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Aug 04 2020
Reni Santoni, SEINFELD's Poppie, Dies @ 81 Comments (0)

Reni Santoni had a long career that stretched back to the famous, off-Broadway The Mad Show in the '60s with Jo Anne Worley and Linda Lavin, but he is of course Poppie from Seinfeld. Cute as a button as a young man, and had a long relationship with Betty Thomas.

RIP — he died at 81 after a long series of illnesses. Full obit here.

Jul 29 2020
Fleshback: Robert Fuller In The Back & In The Front Comments (0)

Now spin. (Images via video stills)

I can't say that I've ever really heard of Robert Fuller. I never saw Emergency! (it was before me and rarely rerun), and certainly never saw his early-TV shows. But I knew who Clint Walker was, so it's a bit surprising. Anyway, today is his birthday — and he's alive, at 87, to celebrate.

Now spin. (Images via video stills)

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Remembering Gay Lib + Trump Defends Russia Over Bounty Story + Umbrella Man = White Supremacist + Laverne & Billy On Emmys + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Peacockhound.

BELOW: Gay Lib memories, Gohmert gets COVID-19, Trump still loooves Putin and Russia, Laverne and Billy talk Emmy nominations and more ...

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Jul 28 2020
BOY CULTURE: THE SERIES Update ... Almost Done! Comments (0)

Jason-Caceres-boyculture-7Jason makes sound decisions ... (All images by Jason Caceres)

For those of you who supported my project Jason-Caceres-boyculture-4 Boy Culture: The Series on Kickstarter, here is a rare and long-overdue update: It's almost done!

Today, we laid down the crucial V.O. (a couple of lines the actors needed to re-do for clarity, and Derek Magyar's essential narration). Next, we are just tweaking music and graphics. So within the month of August, Boy Culture: The Series, which has long existed in a watchable form, but which needed all those finishing touches to make it ready to air, will be done.

More Pics, These from Q. Allan Brocka!

Next up: Pitching it to all the platforms you are thinking we will pitch it to.

Like I said, it is a polished product, so the hope is it will be scooped up and aired in a timely manner, rather than licensed and worked on more.

Jason-Caceres-boyculture-2Safety first! (And people say you can't see smiles with masks ... )

In the meantime, here are some snaps from today's V.O. session by one of our leads, Jason Caceres, who plays a newly introduced character — Chayce, the twink you love to hate.

Stay tuned for good news when I have it, and yes, there are some minor spoilers in these pics if you squint ...

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Fleshback: Having A Field Day With Martin Milner Comments (0)

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Coming Out At 90 + Emmy Noms + Helmut Newton Doc + Raunchy Game Show + Vintage Thirst Traps + MORE! — 12-PACK Comments (0)

ABOVE: Shrink, expand — just make 'em fit.

BELOW: Keep reading for a jock coming out as bi, a 90-year-old coming out as gay, a helluva game show, a helluva documentary and a Boomer flashback for the ages ...

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Mr. Man's Dirty Best Of 2020 — So Far! Comments (0)

Mr. Man writes: 2020 has been one of the best years ever! Oh wait, let us correct that — it has been one of the best years for seeing naked celebrities on screen ever, and we’re rounding up all of the year’s hottest male nudity so far. From twunk Paul Mescal’s uncut penis on Normal People to Gaston Re’s money shot in The Blonde One, these are the scenes that, frankly, are getting us through it. Ya know? You can see all of the full best nude scenes from 2020 RIGHT HERE  ...

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Jul 24 2020
Fleshback: Mark Goddard Was Major Comments (0)

Mark's the spot (Image via CBS)

Today is the 84th birthday of dream Major Don West aka actor Mark Goddard! More of him below, and follow Gr8erDays ...

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