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Jun 10 2021
Fleshback: Who Is Andrew Stevens? Comments (0)

So nice to have a man around the house ... (GIF via DigiComRetro)

Gr8erDays on IG is delving into the hotness of Andrew Stevens. I was thinking I had a lot of deep-vintage hunks lately so a newer one might be a nice change of pace ... then I realized Andrew Stevens has been running around hot AF for about 45 years.

P.S. My header is a reference to Hollywood Wives. Learn it.

Keep reading for more pics of him — and please follow me on Instagram ...

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Jun 05 2021
Oakland Honoring MLB's Original Out Player + Wilson Lai's Speedo Cover + Gay Beer + BBC Revisits A CHANGE OF SEX + Actress Struck By Scooter In NYC + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: My caption is true.

BELOW: Keep reading for the original MLB gay hero, a swig of gay beer, a little Change of Sex and more ...

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Jun 03 2021
Ricky Martin: 10 Years Of Being Out + Jazz Jennings On Anti-Trans Sports Bills + A Peek At Early Gay Lib In NYC + They're Not MAKING LOVE + Anti-Gay Karen + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Come for Tony Curtis's feet, stay for Josephine Baker's birthday. Follow here.

BELOW: Ricky Martin on his 10th anniversary as an out icon, Jazz Jennings on anti-trans sports bills, a peek at early Gay Lib in NYC and more ...

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May 31 2021
Rare Madonna Flashback: 1983, Florida Comments (0)

This guy's post and story about seeing Madonna perform at a rarely discussed 1983 club date in Fort Lauderdale put a smile on my face. Madonna didn't look exactly like this for very long, it helps to date when she posed for her first album cover re-shoot and the details are so great — she apparently debuted “Holiday” even though she didn't want to!

May 30 2021
Heritage Of Pride vs. NYPD + E.G. Daily On The New, Gayer RUGRATS + Cult Leader & Tarzan Hubby Die In Plane Plunge + Madonna's Son Strikes A Pose + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: As my friend who sent me this wrote, it's OnlyFans-adjacent time for Tom Daley.

BELOW: Keep reading for the ongoing Pride NYC vs. cops controversy, E.G. Daily on the gay new Rugrats, the violent death of a crazy cult leader and her sexy Tarzan hubby and more ...

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May 29 2021
Gavin MacLeod, McHALE'S NAVY, MARY TYLER MOORE & THE LOVE BOAT Star, Dies @ 90 Comments (0)

GiphyWhat a fun gig this was for him — he even tap-danced with Ginger Rogers! (GIF via GIPHY)

Sadly, TV icon Gavin MacLeod has died at 90 after several months of failing health.

He was one of those familiar faces who seemed to go on and on. In fact, while his death leaves just two Mary Tyler Moore main cast members (Ed Asner and Betty White), he was the first of the crew from The Love Boat to die — and that's a 40-plus-year-old show.

His career stretched back to the late '50s, and encompassed an astonishing number of early-TV shows.

In his later life, he became an Evangelical Protestant. While I expect I would disagree with him on many issues, his religiosity seemed to be expressed with warmth and kindness, and didn't keep him from good work on something as un-Evangelical as Oz (on which he appeared in 2000).

Full obit here.

May 21 2021
Fleshback: Swinging Richard Comments (0)

He's on the left, but any of these would do nicely! (GIF via GIPHY)

Gr8erDays on IG is landing on Mantique of the Day Richard Hatch, the late, great star of Battlestar Galactica.

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May 12 2021
Fleshback: MY (Scarecrow & Mrs.) KING! Comments (0)

Scarecrow-M-G! (GIF via GIPHY)

Gr8erDays on IG is devoted to Bruce Boxleitner, sexy dad from way back. Though he was anything but with his anything butt in those Tron togs!

Keep reading for more pics of him — and please follow me on Instagram ...

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