biden issue and more ...

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Jun 28 2024
Ask A Silly Question — An Evening With Debbie Harry & Chris Stein Comments (0)

Debbie-harry-blondie-chris-stein-boyculture-matthew-rettenmund-under-rock-book-memoir-nyc(Images by Matthew Rettenmund; book cover via St. Martin's Press)

Last night, I attended a Q&A featuring Debbie Harry and Chris Stein to promote the release of his memoir Under a Rock. It was held at NYC's SVA Theater, basically a large movie theater, and was incompetently moderated by self-congratulatory Rob Roth, who for whatever reason Debbie and Chris like and keep using for things of this sort.

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Jun 27 2024
Madonna Confirms NYC Pride Appearance + Andy Bell Joins Planet Pride Lineup + See MY OLD ASS Immediately + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Julia Duffy's birthday is as good a reason as any for cake.

Matthew-rettenmund-IMG_3622 EDITThe cake. More here — sub for cheap. (Image by Matthew Rettenmund)

BELOW: Keep reading for RHONY's new queer cast member, Madonna's surprise and much more ...

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Jun 26 2024
Susan Seidelman Chats About Her Classic First Film SMITHEREENS Comments (0)

There is a lot to love about Smithereens (1982), the debut feature film by Susan Seidelman, who is most famous for Desperately Seeking Susan (1985), but who has quite a few terrific films on her rez.

First, though an indie, Smithereens doesn't have a lot of amateurish flourishes to gracefully overlook. It's low-budget, but as it was on location — and as the location was early-'80s NYC, gritty and grimy and colorful and weird — the film has an effortless authenticity.

It also oozes style, and as Seidelman noted in tonight's IFC screening and Q&A, it documents an NYC that no longer exists. (As opposed to Desperately Seeking Susan, which largely documents an NYC that never existed, a heightened and dreamlike variation on the city as viewed through the lens of a modern screwball comedy.)

The film also has a gutsy lead performance by Susan Berman enhanced by naturalistic turns from Richard Hell and a host of so-bonkers-you-can't-fake-it locals, incredible music and something to say about the desperation so many people have when they're young to be ... something else.

Seek it out!

And seek out her new memoir, Desperately Seeking Something: A Memoir About Movies, Mothers, and Material Girls.

Jun 20 2024
Up For A Game Of Heartthrob? + RIP Donald Sutherland, 88 + An Evening In Brooklyn With Susan Seidelman + MORE! — 6-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: I should stop looking at accounts like this before I wind up never setting foot outside again.

BELOW: Keep reading for some heartthrobs, the death of a legend and more ...

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Jun 11 2024
PLAYING THE BLANE GAME: A Review Of Andrew McCarthy's Hughes-Worthy Doc BRATS Comments (0)

Ezgif-3-a217946e9aWalk on by (GIF via GIPHY)

Andrew-mccarthy-matthew-rettenmund-brats IMG_0106 copy 2On June 7, I trekked to TriBeCa for the premiere of Brats, a new doc by actor Andrew McCarthy (inset) that is his attempt to reconcile — with help from famous peers and pop pundits — with the phrase “Brat Pack,” which tampered with his career and got into his head, where it has stayed since the Reagan Administration.


It's called a sense of context, and McCarthy is attempting to get one.

The screening was packed, and while tickets were supposed to be GA, the entire orchestra was reserved. That meant I couldn't get many photos of the carpet, since I had to stake out a seat ASAP way up in the mezzanine, where the eagle's flyin' higher and higher. I wound up seeing McCarthy, Jon Cryer and a few others, but missed Ally Sheedy and Demi Moore.

Jon-cryer-matthew-rettenmund-IMG_0009 copyTown Cryer (All images by Matthew Rettenmund unless noted)

Andrew-mccarthy-IMG_0039 copyCasting director Marci Liroff with McCarthy

Howard deutch IMG_0141 copyPretty in Pink director Howard Deutch. He also directed Some Kind of Wonderful (1987).

Inside, McCarthy humbly introduced the film, and for 90 minutes a Gen X-heavy crowd smiled ear-to-ear in the dark as Brats amiably recapped the pop cultural landscape of the '80s; how Hollywood had suddenly embraced films geared toward young adults; the eyebrow-raising, on-the-fly interview style of reporters of the era; and the gritty, yes, glamour of the Brat Pack.

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May 29 2024
James Lafferty's Thirst Trap + Glad Day Bookshop Needs $ + Ben Platt, Michael Urie & Sutton Foster On Broadway + Naked Adrian Paul + MORE! Comments (0)

ABOVE: John Payne's shoot for Kid Nightingale in 1939 stands as one of the sexiest male photo shoots in Hollywood history.

Speakin' of sportin': 

Ezgif-3-5452be4f45-1This sporting life (GIF via EZGIF)

BELOW: Keep reading for James Lafferty's tits, Broadway babies and more ...

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