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Apr 14 2012
The Only Way That This Makes Scents: Madonna's Truth Or Dare Launch Comments (23)

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Madonna IMG_0063After having posted about my Madonna meeting and pic-with, I thought I'd put some distance between that and this post—my wrap-up of the entire Truth or Dare fragrance event—to spare those Boy Culture readers who aren't Madonnaphiles.

Madonna IMG_0038I arrived around 5:45PM armed with my wristband but knowing I may not have to use it—I'd been cleared for the press line, and all media would be checking in at the same time as the party guests.

Madonna IMG_0109

Attendees (including many friends, like Anthony, Angel, Jeannie and more) were lined up facing east at the side of Macy's and press and photographers were clotted around the entrance to the tent area right out front. Photographers are a motley crew (not the band).

Madonna IMG_0039"Who's gonna be here?"

Madonna photo-1Some girls...the mostly helpful PR brigade

I had one skanky woman turn and say, "Are you press? Yes? Oh, if you weren't I was going to say to back up." Then, a minute later, she turned to say, "No, seriously—back up." (We were all jammed together and I was in no way on top of her.)

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Apr 12 2012
I'm The Luckiest By Far Comments (65)

_MAZ0145Courtesy of Kevin Mazur

As I state below, tomorrow I'll have a full report on the outside and inside of Madonna's Truth or Dare fragrance launch at Macy's. But first things first—here is THE picture! I could not be happier with it.

QuickTime PlayerScreenSnapz001I have asked Madonna's publicist—the wonderful Liz Rosenberg—for a photo op on a few occasions. She's known about me since Encyclopedia Madonnica, has kindly referred MTV and others to me when they were in need of a "Madonna expert" and has been an all-around doll. But it's never been the right moment. Feeling this could be my last chance for a long time (rehearsals, touring), I tried again and she "promised to try" (and it didn't "feel like a lie"). All I had to do was hang out on the carpet.

IMG_0060I love this shot—Liz looks like my guardian angel

When it came time, Madonna approached and I shook her hand and said it was nice to see her again. The photographer was directing her to stand on my left. Remember that I was behind the barricade up to my waist with bright lights behind me. Madonna didn't skip a beat, saying, "Not in that light." My heart sank—I thought she might be about to nix the whole thing, which would have been crushing since I could see how happy she'd been during all her previous carpet interviews. The photographer tried to say it was good light (he could flash it out) but she said playfully (but seriously), "I'm not stupid."

Then she said the words any Madonna fan longs to hear: "No, you come to me."

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